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10 Times Superheroes Broke Their Own Rules

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What did Spiderman do wrong? will Spiderman Homecoming talk about this? 10 Times Superheroes Broke Their Own Rules! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6


You gotta love superheroes, wether they’re from Marvel or DC. They risk their lives everyday in order to ensure that their respective cities-or the planet at large, are safe from harm. They usually do this by stopping the villain and apprehending him or her, usually by locking them up in some insane prison that only superheroes would build. But what happens when superheroes break their own rules? The consequences are extreme. From Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman going over the edge and making it lights out forever, to Daredevil, better known as Matt Murdock to some, a lawyer by day and champion of the law, ending a life. The Punisher decided that wiping out the ENTIRE MARVEL roster was a good idea once and even the boy scout Spider Man went too far once, albeit due to some wacky reasons. Then there’s Wolverine-who decided blood isn’t thicker than water. Not all the rules have to do with taking life though-the Flash decided to meddle with time and he ultimately changed many things for the worse because of it, including seeing Aquaman and Wonder Woman doing some terrible things in their new time lines. Green Lantern himself Hal Jordan once succumbed to rage and broke all the Lantern rings and cause some serious damage across the galaxy. Sometimes, we have to be grateful superheroes don’t exist. They may be blessed with awesome powers that cause us to fanboy like crazy, but when those superbeings end up making the wrong choices, the consequences may be unpleasant. With great power INDEED.

Script by: Sean Gallagher
Voice Over by: Joseph Delaney

Edited by: Nicolas Beauchemin


Batman | 0:44
Daredevil | 1:52
Superman | 3:00
Wonder Woman | 4:19
The Flash | 5:25
Green Lantern | 6:35
Wolverine | 7:50
The Punisher | 9;01
Batman (again!) | 10:19
Spider-Man | 11:32

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  1. Dat Boi says

    Who is watching with socks on

    1. Anthony Fontes says

      Dat Boi I only got 1 Boi’z

    2. Galactical 87 says

      Dat Boi i aint

    3. HydroBeast says

      Yep and shoes

  2. Alex Hodgkinson says

    There’s been a number of times Spidey’s broke his own rules and went really dark.

    1. lel says

      Lil Uchiha In which comic did he do that?

    2. Chauncey Griffin says

      There was that “Miles Morales” version too where the old Spider-Man kills The Lizard… and then he dies too.

    3. hoodiex1026 says


    4. DAE DAE says

      I think there was an arc where spider man and wolverine went to I think Russia and started murdering villains while trying to convince Mary Jane that what he was doing was ok but it’s been like 6 or 7 years since I last read it though

  3. Okan Mustafa says

    Cuz” I’m batman *
    (Like FOR no reason)

    1. kgrubbs80 says

      no you need Jesus

    2. plank says

      (dislike for no reason)

    3. aidan wong says

      Okan Mustafa

    4. plank says

      it used to say (like for no reason)

  4. Sweg yo Sweg says

    Killing joke is in continuity so it’s obvious he didn’t kill the joker other wise he would have been dead ? since 1987.

    1. Dead Zed says

      deadpoolww13 link to source

    2. Leah Cubston says

      More than one joker theory?

    3. TheNerdyInsomniacGamer says

      Sweg yo Sweg Ya but originally that was supposed to be an elseworld story and Alan Moore said Batman killed the joker in the Killing Joke but then DC changed that

    4. Michaela Murphy says

      Sweg yo Sweg yeah and we couldn’t have that or who would’ve saved Harley in suicide squad

  5. Penelope Views says

    Yes, they broke their one rule, but it was going to happen as some point. Most rules get broken at some point.

    1. Marlene Cesena says

      Penelope Views bat man


    2. Qackydontus Immortalleay says

      It makes them more human

    3. NiKe-Chan 三日坊主 says

      Penelope Views at 10 seconds.. is that Thor?

    4. Penelope Views says

      NiKe-Chan 三日坊主 no, that’s super man

  6. Warfare Kittens says

    i love that he said wonder woman is coming in a few months…

    1. Tabachew says

      Warfare Kittens love

    2. lfe Hackz and more says

      Warfare Kittens hey

    3. Asgore Dreemur says

      Warfare Kittens Giggity

  7. Michael Kyle says

    WTF Wonder woman has killed plenty of villians and evil creatures.

    1. Don Is Gaming says

      Doopadoo Man i

    2. The Gaming Cowboy says

      Michael Kyle They could have replaced that with Captain America when he went agaisnt the Socovia Accords. Or Scarlet Witch when she turned CrossBones into a bomb and shoved him in a building

    3. Luke Dreamstalker says

      The Gaming Cowboy she didnt turn him into a bomb he was wired up already she just contained it so it blew up the building not the hundreds on the ground

    4. kitsu kitty says

      Michael Kyle she never claimed to have the ‘no kill’ morals though. She’s a warrior.

