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Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods Spill on Friendship | E! Live from the Red Carpet

E! Live from the Red Carpet collection

The "Life of Kylie" star and her BFF dish on their famous friendship, but does their friendship suffer when Kylie is in a relationship?

Full Story: http://www.eonline.com/shows/life_of_kylie/news/871684/kylie-jenner-jokes-best-friend-jordyn-woods-is-a-third-wheel-in-all-her-relationships

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Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods Spill on Friendship | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Sevgi Utma says

    Jordy looks soo hot??

    1. O Espinoza says

      Sevgi Utma yes, next to Kylie. She has that young natural look.

    2. Britteniee Victoria says

      Sevgi Utma she’s fuckinn gorgeous

    3. Lil Jay says

      Hell naw they both trannies

  2. Queen Mo says

    What is Jordan woods famous for is it because she hangs out with kylie Jenner

    1. Sandy Leung says

      shes a model

    2. lee linde says

      Queen Mo she’s a plus sized models

  3. Caylen Steadman says

    jordyn seems high all the time. I’m really not sure how these 2 can be best friends. it’s obvious that nobody loves kylie jenner more than she loves staring at herself and being self centered. I bet she probably pays jordyn to hang with her. I would have to be high af too to hang with someone as narssicstic and self obsessed as kylie.

    1. jesse sharpe says

      Lol sounds like you hate yourself because you’re mad that somebody loves their body and etc

    2. Juliette D. says

      Kylie being high all the time too I even think she dated tyga just because he haves the good kush lol

    3. CeCe Goddess says

      +Sabrina Williams why the hell would a white person revoke a black persons card ? And it’s a joke don’t get ya panties in a twist

    4. Angel Gray says

      What I hear when reading this statement: “I wanna be noticed, please give me some attention”

  4. RHOA Dance Moms says

    So is Jordyn supposed to be the Malika/Jonathan in Kylie’s life or something??? ? ? ?

    1. RHOA Dance Moms says

      Donovan H. Yeah I agree with you. And I’ve always admired how Jordyn has focused on building her own brand. I feel like Jonathan and Malika’s have tried to not be in Kim and Khloe’s shadows but eventually excepted that all their known fir is being their best friends. Jonathan is also known for eating crazy food so good for him I guess

    2. Noelle O says

      HAHAHAHA seriously

    3. RHOA Dance Moms says

      Blue Sauce That comment wasn’t directed towards you. I think you got the notification and thought I was talking to you. Sorry about that ? but I actually agree with you. Khloe and Malika were also friends as teenagers so I know these are genuine. In the 90s Jonathan was Nicole Richie’s best friend and later Paris Hilton’s best friend and now Kim’s of course… he’s always been a social climber. But still think there’s a real friendship between him and Kim because they were friends before Kim was well known

    4. Kate Mortimer says

      RHOA Dance Moms I

    5. Candy Innomin says

      RHOA Dance Moms no, they went to school together and grew up together, Malika/Johnathan work lowkey for Kim and Khloe its different

  5. selena marie says

    omg!!!! Life Of Kylie is TODAY!!!!

    1. Amira xxx says

      yup! do you know when?(hour)

    2. Akash Raha says

      Kylie is very beautiful.. My favorite kylie jenner and Priyanka Chopra

    3. TOJO J says

      selena marie – hahahahaha

  6. máté says

    kylie looks good here!

  7. galemoy says

    What about Stas? Like I get Pia and them just naturally faded a bit, b/c Pia is focusing on her Music all the time, but I feel like Stas has ALWAYS been in this threesome with Kylie and Jordan. I’m SHOCKED that she’s not on the show….

    1. RHOA Dance Moms says

      galemoy I’m surprised Justine Skye isn’t on here either

    2. Ashley says

      yeah I was confused Kylie kept saying Jordan is her only friend on the show and I was like wait what about the others we see lol

    3. Bianca Amethyst says

      galemoy i feel like stas is always w her bf now and just kinda abandoned her

    4. J A. M says

      galemoy Stass has a boyfriend now and hangs out with him all the time. She still hangs out with Kylie and Jordy sometimes but they don’t hang out as much as they used to. Someone above mentioned that Stass was in Kylie’s snap the other day, but if you follow her and Stass on Snapchat, you’d know it’s the first time since Stass’ birthday that they have hung out and also, before Stass’ birthday, they weren’t seen with each other in months. Anyways, I think Jordy is one of the few people in Kylie’s life that has been in her life consistently (Kylie has said it herself). Her, Jordy and Stass are still good friends but they are not as close as they used to be.

