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How Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Line Is Different Than Kylie’s | E! Live from the Red Carpet

E! Live from the Red Carpet collection

The makeup maven gives the scoop on her new KKW Beauty line and what sets it apart from Kylie's cosmetics line. Plus, is she or Kylie the 'makeup queen'?

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How Kim Kardashian's Makeup Line Is Different Than Kylie's | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Luffy Ichigo says

    Kim should have done her makeup line before Kylie. Kim has so much influence when it comes to makeup

    1. Patricia Morgan says

      Luffy Ichigo but I do think she should’ve branched off from kardashian beauty a while ago.

    2. Joselin Perez says

      Luffy Ichigo yesssa kim is kim before kylie

    3. cali starlet says

      Miss CutieCutie true credit to whoever came up with that and shared it with other make up artists and drag queens. Now I will say Kim and Mario didn’t invented it and maybe this is because I work in the makeup industry but I thought it was very well know technique before it got hugely known through social media and Kim. Kim became a representation of how amazing a contour can look since she is globally known celebrity.

    4. cali starlet says

      I think at the that time the Kardashians had many other businesses that they weren’t able to invest in the Kardashian Beauty like they should have but I am glad that she chose to do her own line and is able to bring her experiences and her own taste or views so I’m interested to see what she brings to the table just like how any other person who is passionate about makeup is.

    5. Ms Rana says

      Her line was a shitty one, also it was too too late for her to start.

  2. Deen Daniels says

    Kim Kardashian West is just such a beautiful person! Haven’t met her, would be amazing to talk to someone so truthful and fucking smart. Kylie has the perfect older sister to look up to, learn from, both these ladies are brilliant!

    1. Deen Daniels says

      Inga Dale nope I’m not, step back from all the negative publicity her family has been exposed to, see what they have managed to accomplish despite that, it’s amazing.

    2. Lilly Gonzalez says

      Deen Daniels not being rude, but name one instance were she’s accomplished anything beneficial???

    3. Inga Dale says

      Kim is smart in the sense in that she’s capitalized off people’s stupidity and without that ignorance she wouldn’t be as successful as she is.

    4. Deen Daniels says

      Inga Dale I understand what you are saying, but I still disagree. She created a brand, an empire, that takes strategic planning and huge risk taking. Yeah she may of had help along the way but ultimately, she was the face, the first touch point. Anyway, we all have our views. Thanks for sharing yours : )

  3. BeautifulDreamerK says

    I’m not a kardashian fan but Kim seems very sweet in real life

    1. Izzat xo says

      BeautifulDreamerK people say shes the most humble out of all the sisters

    2. Sabrosita Pr says

      kat …..there must have bin a reason why she did

    3. cali starlet says

      BeautifulDreamerK I met her before and she really is. I think she gets a lot of anxiety and throws her off but underneath it all she actually really funny and lighthearted. She gives me a warm feeling lol

  4. TheGreenlove87 says

    Kim has been a make up influencer for years. she is very late in the game. more money for her.

    1. Ms Rana says

      True but her line was a shitty one, also it was too too late for her to start.2017 to a do a contour kit!!! really

  5. Violet Rose says

    kim likes more natural and nudes colours.

  6. Ar K says

    I don’t think her make up line will become as popular as kylies.

    1. Diana De la Cruz says

      Ar K it already has

    2. SiiNTi says

      Diana De la Cruz don’t believe the lies lol. Any brand will say their products are sold out for more demand but in reality her brand won’t come close to Kylie. She’s not known for makeup, Kylie is.

    3. Sabrosita Pr says

      Ar K because a lot of female r either jealous of her beauty or jealous because she is rich or because she doesn’t put up with no man’s bullshit,,…..or because she is not afraid of showing off her body..

    4. Sabrosita Pr says

      even if her makeup is good….just because of the jealousy and Hate…people are always going to put it down…..her and her makeup

    5. Cute Potato says

      Since she said it will have some anti aging products I think she is aiming for older costumers, not teens

  7. Elisabeth Cruz says

    they’re taste in makeup is completely different

  8. L'ami De tous says

    Kim isn’t a make-up influencer. That’s Mario, her makeup artist who has made the “kim k makeup” but Kim knows nothing about makeup. That’s why i’m a bit angry because you can definitely tell that she does that only for money. She says she’s passionate about makeup girl no… Kylie really is and that’s why she did her own brand. You just used the idea to make money

    1. L'ami De tous says

      Latifa A lmao why people always have to be agressive on yt comments? I’m not complaining about anything, I just found that video and posted a comment on what I thought about it. Chill girl

    2. Francesca Camassa says

      oh th irony…kim is actually very good at makeup…she has posted various videos where she shows her makeup skills

    3. Cute Potato says

      Francesca Camassa she’s no makeup guru lol. But she’s not horrible either

  9. Sammi ss says

    We can tell everything was your decision lmao all the liquid lipsticks are same shade and they’re all named kim something. No creativity surprise surprise

  10. sugarsloths says

    why are people constantly trying to pit women against women? they are sisters for gods sakes obviously they aren’t competing

  11. J Cee says

    Kim started out as a make up artist before going into porn

  12. Abida I says

    Kims always going to be the queen. You don’t have to agree for it to be true :p

  13. girls fun says

    kylie has the lips collection her signature thing and kim has the contour collection and nude lips collection her signature things and both are produced by the same factory so everyone win especially kris with her 10% fees lmao

  14. girls fun says

    yes kim you had a makeup collection with you sisters before and was a disastrous flop
    and what packaging were you involved in ? that ugly cheap plastic bag ?
    “we really are not competing” lmaoooo yeah right how sly of her to always pretend that all her other sisters are better than her in everything yet she made them all happen

    1. Paris Clair says

      girls fun I cant tell if you’re hating on Kim or praising her?

    2. girls fun says

      both lmao she is sly she knows how to make like : i am fat and ugly, kylie is hot khloe is funny kendall is pretty kourtney is smart but i am the stupid YET she is the best paid one the hottest one the married one to a grammy winner A-list super star.

  15. Valentina Loraels says

    I love Kim more than Kylie because Kim seems very sweet!!!

  16. Alex Jr. says

    Poole you do realize someone else does their makeup everyday. If you buy from them it’s only bc of their name.

  17. agelgracyah says

    Yo this interviewer legit looks like Khloe

  18. Karen Vasquez says

    She saw how much Kylie was making with her line that she had to jump right on that too.

  19. Unnati Mahanthy says

    I love how these sisters dont compete and support each other

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