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  1. hennie williams says

    Never stop making videos!! You are awesome!!

    1. Derral Eves says

      Thanks +hennie williams 

  2. Rebecca Happy says

    Thanks for this one +Derral Eves. I could have used this a month or so ago but at least I got it to work today. YAY

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Rebecca Happy … I’m glad it worked for you! I hope others like the video How to Delete your Google+ Account

    2. SupremeRedd says

      +Derral Eves What if it says Sync Error?

    3. shaafimath says

      thanks you too

  3. mongojr100 says

    Thank you so much. I’m Crying tears of joy i hated google +

    1. Derral Eves says

      +mongojr100 🙂

    2. SakoYT得 says


  4. Cast Iron Cooking says

    Do you have a new version Derrell? This one is 4 years old and basically EVERYTHING has changed! Lol

  5. Charlie Rogers says

    hey derral i delete my google plus account and guest what i still can comment its that great i love your video i subscribe to your channel my channel is all about music yes i sing a little well god bless friends for ever thanks buddy

  6. Charlie Rogers says

    oh guest what the way you said it did not work for me i did it this way i sign to google then i when to google plus then i when all the way down on setting and bingo i check where it said i want to dissconnect from google plus and click ok and that it your way was faster but it did not happen the way is on your video but is ok thanks

  7. Thalia Winston says

    well uhm when I was 8 or 7, me and a friend of mine made an compatition.
    who could get to convince a adult to believe you are an adult, will get a lot of candy.
    so I was going very far with the challenge…it is really embarissing (sorry for the bad english I live in Holland)
    wel I uhm posted girl in bra’s and pretending it was me!
    but I actually putted my real name and some footage of me on it!?
    well no that im almost 12 and I see that it was really dumb and dangerous fault…
    I regret it every time, and this makes me feel even more bad….
    a close friend of mine.. I putted her on it aswell and yes I putted the sexy model as profile picture?
    im really scared cause our jobs may go another way now…
    I thought I could report my self away but I didn’t go away?
    oh and uhm I forgot my password! and I dont have my old phone number and email im doomed??
    so I thought I could ask you!?
    can you please help me?

  8. Information and Technology says

    information AND Technolgh

  9. jayczero says

    thankk you

  10. Wenceslao Acosta says


  11. Debra Lynn Davis says


  12. Debra Lynn Davis says

    I cannot find my google plus email nomater what I try. My account is suspended. Please help. Tell me a price, My handle is The Messenger. Please email a response to debralynndavis1952@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.

  13. x11 x12 says


  14. Valadares Kids says

    Did you see in his email there is JhonDoe!!!!!

    1. Valadares Kids says


  15. Creepysmiles says

    mine doesnt say account on it so what do I do if that happens

  16. Bkshivani Didi says

    Hey guys can anyone tell me how to remove option of offline saving from any video of our channel

  17. Macxk 3098 says

    I like your you tube shrit.

  18. Animation Lover says

    The design has changed…its won’t let me delete it..

  19. Sophia Robertson says

    I haven’t used Google+ in years so I decided to delete it.☺

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