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10 Things Marvel Netflix Shows Should Learn From Marvel Movies

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What part from Civil War involving Black Panther, Spiderman and Iron Man should they learn from? 10 Things Marvel Netflix Shows Should Learn From Marvel Movies! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Marvel has spent many years and a ton of planning to create their cinematic universe. Movie plots cross, characters appear in multiple films, and stories are connected in a variety of ways. The films also stand out on their own for incredible fight scenes and memorable heroes like Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel has also extended their universe into television with a variety of shows on Netflix. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and The Iron Fist are all connected in the same world and have a lot of positives to them. There are also many things that the shows can learn from the MCU.

This includes following the Marvel timeline and making it clear how the stories connect or when they actually take place. The shows could also improve their fight scenes to include some more compelling action like we’ve seen in films like Captain America: Civil War. Adding in some great superhero costumes can help match the iconic looks of Thor, Iron Man, or Ant-Man among others. The Netflix shows lack the great costumes we’ve seen in the MCU. The MCU often showcases different dimensions in films like Thor and Doctor Strange. It would be great to see some alternate dimensions in The Iron Fist. The story has a lot of potential to explore these worlds. The MCU has also created a lot of great love stories like Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. The Netflix shows should follow suit with some more compelling love stories that will leave viewers hooked.

Script by: Alan Donahue

Voice Over by: Benjamin Harris

Edited by: Nicolas Beauchemin


The Marvel Timeline | 0:29
The Fight Scenes | 1:25
Pacing Out Stories | 2:28
Superhero Costumes | 3:29
The Transformation of Luke Cage | 4:30
Planting Seeds for the Future | 5:29
Creating Relationships & Love Stories | 6:31
Making the Heroes Likable | 7:37
Other Dimensions | 8:32
Repeating Storylines | 9:28

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  1. Jade and Djinni says

    early squad where u at?!

    1. FAT CHICKEN says

      Jade and Djinni HERE


      Jade and Djinni sssAaaaaa. Dddaaaaaaad

    3. Toby Dasey says

      Jade and Djinni right here bro

    4. PUGGYMAN 64 says

      Jade and Djinni ih

    5. DarkenedPvP says

      Jade and Djinni bruh

  2. Sexiest Hero alive says

    Here my list number 1 Daredevil
    number 2 Jessica Jones number 3 Iron Fist number 4 Luke Cage lets see witch place Defenders will make

    1. tredae0731 says

      Sexiest Hero alive Was Luke Cage your least because it was too many black people or you didn’t like the black culture/characters?

    2. Alertacobra 12 says

      tredae0731 try not to sound so triggered

  3. mr rymes says

    who else thought they looked at one episode of the marvel series on Netflix but look at all the movies

    1. ISKZay says

      mr rymes ikr he said they should work more on there origins like guardians of the galaxy but that movie took 2 to 4 years and they have a week or months

    2. ramdelure says

      I saw all the MCU even Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter

    3. John Riegner says

      One for each season, so two of Daredevil

  4. ravager48 says

    Iron Fist was terrible! Compared to all the other Netflix shows, it was a let down.

    1. Hubris M says

      It had behind the camera issues. Marvel and Netflix fought and they had to re write it multiple times and rush the filming… pity.

  5. Oisin T says

    1:25 there’s a reason why they’re called street level heroes

    1. Oisin T says

      getsugatenshobankai I know I love the daredevil costume it’s far better than bafflecks

    2. Dicky Collins says


    3. Connor Young says

      Oisin T lol

  6. Chief Music says

    All of these can be explained in one word:


    1. Millennium Madness says

      Chief Music I laughed way too hard at this comment bruh ??

    2. Klutch_ Lance says

      Chief Music THANK YOU

    3. TheMightyCongueror says

      Chief Music Budget and time constraints, movies take months to make, and years before that they’re usually planned, TV shows take just weeks. TV shows have like what, a few thousand dollars for their budget? big movies have an 100 million dollar budget.

