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Mario Brown’s Coaching Insanity – Infomercial Spoof

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This video was created as part of Derral Eves' video marketing presentation at Mario Brown's Online Marketing Mastery Event in San Diego – May 2013. Thanks Mario for being a great sport!

Thanks Rob Actis for the Voiceover!

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Mario Brown's Coaching Insanity – Infomercial Spoof. This video was apart of


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  1. Hydralix says

    Hey Derral!

    I have a question, i want to start a youtube gaming/tutorial channel.
    But i would like to have some ideas how to start ive seen you have a lot of cool videos but i want to tal realy to you with this comment

    Thank you!

  2. Barak Granot says

    Derral, this is hilarious, well done!

    1. Jan Hale says

      I bought the app it didn’t help me!

  3. Bill Fox says

    Funny video Derral! Excellent imagination.

  4. Dionisio Gomez says

    Great Work Derral!

  5. BestUtahBusinesses says

    That was BRILLIANT!

  6. Wrist House says

    Man How I make my you tube Channel  to the World

  7. DirtyChumpFootball says

    what happened to helping me out? wreckon you could do a small shoutout for me or something? would really appreciate it 🙂 big fan

  8. Vincenzos Plate says

    Ahahhaahahahahahhaahha this video is so funny

  9. AyMen Artistry says

    Awesome video 😉

  10. Macho Sancho says

    Lol!! XD

  11. PandaKidz TV says


  12. Crazily cool says

    Great video!!!

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