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Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods Play “Favorite Things” Game | E! Live from the Red Carpet

E! Live from the Red Carpet collection

The "Life of Kylie" stars answer rapid fire questions about their favorite movies, emojis, and more. Plus, find out what Kylie's hilarious excuse is to get out of things.

Full Story: http://www.eonline.com/shows/life_of_kylie/news/871774/kylie-jenner-reveals-her-favorite-tv-show-handmaid-s-tale-really-emoji-more-plus-watch-jordyn-woods-tease-her-bff

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Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods Play "Favorite Things" Game | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Maria Perna says

    she’s so awk in interviews when she’s not with jordyn

    1. Annette Gates says


    2. IIAliHaydarII says

      thats what friends are for right?

    3. Softfire says

      Maria Perna I think she’s not as shy when Jordyn is with her 🙂 I’m also like that with my BF

    4. Angel Gray says

      A good friend brings out the best in you ?

  2. iloveyellowblueandorange says

    Whether or not people like her, she’s going to continue to build her EMPIRE. All these haters better cope with it because they’ll hear about her and the Kardashians for the rest of their lives ✌.

    1. D Mell says

      i dont know i think they’re on the way out tbh

    2. iloveyellowblueandorange says

      D Mell Nope. I was right. Did you hear the latest news? Her makeup brand is going to be worth $1 BILLION dollars in 5 years?.

    3. emily marie says

      hopefully not

  3. Tarini Walia says

    Kylies fav tv show????

    1. petar says

      Tarini Walia handmaids tale

  4. Annette Gates says

    People hate them because they’re rich but honestly if y’all had the same opportunity as they did you guys wouldn’t choose to be poor now would you? Think about that n stfu n let these people live

    1. daylight says

      Annette Gates i hate kylie for lying “it’s that time of the month” we aren’t idiots tell the truth or stop with the lies, also stealing work from artist

    2. Impending Doom says

      Let them hate, haters never have a better life than the people they’re hating on.

    3. BasicKiwiGurl16 says

      Annette Gates truth! their just normal people just with that much more! people just get mad over the things they can’t grasp them selves.

    4. Angelina RAMJOHN says

      Annette Gates so true

  5. Leandra McNair says

    The seem kinda blazed hahah love it ?✌?

    1. Leo Lane says

      Kylie is on some meds after body plastic surgery. It’s why she’s wearing the big sweater also.

    2. oDarlyyyn says

      Leo Lane what do the big sweater have to do with the surgery and meds?

    3. someaccount 1 says

      oDarlyyyn to hide the recovery

    4. Summer Ryanne says

      its called xnax lol

  6. Leo Lane says

    She wears big sweaters usually after some sort of body surgery recovery. It’s very obvious.

    1. jesse sharpe says

      Leo Lane she said on the show she loves when she can just wear her sweats and not have to get overdressed

    2. lucinda415 says

      Leo Lane i love your profile pic ?????

    3. Adri Wilhelm says

      jesse sharpe
      Did you know that if you say “Orange” really slow, it sounds like GULLIBLE???

      Damn some of you are so incredibly STUPID!

  7. Selenator4 Ever says

    I love Kylie so much ?

    1. Sipara Lakew says

      Selenator4 Ever same

    2. Ezza Rikki says

      Selenator4 Ever me too?

  8. bella julianti says

    Everytimes I watch the Kardashian on Tv or an interview why do i feel like they high when they talk

  9. Leah Fettling says

    Love how Kylie still says she doesn’t have injections and in every interview struggles to move her face. Classic.

    1. The Mareena and Marcus Show says

      she doesnt say that lol

  10. Michelle Lawless says

    Bought one Kylie palette and now I’m addicted, got the birthday palette and new gloss

  11. D Kyle says

    They’re so boring lmao

    1. Melissa Sandoval says

      D Kyle then why r u here?

  12. Olivia Girvin says

    Jordyn Woods, another “famous” person who does absolutely nothing. She wouldn’t be hanging around with Kylie if it wasn’t for the fame! I can’t stand either of these two.

    1. Melissa Sandoval says

      Olivia Girvin if they didn’t do anything how do they have money??? Ur making it seem like they just sit around all day. Just cuz they choose a profession in makeup or modeling doesn’t mean it’s not as good as being a doctor or teacher. At the end of the day they r all trying in their own professions and making good money. I don’t see a problem with that.

    2. Olivia Girvin says

      Melissa Sandoval No honey they’re famous because of the Kardashian name, nothing else.

    3. Melissa Sandoval says

      Olivia Girvin okay yeah that helps them. But it’s not like u can change ur name. They r proud of what their family accomplished because they built themselves up. Believe it or not they were once poor. So they worked hard and got to the top. So leave if ur gonna hate

    4. Olivia Girvin says

      Melissa Sandoval The Kardashians were never poor lmao if you don’t agree with me then don’t read my comment

    5. Kaliya Janae says

      Olivia Girvin jordyn woods is a model she didnt become known for doing absolutely nothing because before she was a model and just kylies freind no one really knew her but know that she models shes getting noticed she didnt just get fame from being kylies freind she worked for what she has..

  13. xoxo xoxo says

    she wants to laugh but keeps covering her mouth .. why ?

    1. Mind Smack says

      xoxo xoxo idk y ppl keep trying to act lik money makes u some egotistical person,the girl is insecure just lik a lot of other 19 year olds ” by ppl I dnt directly mean u” she doesn’t lik being weird and if u haven’t noticed chick does have an ugly laugh

  14. desi rauhl says

    Why is this so cringy

  15. NK93 says

    why does she keep covering her face?

    1. amanda soria says

      she knew her face would wild out with the expressions she was making, botox does that

    2. Wee O'Wee says

      amanda soria HAHA

    3. Jessica Gladys says

      NK93 She’s covering her face when she smiles/laughs because she goes from Daffy Duck to 2010 Kylie haha

    4. Haley Christine says

      Cause her lips are so big it looks weird when she laughs

  16. Sherry Kay Beauty&Vlogs says

    lol when Kylie said when people think she’s married… referring to her and her boyfriend/ex’s and then the interviewer is like…. to Jordyn… and her face is like………Errr yeah that’s what I meant! FFS

  17. Mia McKay says

    “Hides all your blemishes”
    *kylie sitting there like,
    What blemishes?*

  18. Cotton Lucy says

    are they really dating ? ?

    1. Bareera Sami says

      Cotton Lucy no they aren’t

  19. Charlotte Larsen says


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