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  1. Luke Culhane says

    Like My Comment please (i wrote this like years ago) so embarrassing i just changed it

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Luke Culhane … I liked your comment and now I’m commenting on your comment!  🙂

    2. name unknown says


    3. Zion Fisher says

      Like my comment!!

    4. Giovonni & Keith's Video's says

      Luke Culhane vvv

    5. TCKG says

      Luke Culhane you’re awesome ?

  2. Randy Parsley says

    Quirky but adorable…Awww. Derral is the king!

    1. Derral Eves says

      Thanks +Randy Parsley!  

    2. Lil Oreoz says

      It was so funny that I forgot to laugh

    3. Discount reviewer says

      Want to murder!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rohan Das says

    I Need To Delete My Channel Thnx For da Upload

  4. G Crawford says

    this sucks

  5. Prasun Hacker says

    Please someone help me enable my monetization

  6. Yaquelin Luis says


  7. Mr. Magnus says

    You dumb

  8. Mr. Magnus says

    You fat

  9. Martin Crawford says


  10. IJAITEE31TNT says

    I Started my YT page in 2014 and they did come from G+ profiles. If I delete my original YT channel that came from my main G+ account, will my other channels be deleted with it?

  11. G Hi says


  12. Nic Joe says

    Send this to MrGear

  13. Bo3live FTW says


  14. Lynn Marten says


  15. jared cunningham says

    please tell me how to delete it off of someone els electronic

  16. Tech Solution says

    outstanding job bro.thank you.

  17. Juicing for health says

    I just want to delete 1 out of 5 of my channels is that possible

  18. Larson Samuel Roy says

    hey !!its very useful thank you!

  19. RobynIfYouPlz On YouTube says

    Hi ppl I’m watching bc I’m deleting My YouTube channel??
    Like if you want me to have a new one.

  20. JohnnyPoop says

    No No No! Not my channel!

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