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How To Record your iPhone iPod & Android Screen

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Learn how to record your screen from your mobile device, any iOS device including iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and even Windows without jailbreaking it.

Broadcast your mobile device to Chrome, Windows and Mac and then you can record/capture the screen.

Record your mobile device using Quicktime, Screenflow, Reflector 2

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  1. Nick Art says

    nevermind it works hahaha XD
    thanks man

    1. lololol J says

      Nick Art bro wut is the app called

    2. Danneman says

      You need to have your phone connectet via a USB cable to your commputer in order for it to record your phone’s screen.

    3. Zeometrix Gaming says

      +Danneman …

    4. Danneman says

      Zeometrix GT ?

    5. Error Sans says

      Nick Art aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawiaa

  2. Akashi Kuroya says


    1. CaptainDynamiteGames says

      Akashi Kuroya jerk you fathead to

    2. Hashtag says

      Akashi Kuroya omg rude much

    3. Yoselin's Gaming Vids says

      Akashi Kuroya fat head

  3. Nina says

    Is there a way I could just record my screen and stop it when I want and save it ? Without any computer ?

    1. RusteyTurdsGaming says


    2. Stormwarrior_867 says

      HeyItsAnjewl airshou or mobizen

    3. The Blue Eyed Nightmare // Nightmare says

      HeyItsAnjewl youtube gaming

    4. Storm_Howler_97 says

      Bob Bobby McBobberson Big Mac I tried that. It doesn’t work. It just constantly crashes my phone

  4. Ericsupreme says

    hardcore gamers don’t play on their phone, get ur facts straight boi

    1. Rino Fuka says

      Ericsupreme hardcove gamers play games on mobiles too.

    2. Ericsupreme says

      lol not at all. especially youtubers, pewds doesnt upload no shitty clash royale gameplay

    3. Rino Fuka says

      Ericsupreme Shouldn’t hardcore use phones,tv,and computers to play games? Lol, I bet you only play on computer and you think your hardcore.

  5. Queenfirespark says

    What’s ‘yosamity’ when ur recording with quicktime

  6. Blueskull78 says

    I looking for subs. Sub to me and I will sub to you. Write done in comments

  7. Sabex Tiger says

    DU Screen recorder is the bet for android

  8. Coolman71 says

    Best tutorial channel on YouTube ever

  9. Clorox Bleach says

    Ehhh hardcore gamers don’t play minecraft on their phones.

  10. Supersain Djdylanjack says

    i downloaded it but it wanted me to download something else could you help?

  11. Maximum mACHINES 109 ! 109 says

    can you reply me the link of the download page of screen flow

  12. KaylaAwesome Channel says

    I have been looking all over for this! You helped so much! Thanks!

  13. FarFlungGaming says

    btw i love your vids

  14. Tech Game says

    superb bro Awsome

  15. Tech Game says

    thanks for vidoe

  16. Storm_Howler_97 says

    Can you make one so that you can record your screen without a computer or laptop please? All the ones I look at is either fake or you need a computer

  17. DJOlcPhin says

    0:18 he doesn’t even have chalk, lol

  18. Tejaswini Shenoy says

    Hi Derral When i click New Movie Recording the Photo Bhooth opens!

  19. Snake says

    I had quick time on my mac before I saw the vid how do you get the option to rec your iPad?

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