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How To Delete Your YouTube Search History

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Derral Show you how To Delete Your YouTube Search History – YouTube saves your search history to recommend videos for you to watch. In this video Derral shows you how to erase your YouTube search history!

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Derral Eves, a professional SEO guy, Internet Marketer, Video Marketing Expert, Social Media Adviser, etc. loves to speak and share his knowledge of the internet!

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  1. Derral Eves says

    +Online Yeti Here is a video that you need!  

    1. dharam pal says

      +Linda Reiber e

    2. Sonaly Yadav says

      Derral Eves please tell me how to delete profile photo
      please tell

    3. Cnrdplayz Woolway says


    4. amaan malik says

      whow do i get it back

    5. Marco Aguilar says

      Derral Eves is there any way deleted YouTube watch history videos could be recover if accidentally deleted?

  2. DarkRoyal HyperPrime says

    the only reason people are watching this video how to delete your youtube history because of all porn sites and nasty stuff.

    1. Robert Brown says

      Dark Raijin Prime—–so……………what’s it to ya!

    2. RichGames says

      Dark Raijin Prime I’m Doing It Cuz It’s Unorganized

    3. Abel Mikael says


    4. TheEthiopian1987 says

      I more want to delete my search history for company websites.

      So I will never delete my pornhub, xnxx and xhamster search history.

  3. Lizzie Alipio says

    I need some help please! It happens that everytime I search for something even if it says for example 1,510,000 results it doesn’t show everything, at page 3, like around video 20, it says “No more results” and that happens only on my account, whenever I log out it shows everything on the search. This happens either on my computer and on the app in my cellphone. I have tried everything but nothing’s seems to work. I’m desperate please help me.

  4. James Magee says

    Gonna troll a friend with this lol

  5. joek money says

    Is there a way to recover your YouTube history?????? I accidentally deleted my YouTube history

  6. Shmoneybaby1014 says


  7. Sheira Lee says

    there is no video manager on my profile

  8. DavesWorld says

    Where is the search history now?

  9. Carl Johnson Beast mode version says


  10. spinemelter2000 says

    You do a great Alex Jones impression. Just add a bunch of links in the descriptions to organic magic potions that fix every health problem, and you’ll be perfect.

  11. DeMarcus Smith says

    Thank you for telling me this

  12. ImKate1947 says

    “YouTube saves your search history to recommend videos for you to watch”. This statement is a bald faced lie! Right now the You Tube search engine isn’t even working properly… YouTube NO longer puts programs in RECOMENDED FOR YOU based on your history, and they haven’t for a long time… Yes I had to sign up with GOOGLE PLUS OR I would no longer be able to watch You Tube, so I did as they asked, and the quality of the service has been down hill ever since… What’s coming next? We won’t be able to use You Tubs IF we don’t download a search engine that Google TELLS us we have to use??? I looked them up, the ones Google is recommending, and ALL of them are either partly owned by Google OR Google is that companies main source of revenue.. HEIL GOOGLE!

  13. Amazing Videos point says

    i don,t have this option there whY?

  14. meli ssa says


  15. goasfaras youcansee says

    Hi Derill

  16. Alok Yadav says


  17. Batman says


  18. Batman says


  19. Dominick Santora says

    LOL. You just took tin foil conspiracy theory to a new level.

  20. Ally Ulerio says

    What do u do when your history doesn’t show

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