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Migos Wants to Collab with Jay-Z & Michael Jackson? | E! Live from the Red Carpet

E! Live from the Red Carpet collection

The rap trio spills on who they want to feature on their next song and dishes on their song "Night Call" with Steve Aoki. Find out how they'll incorporate MJ!

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Migos Wants to Collab with Jay-Z & Michael Jackson? | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. HES ari says

    I juat realized they all had dreads i feel dumb ill go home ?

  2. Theory Giovanni says

    Swag Masters TrendSetters

  3. Irene Shaverdian says

    MJ is gone how you going to make stuff with him lol hes dead

    1. Justin Williams says

      Irene Shaverdian unreleased songs jackass

    2. Shyanna Coleman says

      RIC FLAIR That would be a nightmare. And those rare songs would be ruined.

    3. Pierre Guerrier says

      Irene Shaverdian you said MJ just because there is no artist out there he d like to make music with if mj was not died I guess he would say Tupac

  4. issabeast says

    I just noticed Quavo got Aku Aku around his neck

  5. Amina Conteh says

    We need real artists back, such as Tupac, Michael Jackson , Aaliyah, Biggie, Selena, etc. They made great music and changed the world in their own ways?❤️

    1. Diana Morel says

      Amina Conteh Word. Incredibly missed during this era of music now ?

  6. Amina Conteh says

    Tupac is and will always be my favorite rapper‼️?❤️

  7. Tamiya Green says

    wtf is wrong with black dudes nowadays…..????

  8. Tamiya Green says

    wtf is wrong with black dudes nowadays…..????

  9. GlobalProfitSharing says

    These nigglets look just like the fruity pebbles I just ate.

  10. Novice says

    they only said MJ because it was the anniversary of his death. All these other folk seem to forget the man who pretty much gave them the opportunity be huge

  11. Ciaraaaa says

    Of course they would day they want to collab with Michael because it was the anniversary of death ?. I could’ve sworn they said they felt like the Michael Jackson of this generation ?. Lmao, maybe next year guys ?.

  12. Francois Edwin says

    Jay-Z would NEVA !!!

  13. Rell Johns says

    joe in the bAckground nervous ?

  14. Ilyas Farah says

    If there’s anyone that could pull of A Michael Jackson Collaboration it’s Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, The Weeknd & Justin Timberlake.

  15. manuel martin says

    MJ was and remains the GOAT. These guys are just clowns. The collaboration won’t work. MJ was on another level.

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