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Get Access to the VidSummit Replays

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Get Access to the VidSummit Replays ➜ http://www.VidSummit.com
The Best Video Marketers Spill Their "Secret Sauce" To A Closed Door Audience at the VidSummit.

Did You Miss The VidSummit?

Here’s Why You Should Consider Buying The VidSummit Replays

➜Discover the best and newest ways to deploy and track video marketing and YouTube tactics

➜Access 30+ hours of training sessions that could transform your business

➜Soak in knowledge from the world's leading video marketers at your own pace

➜Study sessions by watching them multiple times if needed
And So Much More…

Get Access to the VidSummit Replays ➜ http://www.VidSummit.com

This is NOT a fluffy-stuffy event that perpetually skims the surface like those other conferences do. VidSummit dives head first and DEEP into the nitty-gritty of what actually WORKS.

Here Are a Few Things You Will Learn
When You Invest in VidSummit Replays Today:

• How to Attract, Retain, Monetize, & Convert
• Video Funnels 2.0
• Video Conversion Science and Tracking
• Beyond YouTube Analytics – Measuring More than Views
• How To Get an ROI on YouTube Ads
• YouTube Audience Development: Behind the Braids
• How To Use Storytelling in Marketing
• Cracking The Code To YouTube In-Display Advertising
• Understanding Cross Platform Video Trends
• Creating Viral Videos That Also Drive Sales
• In-depth Adwords Remarketing: Custom Combinations & Holy Grail
• World Record & Huge YouTube Collab in Less Than 3 Weeks
• True Transparency for Creators and Brands
• Get YouTube Influencers To Talk About Your Products
• Optimizing Video on Your Own Website
• Collaborative Licensing
• Building a Business with Periscope – The Evolution of Live Streaming
• And So Much More…

Get Access to the VidSummit Replays ➜ http://www.VidSummit.com

Get More Great Tips – Subscribe ➜ http://goo.gl/dWNo9H

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  1. Mr Curry says


  2. Pand - Clash Royale says

    Derral Eves = Most helpful, entertaining and delightful YouTube marketing expert! 🙂

  3. ThePhotographyBlog says

    If I could choose to go to any conference! This would be it. One day, 🙂

  4. ShwayyProductions says

    Hi I’m trying to get my channel more viewers and in having trouble with that

  5. AwesomelyCoolTuberKids says

    thanks man

  6. Film Buzz says

    Hey I know that guy!

  7. z3r0 says

    so deral, could u explain more?

    1. Tamara Smith says

      +Derral Eves how do you create a Google Plus community

    2. z3r0 says

      +Derral Eves
      thanks 🙂

  8. MyShowBro says


  9. Jensen traynor says

    which camera do you use Darrel ?

  10. Epicpiggy says


    1. Hansel Peter says

      +Epicpiggy HEY!!!!!

    2. Chrome Who says

      Before the h8ers come he said UNDER

    3. Epicpiggy says


    4. Epicpiggy says

      OH U A HATER?

  11. David Stoll says

    When is the next one, and how do I find out about it?

  12. CaliChloe says

    though this is off topic but how can u make a custom channel url for youtube

  13. Chrome Who says

    Don’t make the mistake that I made, don’t watch the whole video. Jk but is repetitive and they just said “I can believe the information” like come on they didn’t share at least one tip.

  14. Keyes Miller says

    I WANT to go to VidSummit! ,But it’s to late!!

  15. Nato Potato says


  16. Hs says

    Hey bro I have a prob. about YouTube can u reply…. I think u can solve my problem becoz u r a YouTube Expert…. Plzz reply

  17. The Tommynator Army says

    your the most helpful resource for youtube editing. subbed

  18. Doge Attack says

    +Derral Eves how do I get a thumbnail when it shows no custom thumbnails

  19. SERGE says

    im looking for more youtube merchandise beyond what the google merchandise website offers? where else can I look? amazon and ebay seem fairly limited? Guy in 43 seconds seems to have a shirt I have never seen before in grey?

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