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Did WALL STREET JOURNAL Use Photoshop to Hurt YouTube Creators?

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Did WALL STREET JOURNAL Use Photoshop Hurt YouTube Creators?
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  1. Fairly Honest Off-Road says

    First 🙂

    1. Fairly Honest Off-Road says

      Awesome ?

  2. PikaVolt SS9 says

    your tips helped me reach 200 subs! thanks so much derral!! You’re the best!

    1. Philip Tremblay says

      PikaVolt SS9 back in the day he had WAY more views

    2. PikaVolt SS9 says

      Mind Blown yeah – ‘back in the day’

    3. PikaVolt SS9 says

      Mind Blown you know, it sucks when your hard work is called – free subs

    4. Cameron Aldridge TV says

      It just said 96 yesterday

    5. Cameron Aldridge TV says

      bro I’m not dumb you had 96 subscribers

  3. Brian G Johnson TV says

    Interesting, seeing a huge drop in revenue can be so very scary. Been there myself. Will be interesting to see where this goes.

    1. Krp F says

      Brian G Johnson TV is this gonna be a permanent problem or will YouTube fix it?

  4. Johnny Debt says

    Somebody has actually downloaded one on my videos and then posted it as their own. Should I personally take this serious? If so how does one go about dealing with this issue?

    I am only a small channel, so not sure if this sort of thing affects me.

    1. Ann Elisabeth says

      Rambow145, are you saying videos will be added to the content ID system once you’ve reported someone stealing them once? I’ve seen one video uploaded over and over. At what point does it get taken down automatically when it gets reuploaded?

    2. Johnny Debt says

      I think I may have messed up. The guy had stolen 3 of my videos which I reported at the time. Maybe I should have just reported one, and then reported the other two at later dates? This way he would have had his three strikes.

    3. Ann Elisabeth says

      Johnny Debt, not sure how that works. I thought three reports, even from the same person, meant three strikes? Let me know if you figure it out.

    4. Johnny Debt says

      I am just popping over to the site to have a look. Will respond.

    5. Johnny Debt says

      Mmm, it is not going to be that easy. I did actually post the name of the site in one of my previous comments here, but that seems to have disappeared. My copyright complaint only lists the video URL and not the Channel. So I failed in my promise to you.

  5. Benjamin Mollier says

    Hi ! What do you think of last video ? ?

    Derral I think you are the god of YouTube ^^

  6. Travis Kraft says

    I have CMS and Content ID but don’t know what I could really be doing with it.

    1. modelchickny says

      Hi I’m new to YT. My Adsense account has been pending for months and have only 1k subs. I have no strikes, or any issues at all on my channel. Why is my Adsense account still pending?

    2. Love Infinity says

      might be your CTR will be higher.

  7. Garage Door Genius says

    I’m in Austin and didn’t meet ya!?

    1. Derral Eves says

      next time

  8. UncaBilly says

    Derral, please tell me what the small comment box is for that is just below the drop down box where we set our videos to private, public, etc. Thank you!

    1. neutered10mm says

      UncaBilly that’s for you linked media announcements. If you have a linked twitter account or Facebook account it will post to those platforms on your behalf and cross link to the YouTube video. It’s a way of notifying your other audience bases of your YouTube content going live.

  9. You,Me,and Baby Makes 3 says

    Please tell me you were at Franklin’s BBQ? It is AMAZING !

    1. Derral Eves says

      +You,Me,and Baby Makes 3 I went to Franklins over salt lick

    2. You,Me,and Baby Makes 3 says

      Good choice Franklin’s is way better!

    3. James Robinson says

      Tomorrow, go to Pok-E-Joe’s…and then ask yourself why you waited in that long line with the other tourists…Welcome to Austin.

    4. You,Me,and Baby Makes 3 says

      James Robinson Never heard of Pok-E-Joe’s totally trying it out next time I’m up there!

    5. James Robinson says

      It’s not as hip as Franklin’s, but it’s delicious. I’ve never been disappointed!

  10. LukasDoesMore says

    Have a good day!

    From a small youtuber trying to hit his first 10 subs…

  11. Gumer Zambrano says

    I say they did since youtube has more of an influence than the traditional media !! & the WSJ acknowledges that !

  12. MLPDethDealr32 says

    i keep getting claims from a group called ScreenwavemusicMedia

  13. victoriouspro says

    This ad boycott sucks. There were no ads on this video Derrel. Lets hope big youtubers know how to invest and save their money

  14. Jarhead6 says

    Thanks so much! I am down more than 50% already

  15. John Dahdah says

    when the intro destroys the ears #ripheadphone users

  16. Chad Wild Clay says

    Great perspective Derral. I agree with you regarding a strike rule for false copyright claimers (obviously, haha).

  17. TheBarleyHorrorShow says

    anyone see that pepsi pulled their ads but still uploaded a ad to youtube such hypocrites..

    1. TheBarleyHorrorShow says

      anyone see that pepsi pulled their ads but still uploaded a ad to youtube such hypocrites..

    2. Skippy0330 says

      anyone see that pepsi pulled their ads but still uploaded a ad to youtube such hypocrites..

    3. Skippy0330 says

      anyone see that pepsi pulled their ads but still uploaded a ad to youtube such hypocrites..

    4. TheBarleyHorrorShow says


  18. Ken Bayard says

    come on back advertisers… Im now making videos and you don’t want to miss making big coin off my stuff… 😛

  19. Tampatec says

    wall street journal trying to hurt PewDiePie’s pocket because he told them to fk off, but instead they’re hurting others in their wake.

  20. Squicky Valor says

    Always defending hate speech as freedom of speech. No wonder he didn’t support Hilary.

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