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  1. Hbomer says

    How do small youtubers grow if the algorithm doesn’t favour small channels

    1. MotorSport & Dream Cars says

      Hbomer it’s really really difficult I find just keep creating content, I am lucky if I get 3 videos a month because of the type of videos my channel does. Depending on your content try and put a video out with the same schedule (i.e. Every Friday at 6) it might not work with your content mine certainly does not as I film events and I have 3-4 days after. Hope that helps a bit, try and watch as many of these videos as possible and keep Learning

  2. LeonTheLion says

    I cant come to Australia ? im from Croatia

    1. lemurian chick says

      LOL. Have they locked you in?

    2. LeonTheLion says

      lemurian chick no

  3. True Frosty says

    I’m EXTREMELY CLOSE to 400 Subscribers! Help me by subscribing, I will subscribe back! Just comment done and we Gucci Bruvs <3

    1. Chiha says

      My channel is a very similar size to your’s! I’m going for 1k subs. Best of luck to you too!

  4. CreativeQueen x says

    Thanks for the live stream ☺❤❤

    1. Anthony Wall says

      hi :0

  5. Chugada Cheese Gaming says

    Thanks for live stream Darrell! Cause Of your tips my channel has doubled in size in a month!! Thank you!

    1. Carter and Khara Funhouse says

      awesome!! congrats

    2. Authentic Charisma says

      What would you say were the biggest Game-Changers to make that happen for you? 🙂

  6. Lindsey Hebert says

    What is content

    1. Lindsey Hebert says

      Plus why I get the flag on video channels I listen to and it tells me to edit and why do I have any copyright strikes

  7. Moe Othman says

    *My personal issue on YouTube isnt my content, even big youtubers are subscribed and watch my videos. It just feels like NONE of my videos rank highly. My channel never recovered from that sub box glitch that wasnt showing subs my videos when I uploaded. Ever since then, my channel just got less and less views and i still get messages from my viewers saying they havnt been seeing my video upload notifications for months* I dont know what to do…. I’m so depressed from this.

    1. Evora Seer says

      your videos are hilarious lol. Cheer up.

    2. Charlie Wurz says

      Moe Othman just keep pushing then it Will come
      55thousand subs??

    3. The Ralphies says

      Moe Othman we’d love to have over 55k Subbies….. are u kidding me?? Be HAPPY AND GRATEFUL!!! More will come soon! ??

    4. Carlo Vault says

      Don’t forget that what you did 6 months ago on your channel might not be what you need now. So just try to figure out what you need to update on your videos in terms of title tag and thumbnail even for old videos. And also don’t forget that onc red you have 50k you might need a new strategy.

  8. Colorado Web Impressions says

    Hey #DerralEves I think channel evaluations are great. Not only are they a blessing to those you choose directly, for the rest of us, we can see how you evaluate a channel and then use your ideas on our own channels. On my own channel, i’m trying to use the Marcus Sheridan approach and simply educate people, which may turn into leads down the road, but none the less as a man of faith, this gives me the ability to showcase what I know and help others in need. Chris

    1. Colorado Web Impressions says

      One nice option would be a once a month or every other month EVENING session. I’m in Colorado, and I always miss your live shows. So a weekend or evening show like Tim Shmoyer (spelled wrong) has done is great!

  9. Brianna Morris says

    I would really like a channel evaluation!

    1. Anthony Wall says


    2. The Ralphies says

      Brianna Morris us too ✌️✌️??

    3. Tube Attack - Youtube Tips & Advice says

      I know it’s not a derral eve’s evaluation but I hope this helps out! – Your channel banner is great, it tells your viewers exactly what your channel is about! Secondly, i’d remove the ” Let me tell you a little about what will be on my channel; first and my main videos” in your description, try and make it more brief and simply say “the main content I will be uploading is beauty and makeup tutorials” or however you want to phrase it because when people hover over your name in the comment section etc, your channel pops up and a brief portion of your description is shown. Customise your channel layout with sections showcasing your uploads, specific playlists etc. Work a little more on your thumbnails to make them look more appealing on first glance, you want them to stand out and grab viewers attention… you also want people to get an idea of what your video is about just by looking at your thumbnail! – Hope this helps you out 🙂

    4. Brianna Morris says

      +Tube Attack thank you so much and I’m taking everything you said into consideration and will definitely be making changes! thank you again! I really appreciate it!

    5. Tube Attack - Youtube Tips & Advice says

      No problem 🙂 glad to help!

  10. Chance Arcos says

    Derral Eves gives the most generic and basic info you can find. He never talks about how to actually get the traffic needed to get a video suggested. If you upload a video but get no views on it, YouTube algorithm just junks it. Never suggests it. So you can upload 100 amazing videos. You will never get them seen. All the big channels use a method of delivering views on day one of an upload. They all do it. Don’t take my word for it. Look at big channels and check their analytics on videos. Some don’t hide them. You see a clear boost in first 2 days each upload. Daily bumps is a great example with open channel stats. Go back to their very first videos and you can literally trace their boosts. Channels that don’t do it never grow. Like my channels. I don’t know how to do this method! Channels who know how, blow up in 3 months. Derral claims he never bought views. That’s probably because he’s been at it so long that he has a traffic source that he can direct to new channels or channels he manages. I bet you money this guy couldn’t grow a channel from scratch today if his life depended on it. Matter of fact I challenge you Derral. Start a channel and don’t link to any of your current stuff. Like so many people paying you money for advice. Start from 0. I bet you the channel will not grow. Do you accept my challenge?

