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10 Superhero Movies Scenes That Saved The Movie

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 just wouldn't have been as good without Baby Groot! 10 Superhero Movies Scenes That Saved The Movie! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Some scenes in movies make the entire movie better. In the 1978 version of Superman, Superman flies around the earth and turns back time to save Lois Lane. Spider-Man has an awesome fight with Dr. Octopus in Spider-Man II that made the movie even better. When Quicksilver comes on the screen in X-Men: Days of Future Past it was the best bullet-time scene we had seen since The Matrix. In The Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Hulk beating up Loki and calling him a puny god was hilarious. The opening credits of Watchmen were five minutes well worth it in a movie that didn’t do the novel justice. When we first caught a glimpse of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises we thought the whole movie was going to be like the opening sequence but failed to clear the bar that was set. In the first Captain America movie we got to see Chris Evans as the Cap perform a musical number for the USO at the height of WWII. We really felt the Guardians were back together again in the opening fight scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. When Wonder Woman rose from the trenches and ran across no man’s land it is a scene sure to send chills down your spine. When Groot saves everyone in Guardians of the Galaxy it is a very touching moment that one would not expect from a Marvel movie. Well what did you think of this list we compiled for you?


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  1. Andres Barrios says

    Who else loved Wonder Woman more than Spider-Man: Homecoming and GOTG: Vol. 2

    1. Ashley V says

      Andres Barrios lol nah i loved spiderman homecoming but wonder women was super close and amazing

    2. Leoxwing says


    3. David Olsen says

      Andres Barrios no one

    4. Mr. Random says

      You’re crazy

  2. Potato Master says

    Why do people do the comment things just to get likes. Like why is it such a big deal if you get likes. Does it earn you some type of currency?

    1. No.1 Spidey-Fan says

      Potato Master so true

    2. Kenzi J says

      Getting likes on anything online typically gives you the feeling of being a valued member of society. It makes you feel appreciated and part of a community. It makes you feel as if you’re not alone in your feelings.
      I personally have social anxiety so when I get likes online I feel validated and as if I still have a place in the world. It is the only comfortable way for me to communicate with strangers and it feels nice to know that others notice my existence.
      Does that explain it for you?

    3. Maria Cowle says

      Kenzi J I agree completely. It gives me a little buzz when I see likes on my comments lol. It shows that someone noticed it and they agree with it. Validation is very important to we humans???

    4. Kent Brockman says


  3. Darth Sidious says

    In the description, it says that in The Avengers Age of Ultron hulk beat up Loki. See the mistake?

    1. Kirill Ramdan says

      I am the senate

    2. ℳaine says

      Not. Yet.

  4. Captain Kirby says

    How can a scene save a movie when it was already good?

  5. iTz HAZEN` says

    Gotg 1 was wayyyyy better than part 2

    1. Connor Jackson says

      iTz HAZEN` i love them both equally

  6. Quicksilver Shocker says

    Am I the only one who like AOU Quicksilver more than DOFP Quicksilver
    Edit: ?

    1. Benji Todtenhagen says

      Yes, you are.

    2. Mickle The Pickle-Gaming says

      Quicksilver Shocker you are the only one

  7. isaac Thao says

    I like how he implies that if these scenes were not in the movie or not executed as well as they were, the movie themselves would be horrible. All these movies span from atleast average to great

  8. Gal&Gal says

    the last one was a great scene , but guardians of the galaxy didn’t need any saving

  9. TheDeadlySquid says

    All of these movies are good. None of these scenes “saved” their movies because the films were great to begin with.

    1. RN Jesus says

      TheDeadlySquid no

    2. pirate crafter says

      That’s what I thought!

    3. Aleksander White says

      Exactly my thoughts. Screen rant never knows what they are talking about. If you watch their other videos, alot of their info is wrong. Like they never watched the movies or read the comics that they make videos about.

    4. Mason B says

      That’s what it thought

  10. Julia JKPS says

    I was here before 5000 like If u weren’t I want like 😀

  11. Daniel Attrell says

    The emojis is Cat in the Hat

  12. Tobykachu says

    How does that Wonder Woman scene ‘save’ the movie? The whole movie was great. It wasn’t saved by any singular scene…

  13. Nick Young says

    Really?!? The Quicksilver scene “saved” X-Men: DOFP? Not the good story, cool action & acting? Also, the “turning back the world” sequence in Superman is scoffed at more often than not. None of these scenes saved these movies. They just made them more interesting. Whoever wrote this is, to quote Yondu, “a jackass”!

  14. Slytherin and proud of it says

    You got 5000 views in 3 hours. If only I got that much 🙁

  15. Games Explorer says

    None of them scenes SAVED the movies. The movies stood on their own you cant use saved as in the movies would of been crap…

  16. Keith Campbell says

    The elevator scene from captain America winter soldier

  17. Luisa Montes says

    Watchmen was great

  18. Ezekiel Amaterasu says

    hmmmm Superman had fillings….

  19. Mon Kyo says

    All of them were already great.

  20. BeefyBodyJose says


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