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How To Setup a Google Plus Custom URL

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How To Setup a Google Plus Custom URL- Two simple ways to set up a custom URL for your Google+ page and a workaround to help you get the URL you really want for your google plus profile.

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Derral Eves is an expert in social media marketing, mobile marketing, internet marketing, and video marketing. An area that is fairly new, check out Derral's tutorials to help you grow your online knowledge.

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How to setup a google+ Custom URL
How To Setup a Google Plus Custom URL

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  1. Valentina Bellicova says

    That is great information.  Thank you.  May have to do the “work around” tip.

    1. Derral Eves says

      Thanks +Valentina Bellicova!  Just be careful! How To Setup a Google Plus Custom URL my be tricky If you need help, just contact me!

    2. Els Starcle says

      tech starclehttp://www.techstarcle.com/

  2. Abeera Jafar says

    I can’t change my google+ url from my profile, please help

    1. Derral Eves says

      What steps did you do +Abeera Jafar ?

    2. Mailson Ferreira says

      oi tudo bem

  3. Chris Orrey says

    Derral, what if there isn’t a link for a custom URL on the banner? I meet all of the requirements.

  4. Deepak Mahato says

    We actually need to have at least 10 followers to get a custom URL of google+

  5. priyum malhotra says

    Hi I have just started with my 1st YouTube channel,it’s been only 4days and I have uploaded only 1video so far,please let me know If I can change my YouTube url also if I change my YouTube URL will it automatically change my google URL ??

  6. NonStop Videos says

    can I change URL second time ?

  7. Saham Alam says

    unable set custom url

  8. Jayvn37 says

    my G+ interface have many differrent with u,too difficult to change? i canot find it !!!! 😯

  9. Delma Lovete says

    how do i get monatization on youtube thanks

  10. Dear Pc says

    long time …

  11. candylover3394 says

    i still can not make a custom url it is only giving me 2 per made urls from google

  12. Prabhu Elango YPO says

    how to find the google+ page link from using google maps for Ex: i found “Rubin Bashir MD” name in Google map(3 names) but i cant get the G+ url how to get that pls help me

  13. 24 Karat Instant Cash for Gold says


  14. OtterPops says

    This gets one big, sloppy bag of “NOPE!”

  15. creativedave says

    I notice you google likes to put a “+” right before the custom part of the URL. Will that remain once it’s published?

  16. Mines OF Tech says

    Nice Video Derral

  17. Bhoitech Business Solutions says

    I’ve tried may times to change my google+ url through googlemybusiness.but i didnt find any option over there.plz suggest me

  18. Richard Jones says

    Let’s dance

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