    1. Here Be Barr says

      I disagree. His tips are unique, in fact he is my favorite YT guru out there. You want to get suggested, here’s my tip. Are people staying to watch your videos. Good audience retention is key.

    2. Chance Arcos says

      I’ve been working on YouTube on various channels for 3 years. I have tube buddy. I have just about everything you can use. Except for one thing. The traffic. You guys don’t need to take my word for it. You can see for yourselves on the big channels that don’t hide their stats. If you want 20k subs like me you follow Derral Eves advice. I have been researching heavily for 6 months and have come to a single conclusion. If you want 1 million subs you need to boost each and every single video with traffic on day one.

      Derral doesn’t even talk about this. Doesn’t even mention it. He claims he can grow a video or channel simply with a good thumb and seo. This is false information and unfair because it is misleading. Derral knows this very well but doesn’t disclose it. He is happy to take your money while giving some generic advice that anyone on YouTube can give you.

    3. Here Be Barr says

      Post your channel with 20K subs, I’m curious.

    4. Chance Arcos says

      The thing about Derral is that he is basically just stating the obvious. The stuff that you learn by doing YouTube for 2 weeks. But this is NOT the stuff that big channels use to grow by any measure. Not even close. It’s time someone spoke up and cut through the b.s. check out “learn colors baby”. This channel started only 4 months ago. On the very first video they uploaded it has 10k views. 4 videos later the next video already had over one million. Today this channel is growing huge. I can’t stress enough. You can’t do this using Derral tactics. It is some sort of trick being used by a specific group of people to get suggested by YouTube. These people go on to have successful channels. Others like us who follow Derral advice end up with 24k subs in 3 years lol.

      “Toys and me” started when we did. Difference is when they uploaded a video they immediately had a ton of views. Day one. We never had that. I don’t know how to do this trick. Now toys and me has 5 million subs. We have 25k lol.

    5. Carlo Vault says

      So basicly you are saying you want to go viral and not improve your channel, just in terms of production alone, there a lot of things you could improve.

      By the way you are very ungrateful, your channel PLAYTIME TOY UNBOXING would not have 20k subs if it wasn’t for advice like derral’s and others.

      You completely dismiss all the other channels that went from 0-5k in 2 years then 30k-50k in their 3rd year and over 500k in their 4-5th year. I have seen them grow my self.

      YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SHORTCUT, and anytime in life when you look for a shortcut you will be dissapointed, I hope you teach your kids patience and not shortcuts.

  11. BroadswordMedia says

    Well I certainly missed out on this.

    “sigh” How do I stay motivated when I work hard and it takes too long to make videos or I rush to make videos more frequently and sacrifice quality? How do I stay motivated when nobody wants to watch my videos? How do I even have the time to put videos together when I have to work a day job to make ends meat getting in the way of my editing time?

    1. TheSupineSmokey13 says

      batch produce your vides . i work four 12 hour night shifts so i feel your pain so what im doing now is recording footage for 3 videos like i’m making episodes for a tv show . then i will editing and render the 3 videos then release them over the course of the week . then make a next batch try that

    2. BroadswordMedia says

      Wow! I’m actually pleasantly surprised to see a response, let alone such a constructive. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

      I will definitely try and do that. I just need to get around to it and well, avoid making any videos based on current events to allow me more leniency on completing my videos.

  12. Usama Sheikh says

    nice derral eves you are great
    carry on

  13. Angelo Compagnin says

    Sei fantastico , bravo!

  14. Aqua Kop says

    Hey Guys!! Hey Derral!! I am Aqua Kop. My real name is Arnav. I am from India and this is my Gaming Channel! You are very much welcome to check me out! My channel is slowly dying and i want to reduce that… please help by subscribing… I’m not spamming, I am seriously depressed because of it.. the start of my latest video shows and reflects the depression.

    1. Feras Harb says

      Aqua Kop its OK bro you still a small youtuber just don’t give up and you will be one of the biggest youtubers

  15. Last Wish says

    thanks for help

  16. Duane Bowman says

    I think you should run with it. both might learn something. And you might learn how to help us better, and build your knowledge base to improve one’s self?

  17. Dan Vasc says

    Being able to follow your process of starting an entirely new channel from zero would be VERY valuable.

  18. Artabition Tour says

    Am form the bahamas in Nassau and am a double artists meaning art and music

  19. Here Be Barr says

    I would love to see more channel evaluations 🙂 I’ll volunteer if you need someone, haha. Not that you need any more volunteers.

  20. Alison19 Ghost says

    iam from Australia Melbourne under what made me come to YouTube is because i like gaming cooking coffee videos and soon be on my channel its called pax Australia i cant wait to put this on my channel

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