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  1. Umar Farooq says

    Thank God! I thought you were planning on quitting! 😛

    1. ღ para inspirar ღ says

      That’s different. In my opinion (and everyone is entitled to one – we may agree to disagree), clickbait happens when someone intentionally wants to capture someone else’s attention by saying or writing things that are not true or are partially true. There is an *intention* behind all that. In your examples, the person was not intentionally misled. We know the chances of choosing a bad partner, taking a bad job or traveling to a “wrong” destination. It’s our choice, our risk. We are not deliberately fooled.

    2. awesomewolfy3 says

      Umar Farooq same

    3. Rad Nicolice says

      Umar Farooq me too, thank god!

    4. Flaming Creeper Playz says

      Rad Nicolice same

    5. Angel Aviles says

      Me too. I thought he was over the drama n YT and was leaving. I love his channel. So informative.

  2. PunkTV says


    1. PunkTV says

      bye old man, study real books not sci-fi lol your “opinion” remain INVALID tho LOL

    2. Latino Sci-Fi Geek says

      +PunkTV By using my old man authority I DECREE your argument invalid, LOL
      You are unbelievable kid. Just like the Mandela Effect! LOL
      Thanks for the LOLs

    3. PunkTV says

      you have no decree and credibility.just an old man watching sci-fi
      movies lol i repeat your “opinion” stays INVALID. now get out of here

    4. Latino Sci-Fi Geek says

      nice try, but nope. unless you have a Physics DEGREE like Elon Musk and me, LOL

    5. PunkTV says

      lol you have no decree lol just continue with your hobby watching sc-fi lol again your opinion stays INVALID lol and study what PhD means lol btw don’t stay dumb old man LOL

  3. Tuvi says

    i would like to see full evaluations on other channels. i mean, show what are people doing right, or wrong.

    1. Pink GlamGirl says

      Tuvi that would be so awesome!!

    2. Excetial Gaming says

      Tuvi exactly same

    3. Above Ground Pool Builder says

      This would be most helpful to me as well

    4. Super Hear-O Stories says

      Yep, even if someone else is doing it, a daily /weekly in-depth look and evaluation of someone’s channel would really help me to learn how to better program my channel.

    5. Gayle Crabtree says

      That’s a fabulous idea!

  4. Tampatec says

    was this a lesson on #ClickBait because it worked

    1. I Coach Bronzies says

      Amen! We’re here and we’re engaged, where do I send my money?

  5. IronWolfDoes says

    Derral you should make evaluation videos of other channels. What they do to get subs, and techniques they use to grow!

    Like this post too and #savederral2017

    1. The Pickle Enterprise says


    2. Monte Cook says


  6. Chris DIYer says

    Derral, from what I hear it sounds as if you may need to hire someone to help with this Channel? Here is why I subscribe to your Channel:
    1. Learn what I am doing wrong on YouTube and to improve
    2. Find out what is “truly” going on with YouTube
    3. Great commentary on how to navigate the waters of change (YouTube is always changing something…making it hard for us smaller Channels)
    4. All around trustworthy and honest presentation…real deal
    5. Positive underlying messages (we can pick that up with you)

    Overall, you are a leader in the YouTube realm and from me (subscriber)…thank you for all that you do to help others. And, I hope this feedback is what you are looking for sir.

    1. Tori Bissell says

      Totally agree with all of these points.


      me too

    3. ItalianoBr AJorio says

      Very well said !!! Totally agree with these few points you should give attention on your videos Darry!! You are really the YouTube reference and we want to learn what is coming up in Youtube world. And also how we can make our channel a little better each day!!

    4. Michelle Jaelin says

      Totally agree with this all. Derral is great and down-to-earth!

  7. FireCraft says

    Hey Derral! You should see small channels that needs to grow that are working hard but not getting any response and tell them what to do and encouraging them with a shoutout or nice words and tips… That’ll be my favorite thing!

    1. CraftyGhost Studios says

      Great idea! We’re trying to help other small channels like ourselves be able to grow and having larger ones jumping in would be amazinf

    2. HealthB4Travel says

      FireCraft, exactly my sentiments!

    3. Danielle Branch says

      I agree with channel evaluations for smaller non-normal niches like gaming or beauty blog every now and then. I don’t think shoutouts really help a channel unless they are in the same niche. Take a look at what people are doing right and wrong in the arts and crafts, humor, or I don’t know musicians channels.

