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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Golden Advice For YouTube Creators

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You have to listen to Gary Vaynerchuk's (Garyvee) Golden Advice For YouTube Creators.

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Panasonic AG-DVX200 4K


_Audio & Microphone
Sennheiser EW 112P G3-A

Neewer DVR-160TVC 19 inches Outer

_Edited on a Mac
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Canon EOS 70D

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Tamron SP 24-70mm

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  1. Travelling with Bruce says

    I started my channel on Aug 12 this year. I took Gary’s advice to just create and don’t stop, just create. So I’m at 70 uploads and 44 subs and growing every day. Because of Derral, I have learned a million tricks and to do musts to keep growing. Thank you to both of you, Bruce.

  2. MrAmos says

    What if I haven’t uploaded for 2 months because I have put all my time into an animation.
    And when I upload it to Youtube i really want it to do well. So my question is does a 2 month break affect my youtube views? And if so what should I do when I upload it? I really need to know. Thank you 🙂 #AskDerral

  3. Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says


  4. Loose Seeds says

    How does this dude consistently spit out great advice? (-Mommy Seed, Nikki)

  5. GOOD MORNING Anold Mtahya says

    Hellow I wanted to ask if I embedded my videos on Facebook will my views count?

  6. Portal do AutoConhecimento says

    To care about others more than the money is not something you can teach people. They either do or they don’t, and failure is their only teacher. I’ve seen a lot of -young- folks wanting to be millionaires with YouTube (or the likes) and is so blatantly evident that’s all they want. So, they come up with very creative ideas to make big monies (i.e., retail drop-shipping ventures, trends, etc.), and they even do get that so wanted “success”, but at the end of the day you can see what’s their bottom line. Folks that actually care will always come clean and as winners at the end. Many YT channel owners are coming to grips with that, probably a bit too late for them. To suddenly show that you care for your audience’s needs (not just your bottom line goals), after showing you never really did, is amusing.

  7. DeadShot Mafia says

    Hey Derral Eves can you help me to know, how to avoid getting Copyright and Community Strikes

  8. TAIMAS says

    Such good advice! You need to actually provide VALUE to the viewer!

  9. Brian G Johnson TV says


  10. Prof Sales says

    Be authentic. The simplest and yet most ignored advice on youtube. Great advice

  11. Psy Jack Beats says

    Hi Derral, Thank you so much for this video. How about Channel Evaluation for a beats/ Instrumental channel. It needs completely Different Tips to grow a Beats Channel as you don’t need to face a camera. Content is Music for artists who would write a song on it. Good Idea? Hoping to get lucky 🙂

  12. Train Tsar Fun says

    The End consumers. Those that play Minecraft?

  13. Kaysha says

    Gary is the man


    You are YouTube best tagged for suggestions..but your 1year to till date all video is not cross 1million view…
    What’s happened???

  15. PlusVibesZ says

    I love how authentic Gary is he’s just chilling there picking at his nail. Gotta love the guy! Real as they get!

  16. Stylish Dad says

    My man Gary V! Love watching the friendly battle between you and Evan Carmichael on getting to a mil!

  17. Oum Saokosal says

    Once the Gary V’face is on a thumbnail, click it. Love him.

  18. TruFinancials says

    Gary Vee is amazing. Love how he speaks truth, even when it’s tough to hear.

  19. Aimee Montgomery says

    I had to come back and add that my channel should hit my first ever 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year. I never thought it would happen! It is quite amazing! The snowball affect is wonderful! But I did want to report that creating a part 2 video of one that is getting nonstop views did not result in that one being as popular. But I am sold on the fact that thumbnails and catchy titles are the ticket. I need to make another video called $10,000 in a month! haha I do have a couple others that are also popular but not AS popular. But they are still bringing in views every hour. And do you know how fun it is to start to surpass people on youtube that disregarded you as valuable? Kicked you to the curb. Then bam. lol

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