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Movie Characters You Never Realized Look EXACTLY The Same

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You'll never be able to look at Chris Pratt and Indiana Jones the same way again! Movie Characters You Never Realized Look EXACTLY The Same! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Often Hollywood uses the same actors and actresses repeatedly. Each actor should be made to look different, but that isn’t always the case. Even films like Guardians of the Galaxy and Indiana Jones, have two leads that look just like one another!

Making movies require a large production team working together to get every detail just right. Some of the most important and often overlooked positions are the professionals who do costuming, hair and makeup, and castings. These individuals combined focus on what the cast looks like. Starting in the audition process, the casting director thinks about does this actor or actress look like what the script demands? Once on set, the costumer working with hair and makeup work on the bringing everybody to life. It isn’t easy doing these jobs. You sometimes must do some crazy manipulation to someone’s hair like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho and Gordon Gekko in Wall Street. Imagine having to hairspray all that hair to make it slick back and not ever move!

There are numerous pairs of characters in different movies that look like one another, like Lestat and Edward Cullen from two vampire movies. We can’t forget how M. Gustave and Ron Burgundy look like one another too! Could you tell Sarah Connor and Katniss Everdeen apart? What about Natalie Cook of Charlie’s Angels and The Bride from Kill Bill? Stumped us! We mixed up Ferris Bueller and the new Peter Parker they look so alike. We needed to make this list to set it all straight because we can’t keep going around mixing characters up and neither can you!


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  1. Grape Daily says

    I upload Grape Daily it’s everyday BROOOOOO

    1. ToxicPlayz says

      Grape Daily that’s pretty sad

  2. Invader Pikachu says

    You know the drill:

    1. Spidey
    2. Iron
    3. Thor
    4. Hulk
    5. Black Widow
    6. That archer guy
    7. Scarlet Witch
    8. Quick Silver
    9. Black Panther
    10. Ultron

    1. Laila Stark says

      Invader Pikachu I’m sad I didn’t get my fictional uncle but in a fanfic book on my wattpad account I got one of the best characters parents in my book series

    2. Atombomb 133 says

      Invader Pikachu “that archer guy” ????

  3. KamiKaze KupKaKe says

    Face hand poop camera..?!

    1. Forno d Oro says

      KamiKaze KupKaKe The infamous emoji movie

  4. Mark Zedd says

    Someone needs glasses

    1. emil engen says

      Mark Zedd no, they need new brains.

  5. starkiller pumpkin says

    the movie emoji is the emoji movie I’m guessing ?

    1. ToxicPlayz says

      starkiller pumpkin that’s what I’m guessing in all these videos:/

    2. starkiller pumpkin says

      I got it right somehow knew it ?

  6. Donnie Montoya says

    I always thought Mark Wahlberg and Mat Damon looked similar.

    1. Amanda Moe says

      Donnie Montoya me too:)

    2. Daniel Gardecki says

      And Donnie Wahlberg too

    3. Druce Kirby says

      Yeah, I used to get them confused when I was a kid.

  7. Matthew Wash says

    Darn Chris Pratt should have been Han Solo

    1. lilnuggets 696 says


    2. Sully Uddin says

      Why does Chris Pratt need to play younger versions of iconic Harrison Ford characters?! He already has ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and the ‘Jurassic World’ franchises to make him an action star! Stop with trying to get Pratt to be Ford. It’s never going to happen.

  8. Mr.BlackStar says

    I always thought that I look like with my twin brother

    1. Coreydoesvideos says

      Mr.BlackStar ?????

  9. Michael Smithson says

    The emoji movie

  10. DansBro Gaming says

    Can we all agree that Pratt would make a great Indi?

    1. Sully Uddin says

      Can we all agree that Harrison Ford is the one and only Indiana Jones, and that Pratt has a good career ahead of him without playing roles Ford once played?

  11. BARDO says

    This is proof Chris Pratt should have been casted as Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars anthology film

    1. Sully Uddin says

      All I would have seen is Star-Lord in a weird “Star Wars” fan-fiction movie. Pratt already has a good career ahead of him. He doesn’t need to be the younger Harrison Ford.

  12. Gabriel Peruzzi says

    Are you motherfuckers blind?

    1. emil engen says

      Gabriel Peruzzi they are. They even compared tom Cruise to tom Cruise!!!????.

  13. David Johnson says

    This is the stupidest list ever made on this site. Doppelgangers I think not.

  14. Druce Kirby says

    Indiana Jones is an Archeologist, not an anthropologist.

    1. Druce Kirby says

      ShunsuiHitsugaya well in the movie he specifically said that he is an Archeologist. So he’s still wrong.

    2. Limeila says

      Would it be wrong to say a physicist is a scientist? Because it’s basically what you’re doing here

    3. Druce Kirby says

      ShunsuiHitsugaya and actually Anthropology is a sub-category of Sociology.

  15. Funny Man says

    Why isn’t Chris Pratt playing Han Solo in the spinoff? He’d be amazing!

    1. Sully Uddin says

      Because he already has the MCU and ‘Jurassic World’ to make him an action star. He doesn’t need any of these characters that Harrison Ford once played. His career is fine without them.

    2. Funny Man says

      Sully Uddin but the guy currently in the role is proving a nightmare for production, and that doesn’t often make for a good performance.

  16. UNCLE MAX says

    Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is more like Michael J. Fox’s Marty Mcfly

    1. Mary says

      UNCLE MAX Agree

  17. Ben Filangeri says

    why is this guys voice so boring

    1. Dominic Abbs says

      because he sounds like a chilld

  18. Horrornado says

    This was terrible.   Finding similarities between apples and oranges.  Just bad.

    1. Sully Uddin says

      Apples and Oranges are fruits. There’s at least one similarity.

    2. emil engen says

      Sully Uddin the list is about looks.

  19. Mark Bell says

    Chris Pratt should be Indiana jones

    1. Mark Bell says

      Sully Uddin because he was born for that role

    2. Sully Uddin says

      Mark Bell Not really an elaborate answer, but okay.

    3. Mark Bell says

      Sully Uddin also he has the Adventurer look

    4. Druce Kirby says

      Mark Bell I agree, he should be in a Indiana Jones movie set in modern times, he could be like the grandson or great grandson of Indy. Its be awesome.

    5. Mark Bell says

      Druce Kirby and thanks so much for saying so

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