    5. SilverFeral Gaming says

      Michael Kyle yup

  8. Sean Hetherington says

    I mean, I think that it’s okay for superheroes to kill, but ONLY as a last resort.

    1. Galactic Jules says

      Dave Fawcett ????

    2. Gabe Delacruz says

      Sean Hetherington no I think Heros can kill, what makes a hero different from his foes is the cause.

    3. Lion Man says

      Gabe Delacruz
      Villains killed for a cause to. If heroes did it they’d be feared by the people like villains are instead of instilling hope. Everyone kills for a cause.

  9. Peyton Sawyer says

    in my honest opinion it’s only okay for a superhero to break their own rule especially if it’s a no kill rule only when it’s necessary only when the situation becomes too dire and there is literally nothing else that can be done like with Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord because that’s the only way Superman could be saved it’s a tough rule to break but sometimes certain rules need to be broken in order for lives to be saved

  10. Coolguy 6240 says

    Batman does not kill joker

    1. Darth Michael says

      Doesn’t matter. Batman has already taken too many lives to count throughout all the films and the arkham games. No, just because it is programmed to say “unconscious” in the game, anyone with a brain can tell that the thugs you beat up and leave hanging upside down for hours on end, are dead.

    2. ghostspirit52 says

      Darth Michael sort of like watching a karate movie where the guy gets kicked in the head 7 times in a row and gets up like nothing happened and fights back. You know he couldn’t possibly do that. His brain would be gone so yeah hanging upside down for hours would kill you. (grins)

  11. TheGamingSlimeYT says

    Thor that’s what the answer is

    1. OTAKU 99 says

      TheGamingSlimeYT no sht

    2. Rene Coronado says

      TheGamingSlimeYT I fouuund youuuuuu!!

  12. WolfRex says

    Punisher did not break his rule. His rule is to kill those who deserves it. And he thaught that the superheroes deserved it

    1. Nick Hultz says

      The Gaming Cowboy ni?️?️a

    2. Steven Gordon says

      WolfRex *thought*

  13. Cay Ari says

    wonder Woman Spoiler:

    Steve’s boss is Ares (the villian) and Steve dies

    You are Welcome

    1. Johnny Delgado says

      Good thing I already watched the movie dickhead. Nice try.

    2. jamiedodgr69 says

      Cay Ari ive seen the movie but i didnt remember steve dying

    3. jamiedodgr69 says

      TV hemi XL captain kirk

    4. Meme King says

      jamiedodgr69 in the plane he blew it up with him inside

  14. Angel Pena says

    Some say rules are ment to be broken

    1. Raymone Manning says

      Angel Pena …..meant*

    2. Joe P says

      Angel Pena not grammar rules

    3. Angel Pena says

      Joe P ???????? Sorry it must’ve auto corrected. I swore I wrote “meant”. Or I just forgot the “a”

    4. Batman says

      Jinx says that from league of legends

  15. Jacob Knowlton says

    If I had to be one superhero from Marvel and DC. I would pick The Flash from DC and Spider man From Marvel

    1. Jade Lebon says

      Jacob Knowlton omg totally my choices too .Flash & Spiderman are my two favorite superheros

    2. Aiden Miller says

      Spiderman and flash are the best

  16. Heisnberg says

    When batman killed in BvS I said WTF my life is lie

    1. Dead shot says

      Heisnberg that was a dream

    2. James Milner says

      Dead shot
      nah he also did it in the scene where he chased the lorry and when he saved supermans mum


    What do you mean when Wonder Woman crashes into theaters? it’s already in theaters?

    1. 《Budokai Elite》2017 says

      LEGENDARY OUTKAST they probably made this a while ago

    2. Luke Simon Heneghan says

      《Budokai Elite》2017 they actually made it the day he posted the comment.

    3. 《Budokai Elite》2017 says

      Luke Simon Heneghan I doubt that

    4. Mattron says

      no they posted it the day he posted the comment dumbass

  18. Tiny big says

    spider-man 11:24

    1. Tegan Owens says

      Tiny big Thanks, bro!

    2. Amadou Diop says


    3. Tom Holland says

      Tiny big ii

    4. Jack The Potato says

      Tiny big I

  19. Evan Salamone says

    What about when Batman locked KG Beast in a room in a sewer and never came back or when he snapped a giant’s neck using rope pulled up by the Batwing?

    1. Gabe Parker says

      Evan Salamone the older batman killed when he adopted robin he stopped killing

    2. Christopher Vasquez says

      they ended up retconing that so that he told the police a few hours later

  20. Havoc Games says

    Anybody else noticed that the guy in the elevator with spidey is Donald Davenport from Lab Rats

    1. Havoc Games says

      Faggit Kid at 11:25

    2. FaZe Chimp says

      Havoc Games yes

    3. chaos chicken says


    4. Merome Ace says

      i didn’t notice but i knew Ive heard the voice before

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