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BIG Differences Between The Justice League Movie And The Comics

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What did DC change about Wonder Woman for the big screen? BIG Differences Between The DCEU Justice League And The Comics! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Fans are getting more and more hyped up for the mega movie event known as Justice League. Following in the footsteps of Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, and Wonder Woman is a huge movie that teams up everyone’s favorite heroes for one epic battle. The Justice League has been around for several decades and already has a rich history in the comics. Even with all this history, there are many changes that will come between the comics and the new film.

One of the most obvious is the lack of specific heroes. During the 1970’s, the Green Arrow discovers a secret history of the group that includes a lot more heroes than will be in the film. The film will also exclude key components like the Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter. The character of Steppenwolf looks to be the main villain in Justice League, but that is not who the original group fought against. There were other alien creatures involved like the Appellaxian and Starro the Conqueror. Along with the DCEU, the Arrowverse is a key part of live-action super heroes. It turns out that the Arrowverse includes a number of key heroes involved with the formation of the Justice League. In the movie world, the DCEU goes head to head with Marvel films, but no one can deny the huge film that could be created with a crossover. It likely won’t happen in theaters anytime soon, but it did happen in the comics. In the film, it looks like Batman will serve as the leader of the Justice League. This wasn’t really the case in the comics as Batman and Superman both were on the backburner as other heroes helped lead the group.


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  1. TwinGorillaz says

    Couldn’t the billionaire Bruce Wayne just take the place of funding the Justice League?

    1. Alessandra Forti says

      in the cartoons it’s always bruce wayne who pays for everything. He and superman even joke about it when Supergirl smashes a 50k monitor.

    2. R.O.L.Z. says

      Would tie him to much to Batman. He does thou supply material for the justice league.

    3. Sweg yo Sweg says

      TwinGorillaz he does

    4. amazo88 says

      he could, but for how long though? if JL is going to have watchtower, bruce is gonna need kord n queen to back him up. no way one person is able to fund a whole space station.

  2. Eria Anghelita says

    Hello people of the world!!!!

    I like screen rant, how about you????

    1. Dime9764 says

      Hype King why are you around calling everyone gay? WTF?

    2. Eria Anghelita says

      Hype King I’m a girl not a gay…

    3. Bill Cosby says

      Hype King like you?

    4. Kush Patel says

      Eria Anghelita hell no

    5. Michelle Wint says

      Sister pat

  3. firice tamyo says

    hi whoever sees this ,have a good day/night

    1. Hype King says


    2. Andromaster says

      You too!!!?

    3. TonyDracon says


  4. SkiDouche _ says

    Wouldn’t Batman fund the Justice League in this universe if Oliver Queen is not there?

    1. Jos El says

      batman funded the JL in the comcis, he’s mistakenly talking aobut the justice league of america (something different)

    2. Motion Bricks says

      It’s already been confirmed in the DCEU that Batman is publicly funding the Justice League as Bruce Wayne.

    3. Jordan From Krypton says


  5. RobIT says

    I thought giant star fish were the original alien invaders?

    1. King Merck says

      This justice league is based on the new 52

  6. Ej Ordillano says


    1. Jos El says

      she appear in comics as a mamber of many, not a funding member or an importatn member of the JL, and it was only caue of the cartoons. the DCEU, is based on comicbooks not cartoons.

    2. RN Jesus says

      Ej Ordillano Hawkgirl is kinda useless. She’s only relevant because of the show

    3. Jos El says

      Actually she has thor like powers of thunder and she can fly, combine those two.

    4. adrian pandia says

      Jos El
      actually,it’s her mace that has the electricity,so not thor like enough.

  7. Fgg Fg says

    Im a gay

    1. Puntoni says

      Fgg Fg Who cares ?

    2. TonyDracon says


    3. Master Oshawott says


  8. Mixey Boy says

    Still ain’t gonna watch the movie anyway

    1. JDHDify says

      Mixey Boy Well, Superman and Wonder Woman got a origin movie. Everyone knows Batman’s origin, and a lot of people know the Flashes origin via CWs The Flash. So most of the audience will pretty much know 4/6 of the characters. Plus Aquaman is a big name in DC anyway.

    2. TonyDracon says

      marvel fag

    3. Dimension ID says

      Mixey Boy me too

    4. Master Oshawott says

      Mixey Boy i Like Marvel more
      And im still going to watch it
      And i wanted to watch it more than spiderman homecoming,
      Guardians of the Galaxy 2,and even Avengers infinity war

  9. Ishshal Manocha says

    I think wonder woman is just gonna steal the show again

    1. warren byrne says

      Mohammad Abdul Muqeet meh.

    2. TonyDracon says

      nah the flash

  10. BenJAMin says

    Not one mention to the Justice League TV Show…

    1. Kariz says

      I still prefer the jl animated series plot line tbh the characters were so well crafted and the relationship between them are solid af

  11. anthony ken says

    Screen rant do u even know what are you talking about most of the time?????

    1. PikaPotter TV says

      anthony ken ikr

    2. Aavi GD says

      Just ranting

  12. Tupapi Chulo says

    Wonder Woman is hot ?? I would smell and inhale her farts !

    1. Obi Chukwura says


    2. Bruce says


    3. Khaos-Steroid says

      Bruce he just wants the booty bad

    4. MYinfinitig35 says

      Tupapi Chulo that’s how I feel about Henry Cavill.

  13. Kaylee Schatz says

    I’m sad that they’re not including Martian Manhunter, he’s been my favorite since I was little!

    1. Midnight Specter says

      Kaylee Schatz Mine was Blue Beetle,even if he was in the JL for a short time.

    2. Xmsdt TaskForce says

      Kaylee Schatz everyone’s favorite

  14. Heartwire says

    If the movie is based on new 52 and not pre, All the founding members apart from GL are there.

    1. Micheal Mah'moud says

      Heartwire Agreed

  15. Samuel Preston says

    Disney own Marvel so can put the money into the films and make them frequently.

    DC can’t do this so comparing Marvel and DC isn’t fair.

    1. serko aspelbuk says

      Fair point

    2. Who Cares says

      Disney and Marvel both releases their movies independently.
      While WB alone has to release DC and other movies.

    3. Pasta Creepy says

      DC movies are the real superhero movies. marvel/disney is just releasing comedic superhero parody.

    4. 21th Century Movies says

      Marvel has Disney
      Dc has Warner

    5. chirazi says

      +Pasta Creepy keep telling yourself that. marvel movies are made just like the comics. funny cause i know you yourself are more hyped for ragnarok than any dc movie. dc has not found a good formular for their movies yet

  16. gaby bautista says

    why does everyone forget about hawkgirl???

    1. Micheal Mah'moud says

      gaby bautista Because she was only a founding member in the Justice League cartoon, not the comics.

  17. Ace Breao says

    Ayy Martian Manhunter should be in the DCEU

    1. Matthew_ Skywalker101 says

      Ace Breao tru

    2. KeShaun Bellamy says

      He will

  18. Dhimas Rama says

    Wonder woman movie version lacks of tits A LOT

    1. Greenlight 88 says

      Dhimas Rama stfu

    2. Romeo Johansson says

      Dhimas Rama Who cares

  19. Michael Smithson says

    well another thing CW could do is form their own alternate Justice League after they introduce Batman

  20. Fleato says

    I think, although a big change, instead of trying to redoo hal jordan just bring john in. Hes the one most people of milenial age know anyway from justice league.

    1. Kariz says

      Fleato YES YES YES LITERALLY the next step to reboot the GL movie! How can they even not do it soon enough

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