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Chris Harrison Talks “Bachelorette” Final Four Guys | E! Live from the Red Carpet

E! Live from the Red Carpet collection

"The Bachelorette" host reveals what he thinks about each of the remaining guys. Plus, who does he think will be the next "Bachelor"?

Full Story: http://www.eonline.com/news/868901/who-will-be-the-next-bachelor-chris-harrison-weighs-in-on-the-contenders

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Chris Harrison Talks "Bachelorette" Final Four Guys | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Jessica O says

    In the beginning of this season CH said “Bryan, he’s a great, good guy”. So I believe in that!!!! Bryan will make her so happy!.

    1. Evelynn Chekata says

      they don’t even follow each other on IG..that tells alot!

  2. Jessica O says

    In the beginning of this season CH said “Bryan, he’s a great, good guy”. So I believe in that!!!! Bryan will make her so happy!.

    1. MegaShake20 says

      they don’t even follow each other on IG..so there´s that!

  3. Rishan Kahsay says

    Bryan is the one, Peter is the most fake person, and he’s not good looking guy,

    1. ntuli konisaga says


    2. Brooke Maree says

      Rishan Kahsay Peter is the least fake person to ever be on this show

    3. Ruth Allen says

      Rishan Kahsay You that Bryan is so fake and a player Chris something nice about but he player will be a player.

  4. Maximilian Neuer says

    ”Let paradise play out a little more”….I hope that is an indiciation towards Dean being the next bachelor.

    1. Brooke Maree says

      Maximilian Neuer dean already said himself he doesn’t believe he’s ready to be the next bachelor. He said that he’s not in that stage of his life yet. Chris Harrison is just saying that to please fans

  5. Shih Lin says

    Dean is my favorite now 🙂

  6. Unathie Mdala says

    he said she is looking for someone with the same goals as him that screams bryan

  7. phillygyrl30 says

    Dean or Alex for Bachelor…oh and Chris…Nick didn’t just come out of thin air….he was on the Bachelor two seasons in a row

  8. Ornella Lopez Poveda says

    ahhhhhh nononono 🙁 peter winner

  9. Ornella Lopez Poveda says

    pleasse yes peterr winnerr:)

  10. Ornella Lopez Poveda says

    what`s wrong bryan and peter. i like yes peterrr winner

  11. Rishan Kahsay says

    Brooke Maree, that’s your opinion, but the truth is most people believed Peter is the most fake person ever, and open your eye’s if he’s not ready to marriage why he’s there in the show, we all know Rachel and Bryan are very much in love, but peter is spend Rachel time for over 2 months for nothing, I’m so happy Rachel wasn’t fall in love with Peter, but peter said he’s in love with Rachel, Rachel you are the most beautiful outside and inside, and very very smart very kind, and have the most higher education in the world just like your dad, but why you wasn’t send home Peter, a lot peoples hate you for that,

  12. Shana says

    Team Bryan ?

  13. lyannechu21 says

    REPORTER: “will the relationship last?” CHRIS HARRISION: “talks about everything else and doesn’t answer the question”

  14. Natalie Nunya says

    NO!! Not Ben H!! If he can’t make it work with some of the best women I’ve ever seen on tv, which he had QUITE a few: cayla, jojo, and Lauren were PERFECTION!!! then it is very slim that he could make it work with anyone! Plus, with seeing him on three different shows already, kaitlyn’s season, the bachelor, and the freeform reality show, which the last one was SO BORING, and hearing him go on and on about how they are doing fine JUST TO BREAK UP with her weeks later, after putting her through emotional trauma on tv by stalling their wedding when she CLEARLY wanted it, not only makes him come off as insincere, but just plain boring, and not worth anyone’s time. If I see Ben H on a show ever again, I will vomit!

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