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“Game of Thrones” Cast Plays “Game of Unknowns” | E! Live from the Red Carpet

E! Live from the Red Carpet collection

See how well the cast of "Game of Thrones" know each other in our red carpet quiz!

Full Story: http://www.eonline.com/news/867231/game-of-thrones-cast-plays-game-of-unknowns-how-well-do-they-know-trivia-about-each-other

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"Game of Thrones" Cast Plays "Game of Unknowns" | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Rachel Chambers says

    how can she not watch the first season?

    1. Ripleyw Snipley says

      Rachel Chambers Shes actress that has roles and job so she has no time.

    2. kuledinho says

      Just when you thought you couldn’t hate the sandsnakes any more

    3. MMG 006 says

      Why would she? Give me one reason.

    4. 1Chasg says

      MMG 006 Cuz most of the show involves talking about what happened in the past. All of the current events in the show are happening because of what happened in Season 1.

    5. Arctic022 says

      MMG 006 Because two of the actors (Mark Addy and Sean Bean) in the first season are amazing at their craft.

  2. violet wu says

    “not that head”

  3. Rosannasfriend says

    Lol, Gwendoline is funny!

  4. Razor xD says

    Kit doesn’t know nothing , he doesn’t know his name , his parents or well he thinks he knows them

    1. GlidingFalcon says

      bro your profile pic is dope

    2. bob frank says

      GlidingFalcon Roronoa Zoro fan forever bro ^^

    3. Shallo Below says

      Razor xD and you don’t know how to speak English.

  5. Choco S says

    Gwendoline fucking Gwendoline with her amazing personality.

  6. Ripleyw Snipley says

    I love Sophie, Indira and Gwendoline so much

    1. Ripleyw Snipley says

      and Nathalir

  7. Ripleyw Snipley says

    Lol Hannah said Diana Rigg. I like her more now

  8. Apex Devil says

    Missandei would look so much better without the nose ring.

    1. HindsightPOV says

      Apex Devil
      I don’t know. I kind of strangely dug it when I usually wouldn’t.

    2. OGSpaceCadet says

      Ikr? I don’t get nose piercings in general. Noses are not something most people should draw attention to as far as facial features go. The only facial piercing I’ve ever seen look halfway decent is an eyebrow ring, and you have to have a certain look and personality to carry it off. All the others look weird or downright ugly. She makes herself less attractive with it. It’s a mystery.

    3. Joanmanuel De Jesus says

      Well, she CAN take it off

  9. IJ Williams says

    lily wrote a song about alfie about how lazy he was and how he needed to get a job… i wonder who makes more money now

    1. Loola Palooza says

      IJ Williams haha I know that song too well. It’s like I’ve known Alfie way before I saw him in GoT.

  10. Delphine M-J GOBERT says

    Kit is not his real name, Jon is not his real name in Game of Thrones. Coincidence ? I don’t think so.

    1. Mr. Unclean says

      Delphine M-J GOBERT Kit and Jon both have 3 letters. Harington and Targaryen both have 9 letters. Something’s up…

    2. Loola Palooza says

      Mr. Unclean GRRM could’ve written the book for Kit and published it on the boy’s 10th birthday

  11. Olivia95 says

    “Obviously i know what my homegirl is doing” ?

    1. Irina Ratcu says

      Olivia95 Nathalie is so Team Dany, I love them !! BFFs !

  12. AH123 says

    So basically Gemma Whelan let it slip that Theon gets beheaded this season

    1. Michael Clasby says

      AH123 no alfie kicked another characters head like a futbol in season 1

    2. AH123 says

      Michael Clasby that was just her cover up story ?

    3. Jada Farmer says

      AH123 their talking about season two when he took winterfell and he beheaded that guy I forgot his named but he was very loyal to the Starks he traveled to kings landing with catlyn like kinda don’t see how you miss it that’s one of the reasons why a lot of ppl didn’t like theon in season 2

    4. Valentina Vettore says

      Jada Farmer He chopped off the head of Ser Rodrik Cassel – Master of Arms and Jory Cassel’s uncle.

  13. Vanessa Raices says

    I love G.O.Tand Jon as a character. He is my hottie.

  14. Louise Bourgeois says

    When you already know everything lol

  15. Rata Touille says

    Of all the casts, only Davos look still look like Davos….

  16. Tinheart Nowak says

    Kit knows nothing since he was kid

  17. OGSpaceCadet says

    They got VERY lucky with Peter as Tyrion. Who else could play that role? He embodies that character to perfection. It’s one thing to just cast him because he was a little person, the fact that he is an incredible actor was just pure good fortune for them. No wonder he gets top billing. They should probably give him a raise, too.

    1. Chris Dixon says

      A raise? He recently got one and he, Lena, Nikolaj, Kit and Emilia all earn over 2 million per episode. I think he’s doing okay with the money he’s earning for now lmao

    2. OGSpaceCadet says

      +Chris Dixon I was jk, but good for them. I wonder if there’s a total on how much the series has made for HBO, and how much it is. It’s enough they don’t even care about the pirating, so I’m guessing a good chunk.

    3. Chris Dixon says

      Yes, apparently the show makes HBO just over $1 billion per year!

    4. RexRoku says

      2 fking millioN per epsode each?? noway

    5. 0FFICERPROBLEM says

      God think how much you get paid for just being some random character with no lines even… Only fault with Peter is he’s a bit too handsome as Tyrion.


    The first is the best season, shame … shame… shame. Also Hannah Murray is cute.

  19. Rick Grimes says

    The kid that plays Bran is so damn goofy, just want to give him a hug.

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