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How To Create a Playlist on Your Youtube Channel

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How To Create a Playlist on Your Youtube Channel — Derral shows several different ways to create a playlist on YouTube. He also explains how creating playlists can help gain you views!

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Derral Eves is an expert in social media marketing, mobile marketing, internet marketing, and video marketing. Check out Derral's tutorials to help you grow your online knowledge.

How To Create a Playlist on Your Youtube Channel

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How To Create a Playlist on Your Youtube Channel

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  1. TriedGryphon says

    Thank you so much you are a real awesome guy


    1. John Kurt Trollz says


    2. charninja 15 says

      TriedGryphon true

    3. Acorn says


    4. Araceli Rivera delgado says

      TriedGryphon àñ.eñ??

    5. Infinity Colors says


  2. Anne Limson says

    just show us how to add playlist. dont need discussions

  3. frind and family forever says

    I have 2 playlist

    1. frind and family forever says

      Im i going to be youtuber??

  4. HIGH VOLTAGE says

    just subscribe awesome content for new youtubers thanks

  5. modelchickny says

    So I’m a bit confused. Are you saying if you place other YouTube Channels video as a playlist on your channel and it’s viewed on your channel you get that view counted on your channel? Please help!

  6. Music Tuber says



    how do add overlay that says How about thumbs up. do explain, because its really cool.

  8. Mathieu Norry says

    Just set up my first playlist , thanks


    You are too funny! Thank you so much for your help

  10. TechnoSaviour says

    Thank you. Your video helped me to create my first playlist for my channel. 🙂

  11. subramanian says

    hi sir can i create plaslist for liked videos

  12. SIKPIC says

    subscribe to my channel
    reply and i will sub back

  13. That's dangerous Gma! says

    I am just getting started on YouTube. There is so much to learn. I’ve found out how difficult it is to promote a channel for children because I am competing with great animated programs. I believe there is an audience for a kids safety channel. I went to VidSummit and I am beginning to apply all the information, but geez, for a new channel, there is a ton of information to work through. I am starting with a playlist. Thank you!

  14. strictlyvinyl says

    Could you tell me please is it possible to add to a playlist you have downloaded in tube red?

  15. Humanoid says

    how can I repeat a video in a play list more then 1 time?

  16. Noctowl says

    I’m using this channel to watch my playlist 24/7 on my other channel to get more views on the pkaylist ?

  17. Gisgis321 says

    i watched this since i forgot how to make a playlist XD

  18. GodDefinsing With BaldBobEagle says

    How do I permanently save playlists to a collection and still ne able to delete them from my Youtube channel, so as to reduce the number of old playlists without losing them? How can I store multiple playlists in a single playlists and still be able to post to the individual playlist inside the main playlist? Where do you reply to these comments. I can only work from a tablet now, as my desktop needs repair.

  19. RAKRAK says

    How to add my new videos to my old playlist which is already created ????
    Please reply….
    waiting for ur reply….

  20. Octopus Connection says

    Learned a lot! Plus I loved the dancing at the end. Nice job Derral!!!

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