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Drake Bell “Bummed” Over Missing Josh Peck’s Wedding | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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The former "Drake & Josh" star spills on his relationship with costar Josh Peck. Plus, Bell explains those feisty tweets.

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Drake Bell "Bummed" Over Missing Josh Peck's Wedding | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Fazal Hussain says

    He’s alright tbh

  2. Blu Canuck says

    I still think Josh did him dirty

    1. Jackie Lendel says

      +Alexander Jones Why are you talking to me… I’m just agreeing with Blu Canuck and Simplyme Forever. I mean they have known eachother for 18 years. It’s actually normal to think that’s rude. Get the freak off my case and I can’t believe people actually think like you…

    2. Jackie Lendel says

      boi bye

    3. Alexander Jones says

      I’ve known plenty of people I don’t spend time with for longer than that. Relationships still aren’t obligatory, and that _still_ isn’t rude. If you actually think that Josh is under some social obligation to invite Drake to his wedding because they were on a Television show together, you are an actual moron.

    4. Jackie Lendel says

      Alexander are you kidding me? Excuse my rudeness but you’re unfair and you must not have real human emotion. I Am Not a Moron. Really? I’m a moron because I believe it’s weird what Josh did? Just listen to yourself! “Because they were on a Television show together”. It was more than that! They were close friends for such a long time. I guess you’re calling more than half of the Drake & Josh fans and interviewers morons then. You’re even calling Drake a moron. Josh invited freaking John Stamos. Look at Josh’s Instagram comments on his pics of the wedding! The fact that Drake was so upset, shows us all that it was not right of Josh! Josh considered the 2 of them to be friends! If Drake is sad that Josh didn’t invite him, then Josh obviously didn’t think of Drake who he said was his buddy! They apparently texted a lot and were close! It’s not about obligation! We all have the obligation to not do something, but we still do it cause it’s the right thing to do! Drake should have been at that wedding!!! It makes a lot of sense considering their relationship!

    5. Jackie Lendel says

      Alexander Jones but I might agree with you in a sense cause we don’t know what Drake could have done. What if Josh doesn’t like something that Drake says to people or him or something. If we don’t know the whole story, then maybe we shouldn’t judge. :/

  3. Johnny Flame says

    Josh messed up for not inviting him

    1. Jackie Lendel says

      Excuse me Alexander Jones, but do you have any close friends that you’ve known forever? And then what if you were recently talking on the phone with them and they didn’t even tell you about their wedding… Unless you’re a freaking robot, that’s got to hurt. Oh wait I forgot! “If he doesn’t want to invite you, he doesn’t have to”. What the freak

    2. Jackie Lendel says

      +Alexander Jones You are right about the fact that Josh didn’t have to invite him. But it seems normal that he should have. You are in the minority of what you think of this situation. And that’s kind of harsh to say “Drake, too bad”. I mean Omg are you heartless? Drake has been such a good friend of Josh. Josh invited the producer of Drake and Josh but not Drake. This is just my opinion and I do respect yours cause maybe Josh just wanted certain people there… And it’s none of my business why Drake wasn’t there I guess…

    3. Jackie Lendel says

      +Alex Gu That is so true. We need to realize other people’s feelings. Not just ours. That would be so selfish and immature.

  4. femme fatale says

    He looks 40 years old.

    1. Grin Future says

      femme fatale he almost is lol

    2. munchkin 201 says

      Grin Future He just recently turned 31. How’s that almost to 40 years old? smh

  5. Joshua Walker says

    I can’t get my YouTube channel on which why I like it I like your YouTube channel I want I want to strive my bills

  6. Jackie Lendel says

    He goes to Disneyland with Miranda OMG. I love Miranda

    1. Prielle Ker says

      lol and they are from NICKELODEON!

    2. Jackie Lendel says

      lol yeah I love them

  7. Ecr Tv says

    Broke my heart

  8. RealLifeTeenagers says

    I feel like he’s lying

  9. Crysta Belle says

    what a chump answer.

  10. Hikari Yoshi says

    I feel like Josh is the one that’s been trying too. Contact him but never picks up. Now since he’s had a wedding his feelings are hurt.

  11. faigy vaysman says

    Please make more jrake bell

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