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How To Grow on Youtube Fast – Decoding The New YouTube Algorithm 2017

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Decoding The New YouTube Algorithm: Learn what triggers the YouTube Algorithm to cause massive growth for your channel in 2017.
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  1. Quinn Bready says

    sound quality is bad, but not enough to make the content unwatchable

    1. david rider says

      Quinn Bready <.com

    2. SHARE H!S V!S!0N says

      hes playing with the bots that crawl across the videos,
      and generating comments like yours.

  2. Ramsey Customs - turbocobra says

    Oh man, what was the secret you revealed off camera? lol Love all your videos sir. You got 100% retention credit from me on this video, and you got session time credit because I clicked on a recommended video after this one. Trying to help you out!

    1. invincible monster says

      Ramsey Customs – turbocobra Please subscribe to my channel and then leave a reply and i will subscribe back to your channel 🙂

  3. Bubble Edits says

    Hello everyone! I am trying to get a bigger audience to my animation and 3D compositing videos! I’ll subscribe to your channel and check you out sometimes if you sub to me and say done! Btw, only do if you are planning to watch my videos! See ya!⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. TheRealSohan says

    It has taken me 2 YEARS to get to 250 Subs! I spend 4-5Hours editing Each VIDEO!

    Can someone checkout my channel and sub if you enjoy? And maybe give me some FEEDBACK THX!

    1. AMAN VUITTON says

      check my channel and I will check your sub for sub like for likes and notification bell for tring tring so plzzz sub me and let me know I will sub you back

    2. ViperGaming says

      TheRealSohan I think the reason your channel is not growing is because its unoriginal. Nothing against you but there are thousands of people playing call of duty, so its had for people to find your video. Another thing about that topic is instead of just playing Cod you should maybe do Cod funny moments and just not simple gameplay, or do something fun like Hiding Tactics or Ninja Defuse

    3. William Galipeau says

      How did you get your 100 subs?

  5. MrMisterMan says

    *wow derrel, shutting off the camera when you tell people the good stuff? Really? I guess we have to dole out $400 for your “course” in order to hear your secret stuff oh wait its not secret you regurgitate the same tired schtick each vid summit you do. Lost a lot of respect for you after this video, unsubbed. Keep getting paid to spew the same tired “tactics”.*

    1. TheTrueVoice says

      Millionaire Hoy He does because he can grow his channel faster. that’s the number one reason

    2. MrMisterMan says

      yea because telling the truth means you’re a troll, idiot.

    3. TheTrueVoice says

      MrMisterMan yeah people don’t like to be be called out…

    4. MrsCyImsofly says

      MrMisterMan no you getting off topic, borderline emotional and unprofessional makes you a troll. Whatever grains of validity your original post had you steadily loss with your responses.

  6. Mark The Cube says

    hi guys! lets support each other and we all gonna grow fast! 🙂

  7. Martilied says

    Hello everyone,
    *_I’m a small YouTuber trying to get some subscribers and grow!_*
    *_I play games on Ps4 and I love editing, making videos and I’d like to receive some good feedback, get some views and subscribers._*
    *I’m focusing on GTA V and Driveclub.*
    Have a visit on my channel if you want. I can check yours and subscribe too.

    1. Martilied says

      +iam_marwa Ok bro I subscribed

    2. iam_marwa says

      Martilied comments on my video

    3. iam_marwa says

      me too bro

    4. LightIncZproductions says

      Its is done I have subbed and I make Sims related content and other videos (:.

  8. Prince of Pretty says

    if you are a small youtuber. forget what this guy is saying with his algorithms talk. focus on actually making quality content. solid content that people would want to watch, share and actually come wanting for more. all he does is talks about getting more sub’s, numbers, that quick fix. he knows people want to hear that, that’s his niche. vulnerable desperate people, attention seeker are desperate for views and sub’s. be an artist. people will come along.

    1. Turnip Vegan says

      well said

    2. Rocky Top Splash says

      I agree.. word of mouth is still best advertisement.. if I make it good real people that want to watch my video will watch… he is just a beat the system guy

    3. Zico Tops says

      Making quality content isn’t as important anymore because essentially it’s something subjective, consistency and following the algorithm is extremely important now.

    4. Really Really Free Music says

      If you don’t have quality content, no one will watch, or at least no one will watch more than once. The algorithm rewards watch time, and that is dependent primarily on quality content. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder there is indeed a subjective factor, but people who consistently upload videos with no mass appeal will never get a mass audience.

  9. Randy Espoda says

    One spot close to his laptop where his mic causes interference. Where does the idiot go and stand ?

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Randy Espoda we weren’t using that mic for this video

    2. Randy Espoda says

      Haha lol. I didn’t expect that 🙂 Now I’m the idiot 😀 So what caused it then ? must be some over the air interference, no ?

    3. Derral Eves says

      +Randy Espoda thinking the hand held mic…

    4. Randy Espoda says

      Well yes, that’s the one I was talking about. It is interfering with a signal emanated from the laptop.

  10. Iman Iz says

    I will sub to anyone who subs to me and likes this comment

    1. Brads Best Bits says

      done,sub back ??

    2. worth it or worthless says


    3. Turnip Vegan says


    4. Positivity 4 Progress says


  11. Brian Tobias says

    Any new youtubers! Comment below!

    1. Jhayology says


  12. Rule Breakerrz says

    I will sub to your channel, just follow these steps!
    1. Sub to me
    2. Like this comment
    3. Comment done on this comment

    1. LightIncZproductions says

      I have subbed to you RUle Breakererz good luck!

    2. Rule Breakerrz says

      LightIncZproductions Thanks, I just subbed you back.

  13. Going Viral says

    I’ll sub to anyone who subs to me and likes this comment! Have a wonderful day!!!

    1. The Right Time says

      Going Viral done

  14. Joanna Kujath says

    Thank you so much for your awesome and fascinating insights! Much appreciated, very helpful indeed

  15. Chai pedia says

    I’m new to youtube this is very helpfull Derral for starters like us…. plz say the questions you get before you answer those …. once again thank you very much

    1. uma kundi says


    2. Chai pedia says


  16. Dagobah Knight says

    DO NOT GIVE UP!!! I upload all the time… constantly trying to refine my content and channel as well as myself to deliver quality entertaining content for the viewer… I get little to no views. I have been very lucky to have had a few people go out of there way to tell me they really love what I am doing and that keeps me going despite the discouraging amount of views and subs. You and I are here for the same reason… We want to grow!!! Stick with it and if you believe you have something great then do not stop until you DROP…please do not forget the roll because the content is fuego son

  17. The Carpenter's Daughter says

    I love your point at 1:07:50. In theory, I completely agree that’s how it should be. I’m commenting from my 2nd channel (the one I cared less about) where I can do DIY and be more me. Funnily enough, it’s more engaging with my audience than my main foodie channel which has a lot more subscribers. From now on, I’m sticking to my guns after you’ve reiterated this and I can feature a monthly “hero” camping video, but keep doing the DIYs because they need doing, (despite many of them being a bit less popular).

  18. Marcos Vinícius Saturno Ribeiro says

    So we should never share a YT video on FB? I’m not sure if I get it right…

  19. Zico Tops says

    1:16:40 We’ll never know ?

  20. YouTube Auto Repair says

    Thanks for all your help

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