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Amazon Creates New Influencer Program for YouTube Creators

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Amongst all the YouTube Boycott Craziness, Amazon quietly launches a influencer program for YouTube Creators and other social media Influencers. This is different than the Amazon Associate Program. Before you apply, you need to watch this video.
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YouTube BOYCOTT & Creators Are Losing Money BIG TIME !

YouTube Creator AD Crackdown: YouTube Big Changes To Partner Program

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Amazon Influencer Program-Beta Details

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  1. TheJunking DataGirl says

    Hello notification Squad:) lol

    1. NITROSTRIKE says

      Right here!

    2. TheJunking DataGirl says

      Daniel Espiritu hi ya!

    3. TheJunking DataGirl says

      DrVirtual7 sorry I have been unable to due to personal reasons and helping other creators. I will get to it soon 🙂

    4. TheJunking DataGirl says

      NITROSTRIKE hi ya!

    5. TheJunking DataGirl says

      Cameron Aldridge TV happy Birthday!

  2. KRYPTEEK says

    Going to be starting my own channel on Monday 🙂 LOVING ALL THE ADVICE YOU OFFER ON YOUR CHANNEL.


      but he said he was excited to start a channel. yes its in this video but he didn’t say “im excited to start a channel and join amazon”.

    2. 92kosta says

      Guy Video, keep trying to defend yourself.

    3. BADDESTXO TV says

      KRYPTEEK y wait until monday

    4. KRYPTEEK says

      Busy coming up with a plan for the channel,upload schedule ect.

    5. KRYPTEEK says

      Just checked out your channel and I love that you do fitness.Just joined the gym about a month ago and still fairly new to this whole fitness thing.

  3. The Budget Equestrian says

    Excellent video, I WISH I could be a part of the Amazon Associate program even, but since I live in Colorado, we are not able to even be an associate, because of the laws in Colorado. It’s frustrating to me that I can’t take advantage of any programs Amazon offers, but I will keep hoping that one day we will be able to participate. And in the mean time, I will continue to try and find alternatives to make a few extra dollars with my YouTube channel, and website.
    Thanks for the great video as always Derral, you’re the best!

    1. The Budget Equestrian says

      No way!!!!! Oh my goodness! This makes me so happy!! Thank you!

    2. The Budget Equestrian says

      It was a sales tax law, but thanks to MyEveryDay WifeLife I just found out the law is gone 🙂 YAY!!! Bring on the Amazon Affiliate program!!!!!

    3. Sharis Reviewing FUN says

      Yeah I think they recently changed that law and now you CAN!

    4. The Budget Equestrian says

      I just found out from another YouTuber! I am so excited!!! And I have already signed up, and started adding links to my website, and some blog posts! Hopefully the Amazon Associates program will help me to make up for the difference in what I am not getting from Adsense now 🙂 And it wasn’t that much, but it is still money I haven’t been making, even though my subscriber count is growing, and my views. Fingers crossed!!!!

    5. Sharis Reviewing FUN says

      GOODLUCK getting approved! I hope 2,000 subscribers is enough ! I would assume it would be! They declined mine with 200 and thats understandable. I hope to be there one day soon! 🙂

  4. The Best of Music says

    Thank you so much, Derral, for posting this video!

    Your channel is really all about helping content creators—both small and big—grow on YouTube!


    1. NITROSTRIKE says

      Absolutely,one of the best people to look up for advices for youtubers!

    2. The Best of Music says

      I agree with you 100%!!!

      I’m amazed, though, that his channel still hasn’t reached 1M subs… He surely deserves it!!!

    3. SMOOTHVIDEOS says

      Thank you

  5. RexArmy says

    Hi I am last (you never see someone calling themself last)


      haha tru that

  6. SAM AFIN says

    Still much more influencer but amazon is better than other, i really like to use amazon products ,

    1. NITROSTRIKE says

      Yup me too

  7. Cameron Aldridge TV says

    Anyone wanna support each other on Youtube?

    1. Creative House says

      What type of support you needed.

    2. Pencil Life says

      Ok Done 🙂

    3. Pencil Life says

      @JM done too

    4. Play with Yafi says

      Pencil Life ..please support my channel too.Thanks

    5. Pencil Life says

      @ Play with Yafi : Ok no problem. Done

  8. Toms Trains and Things says

    If this program works out, do you think it will impact the Associate Program in any way? Maybe a lower percentage so they can invest more on the Influencer Program.

    1. Andriy Vasylenko says

      Toms Trains and Things I think/hope it won’t. The difference is too big, so the types of partners: ‘elite’ and ‘casual’

  9. Professor Nez says

    Very interesting info Derral, thanks. I want to find more income streams but I am not an associate of Amazon, How would you recommend one get started? Do I need to be releasing content specifically related to Amazon products, or just make sure that I discuss Amazon related products in my videos? Thank you!

