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How To Create QR Codes

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How To Create QR Codes- Derral Eves explains how to create and leverage QR Codes.

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Derral is one of the most experienced video marketing experts as well as his large background in internet marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing. Derral is a motivational speaker who loves to share his vast knowledge with fellow marketers.

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How To Create QR Codes

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  1. Wilson Dorsainvil says

    Can’t wait to learn more from you on QR code Marketing.
    Thanks a Million

    1. Derral Eves says

      I will look to add more to the schedule! Thanks +Wilson Dorsainvil

    2. Eman Ali says

      +Derral Eves thank you from middel est Oman> i will use qr in my presntaion

  2. GreenBeauty KoKo says

    Great video and review!!! I am going to create my skincare qr code first time

    1. Derral Eves says

      Great… Good Luck! 🙂

  3. Solar Gaming says

    0:16 i scanned that code to pokemon sun and got staravia

    1. Pikaztaike says

      Game Guy good I have that pkmn too

  4. JC Tan Channel says

    Beside download to fb, youtube how about others like vimeo? Thanks

  5. JC Tan Channel says

    Can I ask is there any vimeo for this? Thanks

  6. KhazAvMagic says

    Isn’t that illegal

  7. Shehu Ibrahim says


  8. Dominick Diaz says

    I see them in pokemon sun and moon

  9. Ibe Onu says

    Awesome! thanks for the tip. it really helps

  10. Anas Aiman DNA says

    how to attach the file ??!!!

  11. Siby Jose says

    thank you !!!!!!

  12. Nifal Mohamed says

    wow, I cant believe it was so simple to do it. Thank s a lot

  13. light place says

    wow this work

  14. Sulaiman Alrabei says

    please anybody help me to rearrange this qestion
    Q-1Below are the stages of a QR code jigsaw task. Put the stages in the correct order.
    1-Create barcodes with a unique colour for each step.
    2-Choose three or four recipes and save them to Pocket.
    3-Give the learners a QR code with a web address link to the original recipe to check the answers.
    4-Allocate each learner a colour. Explain that they each have steps of a recipe. Their task is to decode the steps and put them in order. Tell the class to find learners with the other colours and work together in groups.
    5-Present a screenshot of the recipe web page that has been marked up with an app such as Awesome Screenshot to review language.
    6-Show the codes or print them out. The learners scan the codes with their mobile devices and work in groups to put them in the right order.

  15. arene s says

    If Chuck Norris had a QR code , ti will lead to the Total Gym work out video

  16. IORO says

    ti da lqpash peshiki

  17. Trixie Banquito says

    How can you create a Qr code using attachment? for example I made a P.E. schedule using Microsoft excel how can I attach document? Thanks

  18. Sam-E Craft says

    sir — is that free or have to paid after 30days??? plz reply sir

  19. C.V.N Jaswanth says

    sir how we can add a qr code to our resume.?

  20. Isreal Brownlow says

    Not sure what iTunes store you visited but the IQR you mentioned but the one available in the app store isn’t in english & isn’t close to what you are showing.  I guess because this is a 2013 video & its 2017

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