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  1. MicBergsma says

    Thank you Derral for making this video! 

    1. John Awesome says

      keith adams ok thanks

    2. Slick Nugget says

      MicBergsma I love your GoPro Tips !

    3. Samothelizard 21 says

      Thank you too

    4. No Copyright Music says

      Make sure that you use safe music with your content as well. Most of the brands that claim that their music is safe, really has no right to say so. That’s why I provide all free license info and proof of consent for usage, to protect you from unnecessary strikes. Great video Derral, keep up the great work.

    5. Miles Knauf says

      MicBergsma omg you were here

  2. Lohith Gaming says


  3. Ms. C says

    thx u just earned a new subscriber 😀

  4. BlueMaster 24 says

    subscribe me i sub back! thanks 😀

    1. Marvelmania360 says

      Shut up no one cares about that garbage

  5. Trailer Box says

    how to remove the copyright claim


    you will never find retraction tab

  7. 리윌 says

    i just deleted a strike and my status say i have zero strikes

  8. Sameer South Movie Adaa says

    sir my channel is 2 comnitiy strik and 1 Guidline strick plz help me

  9. HungryForAnime says

    is there anyway to keep youtube happy and still upload fandubs?

  10. Adrian D. says

    Is being suggested by UMG mean that I have not given fair use to the music label or group however that goes

  11. MISTER EM AAR says

    Hello sir, i know after three strike youtube can delete our channel but removed strike will count or not.

  12. Chloe's Transgender Vlog Channel says

    mine does not have sumit retraction? – please help.

  13. Fireaxe99 The animator says

    i also got a strike

  14. vedati shravan says

    hi i got a copyright message in my mail
    but in my youtube it is showing zero copyright strike
    but they disabled my Monetization for all video’s
    and i accidentally deleted that video
    what should i do please help me

  15. cyberninja 2017 says

    It hard to do it

  16. Music Girl says

    0:36: my favorite part of this video

  17. marc tnt minecraft and more says

    How do you give a copy right strike

  18. marc tnt minecraft and more says

    On a phone

  19. Tamim'sGaming/TG says

    You saved my life!

  20. SaDaM Khakwani says

    thank u nice video

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