    1. Professor Nez says

      WOW! Thank you Sharis for the great advice, sounds great! And yes, I’ve seen a lot of that link related content. And absolutely, Amazon owns everything don’t they?

    2. Sharis Reviewing FUN says

      Oh Your Very welcome! Happy to help! 🙂 GOODLUCK! I actually applied to be in the regular Affiliate Program, did really well selling products and they declined me. They said I didn’t have enough followers yet. Very disappointing because WOW I made $15 less than a week of having it. I’m HOPING to grow my channel soon and be able to apply again! Its defiantly worth having that’s for sure! Too bad they didnt even let me keep the money I had made! 🙁

    3. Professor Nez says

      Jeez, really? That’s terrible. Sorry to hear that. So, they accepted you at first, you actually made sales, and then they declined you?

    4. Sharis Reviewing FUN says

      Yeah, the way the whole process works is they give you full access to the program, you put all the links on whatever you want. (I pretty much did every video on my channel LOTS OF WORK!) and after you make your first sale THEN they actually push your application onto the next step of approval or not. Kind of crazy. I even tried making a website (LOTS OF WORK) to up my chances of approval. Its possible I added the website in too late or something. ??? I dunno but it pretty much was a bad experience! Maybe ONE DAY! 🙂 Im working HARD at it Thats for sure!

    5. Professor Nez says

      Good for you! Yeah, it seems a lot of these types of processes are pretty up in the air and ambiguous. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  10. Stephanie Bogart says

    I love Matt! The Deal Guy. Been following him since almost the beginning. He really nice too. This is awesome! I don’t like the fact that you get one shot so I will be careful. My channel is taking a new direction and this would be perfect for me. Gonna keep pushing my affiliate links harder now. Thanks so much!

    1. James Miller says

      Well it said they don’t currently allow anyone to reapply. It is just a beta program so my guess is they want to find the people that can help right now. Test the concept out and go from there. It would be bad business to not to allow people to reapply after the program is up and running.

  11. Sharis Reviewing FUN says

    Anyone know how many Subscribers I need for just the regular Amazon Affiliate account. I applied with 200, sold 2 things the FIRST day I had it, and was declined a few days later for not having a big enough following. Just wondering how many I should have before I try again! VERY SAD! 🙁 Unfortunately with my channel type I get TONS of views, but not as many subscribe because they are looking for specific products. I’ve recently tried adding other kinds of videos to try and curve this problem.

    1. James Miller says

      The regular affiliate account doesn’t mention anything about subscriber counts. It does ask about your traffic but that is it. Maybe they want to see more traffic to your page.

  12. Dieter Schneider says

    Would be great if we creators could sell our own products on Youtube. A YouTube store 🙂

    1. iLoveLeatherNYC says

      You can do this yourself – – set up an external site and drive traffic to it. Asking YouTube to get involved means they will want a cut of the sales.

  13. Abel Aramburo says

    Did anyone notice that instead of saying “deal” he said “dill”?

    1. Violin Teacher says

      Yes. That’s how they say it where I’m living now. And for ‘sale’ they say ‘sell’. And for ‘feel’ they say ‘fell’. It’s MD, VA, WV and around in that area accent.

    2. Derral Eves says

      +Abel Aramburo southern Utah accent for sure!!! ?

    3. Derral Eves says

      +Violin Teacher ?. Got to love accents

    4. Abel Aramburo says

      I always fell good whenever I get a great dill at a sell. 😉
      I think I say fud instead off food. I’ve been working on it but its very difficult to change accents.

    5. Abel Aramburo says

      I love accents. I love your vids too!

  14. Noway says

    Hey Derral, I showed your channel at the Dutch YouTube HQ in Amsterdam 🙂 Keep up your informative video’s

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Noway thanks man

  15. She's a Bottler Gardens and Preserves. says


    1. watts up down under says

      She’s a Bottler Gardens and Preserves. Agreed . Would be nice to even have amazon. thankfully it’s on its way.

    2. She's a Bottler Gardens and Preserves. says

      Absolutely it would, you got a new fan here.?

    3. watts up down under says

      She’s a Bottler Gardens and Preserves. thank you very much . I’m just checking out your channel now ☺

  16. Essential Craftsman says

    Great content, you are good at what you do sir.

  17. KeepinitRealLiz says

    I think this is very interesting deal.

  18. The Deal Guy says

    I’m honored to be on your radar in any way! Very informative video.

  19. Andru Edwards says

    I’m in the Amazon influencer program, and about to do my first campaign for them with Bose!

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