    4. Celeste McDonald says

      I agree that is why i subscribed to this channel

    5. Ash Ketchum says

      HELP THOSE SMALL CHANNELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Robbie Bobbie says

    Hi Derral, have a few ideas. Having a feature video, interviewing or featuring other creators talents rather than just giving them a shoutout, shoutouts have become a little mundane. Going in-depth into the community. But I also like a day in the life of vlogs. I hear a lot about finding niches, but the niche is the individual personality. Love the content :0)

    1. Robbie Bobbie says

      Samy Sam just thinking outside the box. I was toying with the idea myself but way to small to start it.

    2. Samy Sam says

      +Robbie Bobbie well you can do it as small as you are

    3. Samy Sam says

      +Robbie Bobbie wow a friend of mine has like 50 subs and he is doing it and its a good series on his channel so definitely, make some kind of contest as in like choose randomly from you subscribers. More power to you

    4. Robbie Bobbie says

      Samy Sam thanks, I think I will! Your words have encouraged me

    5. Samy Sam says

      Awesome!!! Good luck ?

  9. Ileane Smith says

    Derral, I think it would be really cool if you show us the exact process (and the thought process) you use to evaluate all of these comments to pick the topics you will cover.
    Also, outside of asking us — show us step-by-step how you pick a topic, decide on the keywords and what words you will use on the video thumbnail.

    One last thing – will you be using your iPhone to go live on YouTube? When you do, please show us how the process I just mentioned will be different.

    Love ya ❤️

    1. Derral Eves says

      Great ideas!!! You will see a lot of different than normal videos happening on YouTube

    2. Ileane Smith says

      Thanks Derral! Chat soon ❤️

    3. rock upon him 7 says

      Derral Eves love your videos

  10. Brian Dorn says

    I want to see Derral Eves read poetry.

    1. grutho says

      hey i need derral eves to check my channel as there are lot of channel like me

    2. TheRingsDon'tLie says

      grutho i subbed to your channel because i like what you do and i have already watched a video of yours!

    3. Clean Living in Crete says

      not poetry…striptease!!!! (just kidding)

    4. CheekSpear Animations says

      hahahaha…I’m good at it!!!!

    5. Random Fandom says

      Don’t go daily, it’ll become a grinding treadmill. A vlog here and there, some gaming, but definitely do tutorials. Also do some behind the scenes footage. And do shoutouts!

  11. ViralTalk says

    Derral eve there is no youtuber like you,right
    SO PUT DAILY VLOGS, everyone wanna see the best youtuber lifestle:)

    1. Angelina Cutie says

      ViralTalk Your animations are amazing

    2. Jeet bose says

      ViralTalk Absolutely true
      Viral talk i think you deserve a shoutout

  12. NextTimeTech says

    I’ll watch all your uploads! I already do

  13. WildMania says

    Hi Derral Eves. I have no suggestion for your channel, but rather question for my own; My name is Milan Karakas, and I am from Croatia. Original name of my YT channel is my name, but later I tried to change it. At some point, it was ‘Wild Maniac’, but that sounds crude, so I shorten and changed to ‘WildMania’. Now I want to shorten even more and make ‘WildMan’. Does this changing of the name will affect my viewers in some way? And the reason why I am using two words together rather than ‘normal’ is because I am programming in C/C++, where one can put variables like: ‘ThisIsFirstVariable’ or similar. Thank you in advance for your opinion – it is very important to me.

    1. WildMania says

      Oh, I do not want to change it too much, because of my web site ‘wildlab’ dot org (wild laboratory). Or, maybe changing my YT channel to ‘WildLab’ ?

  14. Trading PhotoS, Videos of Live EventS, AND MorE says

    I would like to see some tech reviews

  15. Kyle Hackbarth says

    You are the best YouTuber

  16. AU Packmule says

    Why can’t you use smaller clients as examples for us to see how you help them? Also more colabs. It is always better to hear a conversation rather than someone talking. Love your stuff.

  17. The Man With The Hat says

    I’d love your future content to exclude the continually repeated and unnecessary use of the words ‘actually’ and ‘literally’

  18. Epic Symphonic Rock says

    how to use Ilustrator or Aftereffects to make our videos more attractive. Thanks.

  19. MegaVlogs TV says

    Hi. derrel eves i have problem icant receiv the code of 2 verifacation 🙁

  20. MarriedJen Zervis says

    Following on YouTube, Twitter, & FaceBook!! THX for all the help!!☺

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