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How To Disconnect Your Google+ From YouTube Channel

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How To Disconnect Your Google+ From YouTube Channel – Nov 2013- Quick and simple ways to disconnect your YouTube from Google Plus in minutes!

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Derral Eves is an expert in social media marketing, mobile marketing, internet marketing, and video marketing. An area that is fairly new, if you are in the local marketing business check out Derral's tutorials to help you become better! If you are not, check out Derral's tutorials to help you grow your online knowledge.

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Disconnect YouTube From Google Plus
How To Disconnect Your Google+ From YouTube Channel – Nov 2013

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  1. Roger Auringer says

    That was an easy one Derral! Thanks…

    1. Derral Eves says

      Thanks +Roger Auringer!  I appreciate you always being one of the first people to watch my videos!  

    2. Jeffrey Herrington says

      The way you teach is remarkable!

  2. Amjadsalman1 says

    Nice one but the Settings got Changed in 2014. If you click Youtube settings, it only show you Advance settings, No disconnect option. I hope everyone having this issue.

    1. Derral Eves says

      Things change so quickly on YouTube.

    2. The Infected Fetus says

      +Derral Eves Is it posible to just DELETE google + and keep my years old YT account ? Or will we be forced to simply delete our YT Gmail google and rest of our accounts that got screwed with this apsurd and stupid totally not needed idiot network that G+ is for most of us.

    3. Gorilla Jones says

      Derral Eves so how about taking down this video instead of click baiting people so you get revenue.

  3. Lemmy Fuque says

    Does YouTube itself have a login/acct screen anymore? Comments on videos & notifications are managed by Google+ so if you delete that “service” replies to comments are no longer sent. Not seen anyone delete Google+ then login to YouTube itself.

  4. Sarumoh Bolu says

    Its a ploy to limit free speech. Its been under attack for as long as i can remember.

  5. Daelyn Moskyok says

    How do I get YouTube to give me a check help me!!!!!!!!

  6. Gorilla Jones says

    this doesn’t work!

  7. SRB Universe says


  8. C. K. Myers says

    i love to make playlists! channel used to show me how many views i got, now i cant begin to find them. i lost google +, wasnt even doin any ting, just turned it on one day viewers & + gone. i know it doesnt sound like much ,but health has dictated. just like to get the music out again & know somebody digs it. thanks

  9. Stéphane Lahens says

    Hi Derral! Strange thing: I have 2 different Youtube/G+ accounts. On one, weird stuff has been happening: especially when I click on a video from my “watch later” playlist, the page turns blank page around the video displayer; no playlist on the right side, no comments on the bottom. Not even the videos’ info appear. No title, no number of views, no thumbs, no “add to”, no “share”, no “more” buttons, no anything.

    On some occasions, it will behave like this AND display the YT frown face in the display rectangle, with the “This video is currently unavailable” warning, though the audio works fine, and the video itself too works fine once the page is refreshed (still with the blank space surrounding the display rectangle).
    It’s been doing this for about a week.

    I logged in from this present account for an unrelated reason and stayed logged in. When I checked out a video on YT… ZERO issues. Which prompted me to double check, triple check, and quadruple check the other account’s behaviour. Same thing over there (complete bugging), same thing over here and when on YT without logging in (perfectly fine).

    The problem persists on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Even after wiping out cookies, history, and site data.

    What do you suggest explains this?
    Thanks in advance!quadruple check the other account’s behaviour. Same thing over there (complete bugging), same thing over here and when on YT without logging in (perfectly fine).
    What do you suggest explains this?
    Thanks in advance!

  10. Christy's Fashicon says

    I cant modify my channel art, cant see that pencil icon, I would really appreciate any help..

  11. GrumpyOld Bugger says

    this doesnt work no more and videos are still appearing on google plus.

  12. Michael Nowland says


  13. Chris Collier says

    Ok it is 2017 and my (youtube) account keeps connecting to my admin/ g+ account is there still a way to separate them. I would like to be able to get a vanity channel to match my other ones. Please help!

  14. Tatiana Balashova says

    is there any good video about pros and cons of linking YT account to google+? (with updated info) I would like to disconnect mine however does it mean still (in 2017) that I will not be able to comment on videos?!?

  15. Mel Perry says

    google is turning into another yehoo, money
    grubbing bastards

  16. Sofang says

    Hey Derral Eves, I have a situation I am trying to change my youtube home channel art but keeps asking me to sign in in order to do it. Problem is I am signed in. So I can’t change anything until I am signed in.

    Tried so far:
    1. logged off
    2. logged on and refresh

  17. MAVERICKHAWKM55 says

    I don’t like my youtube name displaying in my gmail account being sent by messages either at times! I want my email to be linked only for the sign-in for youtube! I want display name on my youtube to be totally separate! No one likes google+! I bet hardly no one ever uses it by majority and the only time is darn YOUTUBE! What’s weird is that it seems like I have two accounts, but still it’s connected the exact same (one by gmail/google+ and one by youtube). If I change my google+ name and by the way it displays as my youtube account name, which I hate, it would probably change my name on youtube too. I HATE THIS SO MUCH! Just go back to the old ways of youtube! PLEASE! Collect this data YOUTUBE, because NO ONE LIKES GOOGLE+ and especially on youtube! I really want to add a F in front of youtube or simply google on it’s own because they own youtube! Plus it seems like it’s very exploit for people to hack into your email; probably by people that simply don’t like you on youtube or anybody; came across it searching how to take off youtube from google+. To be honest just google search it and I find it odd that google are doing nothing about this! Not like I have this problem, but seriously I feel like google+/gmail should be more private and be separate from youtube. I’m not making two emails and use an email I would never use just to have a youtube account! I tried to disconnect my google+ account from youtube on google+ page. Still it does not work for me. It still displays my youtube name on my gmail/google+ at times.

  18. Alina says

    can u upload an update vid 2017?

  19. Video Call says

    Hello Mr.
    My YouTube channel has been suspended. There were only 1 stick. I have applied twice But this message has been given


    We have looked into your request and found that you have recently sent an appeal. Please wait for the result of your current appeal. If it has already been decided, please refer to that outcome. Note: You cannot appeal a second time.

    The YouTube Team ”

    What i have to do now Do you help me

  20. Cole van dais says

    Doesn’t work. I want to change my Google+ and Youtube channel to it’s original name. It has been changed when someone hacked my account

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