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10 Theories That Make ‘The Boss Baby’ Darker Than You Think!

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The Boss Baby memorable moments that have amazing theories! 10 Theories About Boss Baby That Are Actually Funny! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

On the surface, Boss Baby looks like any other cute animated film. Dive a little deeper into the animation and plot and you will discover some details and theories that you may have missed the first time around. While these theories can fly right over a child’s head, more intelligent viewers can pick them up and see the humor in the story.

Watch and see ten theories about the film that are actually funny. One theory that has developed is the film’s connection to the Illuminati and especially with the character of Tim. The creation of the Boss Baby is revealed in the opening scene of the film, but do all of the boss baby workers actually have a choice in the career that they chose? The film’s two main villains are Francis and Eugene. While they are portrayed as brothers on-screen, there is more to this story than meets the eye as Eugene may actually be Francis’s father. Boss Baby features a lot of pop-culture references but none may be more obvious than The Lord of The Rings. The two main characters may actually be based off Frodo and the Gollum. It’s unclear when the Boss Baby actually takes pace, but it may be a situation where the Boss Baby is actually a time traveler. The film was made as a part of Dreamworks animation. This means that it could have a potential cross-over with Mr. Peabody and Sherman. One of the biggest theories featured in the film includes presidential connections, anxiety disorders, and the huge twist ending.

Script by: Alan DonahueVoice Over by: Joseph Delaney

Edited by: Bill Lugsden


The Boss Baby is Part of the Illuminati | 0:34
Boss Babies Are Forced Into Labor | 1:38
Eugene is Francis’s Father | 2:45
The Frodo & The Gollum | 3:52
The Boss Baby is a Time Traveler | 5:01
A Cross-Over With Mr. Peabody & Sherman | 6:02
Presidential Connections | 7:08
Tim Has An Anxiety Disorder | 8:15
Hillary Clinton Will Play the Second Boss Baby | 9:17
The Boss Baby Isn’t Real | 10:20

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  1. David Moore says

    I hope they have Boss Baby 2!!

    1. Does Jumin Han is Gay? [WitterCritter] says

      won’t the female boss uniform be different tho-

    2. storyshift chara says

      Does Jumin Han is Gay? [WitterCritter] true

    3. Ricky The Movie Lover says


  2. Chana Schwartz says

    every time he would say “boss baby” it ended up sounding like he was saying “baws babyyy” in a southern accent

    1. Book Worm says

      Chana Schwartz I’m from the south. We do not say boss baby like that. It’s really annoying.

  3. KingofBees says

    just because there’s triangles doesn’t mean it’s evil

    1. Laura Baptiste says

      KingofBees I was looking for a comment saying this but everyone was talking about “BAWSE BAIYBE”??

    2. Anti Alien's 2nd Account says

      KingofBees EXACTLY!

  4. Bill Cipher says

    the way he says boss baby is halarious

    1. Quasar5 aj says

      Bill Cipher reality is an illusion the universe is a hologram buy gold byeeeeeeee

    2. Dragon GamerGirl says

      Bill? I THOUGHT YOU DIED!!!

    3. GalaxyRoblox says

      It’s annoying

  5. Diamond galaxy 223 says

    Say boas baby one more time!!!!

    1. JonnyBoy Animates! says

      Diamond galaxy 223 boas baby

    2. Lizzie Phelps says

      I would probably die if he did. It was annoying lol

  6. Mr. Porpoise says

    lmao all the dislikes are from 5 year olds pissed off about the way he says ‘boos baby’

    1. GWsharky says

      Mr. Porpoise it gets annoying after a while

    2. Nedmak says

      Maybe you could say he did it on…. Porpoise… *ba dum tss* I’ll go get the noose….

    3. Mr. Porpoise says

      Nedmak can you share the noose?

  7. Alexa Mae Rocio says

    *Let’s play a drinking game*

    Take a shot every time he says *’BAWWSS BHEBBI!’*


    1. Sirsneezalot says

      Alexa Mae Rocio no ill get waaaaaay to drunk

    2. Amiiboss 420 says

      That’s how my cousin died

    3. Karamel Plays says

      Amiiboss 420 I am sorry for your loss…

    4. Rabbit0 says

      Alexa Mae Rocio Everyone ‘lol be dead. XD

  8. Micah Lester says

    Disliking just because if the way you said “the boss baby”

  9. Jilian G. says

    SR: Bauss baby
    Me: stop
    SR: Baush baby
    Me: plz stop
    Me: Plz spare me

    1. ιαηα βαηαηα ιιαmα •ω• says


    2. Ewelina Kunysz says

      No bass babbi

  10. Jeffrey Howe Films says

    Stop saying the boss baby like a Beverly Hillbilly ” Baush Baiby”

    1. Mimi Chan says

      Jeffrey Howe Films ?

    2. Benb0Baggins says


    3. Stinky Jelly215 says

      Jeffrey Howe Films ikr

    4. ThatOneCat says

      I’m usually never annoyed by something, but
      “Baush baiby” IS JUST SO…….ERGGG!

    5. Help me reach 100 subscribers with no videos says

      Jeffrey Howe Films inr ??

  11. Philippe Trinh says

    Lol the ways he says “bawls baybayee”

    1. Ewelina Kunysz says

      Basz babah

    2. Larisa Flores says

      “Boss Baby”hihihihi

    3. chippy 82577 says


  12. Inventive Bat says


    1. BizarreBirch8 says

      Inventive Bat your profile pic matches with your comment omg that’s amazing

    2. Ewelina Kunysz says

      That translates to fish barbie

  13. Gamer Dae says

    90% of these comments are complaining about how he pronounces boss baby but I find it hilarious. X’D

    1. Vedanti Amin says

      Gamer Dae me too???

    2. Umbra says

      Gamer Dae me too

    3. Queen cookie chan says

      Gamer Dae Sameer xD

  14. Zero ZXZ says

    None of these theories are even remotely dark

    1. ••NoodleCat•• says

      Zero ZXZ Or remotely plausible.

    2. Nancy Schmidt says

      Illuminati creepy

    3. Alyssa Dorfman says

      Zero ZXZ true

  15. MushroomFusion245 says

    This comment section but every time somebody complains about the way he says Boss Baby it gets faster.

    1. storyshift chara says

      MushroomFusion245 YES

    2. Gigabyte Gaming says

      MushroomFusion245 Im done with all the comments….

    3. Diamond Turtle says


  16. The Waffle Pig says

    Sooooooooooooooooo annoying

    1. Dorian L says

      The Waffle Pig yeah the movie 8s quite annoying

  17. KittyKat MeowMeow says

    I 100% think he says “Boss Baby’ like that one purpose.

    1. Lustrous Octo-Goddess Marina says

      KittyKat MeowMeow you hav a be more chill pfp ily

  18. lemonwedges AJ says

    Let’s play a game!

    Every fifth like dies ??
    Good luck!

    1. Jamie Smale says

      lemonwedges AJ ??Fine,I’ll do it myself.

    2. Neo Kookie says


  19. twinkie walker says

    I just LOVEEEEE the way he says boss BABY ?????

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