    5. J A. M says

      galemoy And to those of you saying that Stass maybe didn’t want to be on a reality TV show, Stass was on Keeping Up With The Kardashian reguarly, just like Malika was. She clearly doesn’t have any issues with being on TV. And Stass has modelled for Kylie, has done photoshoots with Kylie, has done interviews like this one with Kylie. She doesn’t have a problem with the spotlight, she actually loves it, but for now, she loves spending time with her boyfriend more than spending time with her friends.

  8. Marissa says

    Jordyn is probably loving all this fame lol

    1. Aria Newhouse says

      They have been bestfriends since the 8th grade before she even got big in the media.

    2. xpsaaa says

      they are friends since they r 14 so

    3. Lil Jay says

      Her fatass just want to eat

    4. Jon Jacques says

      I know Kylie but I dont know this Jordyn. Without Kylie I wouldn’t know this plus sized model as you say

  9. Am&lia A says

    I feel bad for Kylie… She act like she can’t move because of ALL the injections that she did

  10. Salma Aaden says

    Ew what happened to Kylie’s eye at 00:19

    1. DYW Videos says

      Salma Aaden it’s something she got from Cait

    2. CydtheKyd says


    3. CeCe Goddess says

      Truth Prevails Lmfaoooooooo you’re a clown

    4. CeCe Goddess says

      It’s something she got from her father I realized that when I was watching KUWTK and I saw Caitlyn do it and then while Kylie was talking I saw her do it and I was like wtf

  11. King Kylie says

    Kylie’s eye at 00:19?

    1. gen obb says

      King Kylie it happens to me when I wear false lashes, sometimes they’re a bit heavy and make my eyes droop.

    2. CeCe Goddess says

      gen obb That can happen but it’s something that she’s gotten from her father

    3. Raithi Govender says

      King Kylie lmAOOOOoooo DEAD

    4. Sunshinename says

      Her Dad Has the exact same thing

  12. Desean Ross Jr. says

    Kylie Jenner and Jordyn wood because there are so beautiful friendship and Relationship

    1. Desean Ross Jr. says


    2. Desean Ross Jr. says


    3. Desean Ross Jr. says

      New day view

    4. Desean Ross Jr. says

      Ready so Excited

    5. Desean Ross Jr. says

      Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods Great Friends

  13. NJ&C says

    I needa friendship like this?who else?

    1. Riza Sautova says

      NJ&C nobody lol

  14. Oksana Svidenko says

    Remember what happed to Kim and Paris Hilton? I wish the same happens to these two lol

    1. Sumayo Mohamed says

      Oksana Svidenko be careful what u wish for, it may happen to u too

    2. QueenDanii says

      Oksana Svidenko why would you wish a friendship to die out that sounds really stupid and immature of you to even say.

    3. Oksana Svidenko says

      QueenDanii Damm lady chill, in other words I said wouldn’t it be great to see Jordyn popular as Kim today?? I’d like to see that!

  15. cathy o'neill says

    Y’all can’t ask them
    Deeper questions like “how does the pressure of social media affect how you view yourselves “

    1. Melanin Queen says

      cathy o’neill Kylie answered that question. Which is why she changed her entire face and body, she’s insecure

    2. cathy o'neill says

      Melanin Queen I’m sure it’s hard to love yourself for you when you have thousand of strangers telling you to fix things you never saw wrong with yourself :/

  16. youknowwhyimhere b says

    Kylie looks like the most boring person in the world. She talks so slow and I don’t know what else she will talk about beside makeup and her hair.

    1. Jai Ushr says

      youknowwhyimhere b I think she’s just being really professional because it’s an interview

  17. Fadia says

    0:20 I don’t know why her eyes always like that?

  18. aneisha mohammed says

    what happened to the two girls who kendall and kylie used to hang out with in the beginning of Keeping Up, Maddy Johnson and her sister?

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