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10 Times The Avengers Fought OTHER Superhero Teams

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The Avengers are one of the most popular superhero teams in all of fiction and are, of course, widely known for fighting against super villains of varying degrees of power from all around the world – and indeed all around the universe – and they’ve had some truly epic battles with bad guys over the years, but sometimes they can actually end up fighting against other superhero teams. The reasons for these hero versus hero fights can vary massively, but that makes all of the fights different and, in turn, more interesting. The reasons include differences in opinion, being played and manipulated by higher beings and meddling bad guys, simple misunderstandings, teams being mind-controlled by villains to attack them, and even petty squabbles that escalated stupidly and childishly. In this video, we’ll look at just a few examples of the other superhero teams the Avengers have inadvertently found themselves in conflict with. These include the iconic X-Men, the mysterious Inhumans, Marvel’s first family the Fantastic Four, the increasingly popular Defenders, the Avengers spin-off team known as the West Coast Avengers, the little-known Freedom Force and Squadron Supreme, the original Avengers team, and even their iconic DC counterparts the Justice League of America (and indeed each other). Some of these battles were absolutely epic and you should definitely check them out once you’ve heard about them here!


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    Avengers vs X-MEN FTW!!!!

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    No notifications needed. On YouTube 24/7. Who’s with me?

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    Rip professor x
    In avengers vs x men

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    for the 1% of people reading this ..have a great day and follow your dreams!

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  9. Laughing Lego says

    Bru iron fist is way more powerful than any of the old ones so is luke cage new ones would win

  10. PathsUnwritten says

    “Master of Games” Obviously, he’s never met Yugi.

  11. 5453737 says

    Please keep doing more marvel theorists! I love marvel videos and I personally think the get a lot of like and views

    1. Ryan knight says

      Lylliahna yesssss

    2. Dicky Collins says

      Me 2. They should do DC to, but yeah go marvel. Marvel is currently my favorite. Better yet, they should do some daredevil videos. He is my favorite superhero.

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  12. Evonne Jensen says

    we need a hockeye movie

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    England is my GodChurch

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    what if a superhero is in 2 superhero team?

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    What is the musical number at 8:38?!

  17. Ninja guyX says

    My mum said if I didn’t stop watching superhero stuff she would smash my head on the keyboard.

    I didn’t listenxcdeftghyunbgnhutg

  18. jeen-clawd Gahd Damn says

    Make it all on MCU! Now!!!

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    I watched Avengers Assemble Ultron revolution i love it

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