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  1. hei says

    xD, if I manage to do that with my PewDiePie Channel, I’ll be fameous. xD

    1. Mark Paligar says

      no you won’t. I verified mine 2 years ago and still doesn’t have that

    2. Ƥ᥊ⷡ᥊ⷽ᥊ⷷ᥊爨—Nebulous&More says

      soo true xD

  2. LPSEmerald says

    Is it bad when u do it

  3. I Like to kill sans says

    shoot idon’t have a phone

  4. ImGooja says

    Hmm nice

  5. Plush Trap402 says

    i got a 30 minute video of me playing sonic

  6. Denise Lawan says

    it didn’t work

  7. Simonel says


  8. MP VG says

    I’ve watched this video every time I started a new channel ?? Thank you brother ?

  9. Mr. JQ says

    Subscribe me i will subscribe you

  10. Planet GamerZ says

    YouTube screwed me over youtube verified some other random account then said I couldn’t verify it again because it verified some random account already

  11. GoByD Gaming says

    Youtobe keeps asking me verify your password when im gonna add a new account on my phone and i dont know which password they are talking about and when i write my password its just says wrong and says you have (x) many tries left and tjen i get a timeout when ive gailed and the timeout is on 10 minutes now idk what to do

  12. MIKE PLAYZ says

    tbh how come youtube need to do this why dont they just allow us to use their website ryt? its actually hard to verify.

  13. Ana Todorovska says

    it didnt work for me.

  14. Rowyn Gaming official says

    I tried this i never got the text message on my phone

  15. SAHA says

    i make a page my youtube…thank you soo much 🙂

  16. Handmade by us says


  17. Kenny D. says

    Im trying to, but it says my phone number is not valid, and i can only use this 2 times per year

  18. division100 says

    Can i still do this if im partnered by youtube?

  19. Vishes Mike says

    It helped me a bit

  20. Idiot Gamer says

    Fatty mota

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