    4. mdem says

      I posted above what the marval shows have as budget, on average it’s $4,000,000 per episode, at least daredevil and a few others.
      As far as Iron fist who knows, maybe it was $3.50 and a pack of gum :s

  7. Retro Hero 276 says

    Who else wants the Defenders in Avengers Infinity War or 4

    1. IP Films says

      Retro Hero 276 me

    2. ramdelure says

      I only want the Defenders in Agents of SHIELD

    3. The Random commentor says

      No God noo please nooo

  8. Christian Manka says

    Did you just say that the Daredevil movie costume is better then the show’s??? Ok wow. I done.

    1. Lone Wanderer says

      some youtube channels aren’t looking for anything logical, some channels just want to watch the world burn.

    2. /-D4M B says

      Christian Manka init I was just about to post that

    3. theoneyednightwing says

      just look at the helmet the daredevil costume is awesome

  9. Frostsky Prime says

    Koon Loon. Lol

    1. Olmeh Salinas says

      I was starting to tilt listening to him say it like that

    2. ramdelure says

      It’s K’un-L’un, Frostsky

  10. Duy Lê says

    Making the heroes likeable? These shows supposed to be based on real life, there are no heroes and villains, just people with different agendas. It’s not distinctively black and white, it’s also about the grey part in life

    1. andrew murray says

      +Alertacobra 12 ignorance is bliss

    2. Benovix The Epic Gamer says

      Iron Fist did suck but it had such a bland main protagonist but all the other shows are good and everything about this list is wrong

    3. andrew murray says

      +Alertacobra 12 your right but only about the human world

  11. Craaig91 says

    i feel like all the points are annoying and just plain wrong

    1. Daniel Son says

      because they are .

    2. Robert says

      I will never understand how people can pronounce words incorrectly when they clearly say them in the shows multiple times.

    3. Dicky Collins says

      I feel like they are all about Iron fist.

  12. Robert Jenkins says

    this is an absolute joke of a critique, its quite clear you havent watched more than synopsises of the netflix, the writing is absurdly better on netflix at some cost of not feeling completely premade. love stories in mcu stop using strawmen viewers to make contridictary arguments in opposition to each other back to back.

  13. David Sue says

    The Marvel Netflix shows are actually better than most of the movies… Jessica Jones had the most compelling villain in the MCU by far, and the Punisher was absolutely amazing

    1. GooneyGames says

      +getsugatenshobankai not Diamondback

    2. Ruvven says

      The punisher isn’t a villain though

    3. Andy's Mad House says

      he didn’t say the Punisher was a villain

  14. Miguel Martins says

    I guess no one likes Agents of Shield

    1. Kyle William Livingston says

      I love Agents of SHIELD.

    2. ramdelure says

      We are two

  15. Melanie Ste says

    Since when added the Captain America /Sharon storyline ANYTHING to the movie/plot/MCU ?!

    1. DonOmar_99 says

      exactly, it was the most cringe love story I’ve seen tbh

  16. Ignacio Borges says

    If anything, the movies should learn from the Netflix shows. You people have no taste whatsoever.

    1. disney era power rangers says

      the only things i like about the netflix shows is kingpin and punisher.

    2. ramdelure says

      Youre’ a fool Ignacio

  17. Booca cox says

    There is a timeline in the Netflix shows.
    1. Daredevil S1
    2. Jessica Jones S1
    3. Daredevil S2
    4. Luke Cage
    5. Iron Fist
    6. The Defenders

    If you watch the series not even in order they throw hents to the other ones that show the placement. And all of them could be tied to Claire Temple, she is in all the shows and whenever she interacts with anyone she gets tied to another show. In Jessica Jones she mentions Daredevil. Iron Fist is the best of them all by constantly letting the viewer know it’s placement is last. With Luke writing Claire a letter and Danny literally wears Luke’s bullet whole shirt. And so much more.

    1. Ritesh Menon says

      Booca cox deardevel lol ???

    2. ramdelure says

      Yes but tie-in with the films like Agents of SHIELD, neither in Luke Cage mentions the Sokovia Accords

  18. Jbarker1983 says

    Iron Fist is a lot better than people give it credit for. It’s definitely not the best of the Marvel Netflix, but it’s still a good series.

  19. Jorge Leonel Diaz says

    Screen Rant Do you know what’s the difference between a movie and a show you Dumass.

    1. The Avarice says

      Jorge Leonel Diaz Dumass

  20. Sole_Straya says

    Did he just say “koon loon” wtf ???

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