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How To Get More Views – 7 Ways To Improve Your Content on YouTube

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Tim Schmoyer with Video Creators joins Derral to discuss 7 ways to improve your content so it will help you get more views on YouTube.

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  1. Artist modro says

    Do you have any tips for art channels? I see often that people just click on art/drawing vids and then skip to the end to see the finished artwork.

    1. Cally Lawson says

      Artist modro I just had a look at your last video, nice work. What Tim said about getting audience attention in the first few seconds might help. I find it difficult using pencil on video, as it really dosn’t show up to the camera, perhaps that is why you think people are skipping forward to where they can really see the drawing.

    2. TheStaceySquad says

      Also I watch this art youtuber named Valarie and her channel is Art a la Carte and she uses colored pencils that are made for sketching w/ but can erase too. She says she uses them b/c it’s easier to have them show up on camera

    3. Anywhere says

      I see the same thing too. I think doing narrated speed drawings where you talk about stuff, or how you did the drawing, could solve this problem

    4. pitje4life says

      Yes please tips for art channels!!!!!!!!!!!
      And how do you get people to stay tunned more then 10 sec. I see a big drop in most of my video’s in the first 30 seconds! WHAT can i do????

    5. Yucky Ducky Gaming says

      I do gaming and have sometimes noticed similar effects in my videos. I would do two things.

      1. Tell a story while your doing your work or ask questions to engage the viewers. That way people can connect with you, want to stay tuned in, and want to return to connect with you again.
      2. Do a live stream. People who are interested in watching live streams tend to have a greater attention span and they won’t be able to skip to the end.

  2. Dippy says

    Thanks for the Tips, i’ll try it on my Channel. It’s really hard to get views when you didn’t get much Attention. Being an small youtuber is hard ?

    1. The Learning Hub says

      yo bro

    2. Aroma- Gaming roblox and more says

      Dippy yep?

    3. Tech Planex says

      yeah true

    4. Aguy_Gaming says

      Dippy that’s what she said

  3. VedicAstro says

    gud tips…..helps me alot. learn face reading.

    1. VedicAstro says

      Learn face Reading/……..

    2. the sakhtiman says

      nyc one really…..

    3. Ashutosh Chaurasia says

      love to watch you…….

  4. MotorSport & Dream Cars says

    I follow your tips but struggling with views so obviously doing something wrong, what do other people think

    1. Patrick Ney says

      Dude 2 tips – make your content less complex and find other channels you can cross promote on. I went from 600 to 6000 subs in one week doing a film on another channel (which linked to mine).

    2. Chantmagick says

      Sweet! I make unique chants. Would you like one for your channel? Check out my work.

    3. Sdf Production says

      any top tip to get more nd more sub and viewz?

    4. Aurelian Spodarec says

      Have an intro, have and ending and a call to action.

      That yellow and red, bad idea.

      You need to make more adjustments.

    5. The Thought Generator says

      Can somebody do the same thing with the video I just posted? I am getting great views and good traffic and also I have gotten 2 subs within 7 hours from this video. Can somebody tell me what I did will on the content side of things and why I am getting such great results with this video?

  5. AwesomeSauce says

    i hae awesome videos and my channel growth is preaty good. Im at 60 subs in 4 weeks. I plan to be at 100 before the end of the year and at 1000 til march.

    1. AwesomeSauce says

      +Nicole M Gaming93 Thx for the sub i really appreciate it! When i get home from work i will definitely check out your channel!

    2. Independent Trooper says


      Haha your welcome and thanks as well i highly appreciate it! ☺️

    3. AwesomeSauce says

      Nice channel you haw young padawan 🙂 i just subed 😉

    4. Independent Trooper says


      Lol ? thanks for the sub I really appreciate it! ??

    5. IST Channel says

      AwesomeSauce subs back

  6. Living Free Forever - Melody & Ric Schafer says

    Clean shaven has my vote. 🙂 Ric is shaving now that no shave November is over lol Thank God. My poor face has looked like it has been attacked by a cactus lol 🙂 Awesome tips. Thank you. Needed them. Melody 🙂

    1. Derral Eves says

      I will be doing another Subscriber Shoutout this month!

    2. Barry Euphorik says

      Derral Eves Excellent ☺

    3. XDHGX Debangshu says


    4. Mr.Motovlogger says

      sub me sub back

    5. Scarlett Whisperer ASMR says

      Living Free Forever hi there! cool videos you have! I just subscribed to your channel. I would love if you subscribed to mine!

  7. FoolyLiving says

    I was looking at your tubebuddy checklist, and I saw that you send an email out to subscribers when you upload. How do you do this? “Send out email to your list,” Is this just for websites?

    1. Derral Eves says

      I have several ways I do that… I use infusionsoft and constant contact. I do not send a blanket email out to everyone… I have my email list segmented so that I have higher open rates!

    2. Youtube Researcher says

      hello Derral can you please make a video on how much data YouTube store in san Bruno California and does YouTube monitor the videos thank you

  8. Chatty Cabbii says

    I am struggling so bad getting subs…I feel like a loser… I am trying so hard! ugh but I’m a vlog channel and I just talk & put out info on Endometriosis and Interstitial cystitis

    1. Chatty Cabbii says

      what am I doing wrong

  9. Fantasy Couch says

    No goatee is slightly better Tim

  10. Mark Struczewski says

    This video is GOLD! Thank you!

  11. Burnt Dice says

    Thanks for the tips guys! I learned a lot. only have 6 subs now, but hopefully ill grow in the near future.

  12. Maddie's Daddie says

    Say Tim, no goatee works for you!

    1. Maddie's Daddie says

      I totally posted that before Derral mentioned something about Tim’s goatee – LOL! Good stuff!

  13. Jaw Tooth says

    I get tons of views but I don’t have many subs.  Its weird.

  14. Tsige McClelland says


  15. Sabrina Araújo says

    Clean shave!!! – Awesome tips as per usual! Love when you two do videos together!!!

  16. Mr and Mrs Bhatti says

    Much needed video for me…Nice tips will follow all 7 of them…thank you

  17. SWURVE BEATS says

    thanks for the tips……and grow the goatee back lol

  18. Mitchell Tubbs says

    I’m a little late to the party, but Tim should totally keep the goatee.

  19. Beautylashes19 says

    Thanks for all the tips.. I prefer Tim without his goatee 🙂

  20. bjet.maria says

    Hey derral I’m a small youtuber but would love if I could get some feedback on my channel & maybe ways I could improve it ? That would mean so much !!!!!

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