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Movies To Help You Survive Going Back To School

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If Peter Parker can handle high school, so can you! 10 Epic Movies To Prep You For Back To School! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Time to put away the sunscreen and the bathing suits. It’s almost time to head back to school. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a classic about three friends who ditch school and have the time of their lives. Napoleon Dynamite always follows his heart in this story about a quirky, strange high-schooler in small-town Idaho. Jack Black masquerades as a substitute teacher and puts a band together of school kids in School of Rock. A fortune cookie causes mother and daughter to switch bodies in Freaky Friday. They must learn what it is like to be the other person. Harry Potter learns he’s a wizard and his destiny is revealed while attending Hogwarts. Robin Williams plays an English teacher who encourages his students to go against the grain in Dead Poet’s Society. The Queen of Katwe is the story of young Ugandan girl who becomes a chess prodigy. She has doubts about herself but pushes through them thanks to her coach. Akeelah and the Bee tells the story of young 11-year-girl who is a spelling wiz from South Los Angeles. She is smart but where she lives proves to be troublesome. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will give you some laughs if you are dreading going back to school. Spider-Man: Homecoming shows Peter Parker trying to get back into his daily routine of school and crime-fighting after having his first major fight with the Avengers. Well, what did you think of this list? Are there any movies you wished were on here?


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  1. Daniel Aaron says

    Where I live the school year just ended

    1. Mattie Gaming says

      Daniel Aaron lucky

    2. Rockstar Gang says

      K. Le Animateur how is he lucky when he was in school half the summer

    3. spooderfaxy 1987 says

      Daniel Aaron lucky

    4. K. Le Animateur says

      +Rockstar Gang I dunno

    5. Cruz Hagen says

      so unlucky

  2. TheAwesomeCake says

    I have school in like 2 days ☹️

    1. Phaman Pham says

      TheAwesomeCake I am sorry for your loss

    2. Porkpiggies says


    3. alex bridgelal says

      TheAwesomeCake rip best wishes

    4. Kayla Tran says

      TheAwesomeCake ugh good luck

  3. Take Two says

    Guys it’s my birthday I want only 100 likes ?????❤

    1. Mattie Gaming says

      Take Two almost there

    2. Exonet says

      Take Two 100th LIKE

    3. Aaron Obyonek says

      Take Two and cut!

  4. Jessie P1 Vlogs says

    hi im a small youtuber hoping i can get my dream of 50 suscribers can u pls fufill my dream

    1. XxeffectV says

      Jessie P1 Vlogs

      Step 1: be 16

  5. Kolten Carter says

    school of rock is a TV show

    1. Valdez Saihttam says

      Since when was there a TV show?

    2. Mr.BlackStar says

      Kolten Carter lol

  6. Carrot Cornetto says

    Why was GOTG 2 on here…?

    1. neomp5 says

      shameless plugging

  7. Seth Parris says

    Homecoming is my favorite movie.

    1. Mysteryman 2017 says

      Seth Parris me to its such a good movie ill sub to u and like your comment!

    2. Seth Parris says

      Mysteryman 2017 thx man

  8. Harry Hoang says

    lol good thing i live in england cause i still have a month till i go back to school 😀

    1. TimelyGaming says

      Harry Hoang i hav school in 4 days

    2. Silent Gamer says

      TimelyGaming in ur country is there alredy the ads about school?

    3. Natalie Hyde says

      Lucky!! I wish I was back in England!!! I have school next week :'(

    4. Cruz Hagen says

      so unlucky

    5. MintMusic says

      Harry Hoang I’m from Scotland where we’ve only got 5 days left! Cause we started our holiday in June in Scotland

  9. Riainsheth Boi says

    Today is my birthday (legit) can i get 30 subs it would make really happy

    1. Kam says

      Riainsheth Boi
      No, stfu and earn them

  10. Freshtiger27876 says

    Who else misses Robert Williams.

    1. Tony P. says

      Freshtiger27876 You mean Robin Williams?

    2. firstname lastname says

      Freshtiger27876 obviously not you because you can’t even get his name right.

  11. Screen Rant says

    Which other back to school movies would you add to the list?

    1. Thomas Griffiths says

      Screen Rant the sorcers stone is called the philoserphers stone here in britain

    2. Kameo San says


    3. Gilbert Cabrera says

      Screen Rant the breakfast club

  12. Jamie Wood says

    Spider-Man Homecoming is an AMAZING movie, you have to see it!

    1. Geek Trek Beyond says

      itts AMAZING.Spectacular performances,the Ultimate iteration of Spider-Man/Peter Parker . This movie will be a classic in the year 2099 from where someone will time travel and show it to the people who lived in 1602.

    2. Katelyn Picov Aida says

      Jamie Wood yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  13. Sophia Silawan says

    I see Tom Holland… i click

    1. Jennamarie16 W says

      Sophia Silawan lol same?

  14. Jennamarie16 W says


  15. TimelyGaming says

    Is the movie x files

  16. spooderfaxy 1987 says

    I’ve seen most of these

  17. Natalie Hyde says

    Another movie that I would add to this list is Mean Girls. A definite must see classic!!! Or Grease! Also, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is still being quoted in my classes at school!!!!

  18. Eris Holloway says

    Tom hollond is the best spider man so far

    1. Cooper Dolan says

      Eris Holloway yes

  19. Francis Tan says

    Sorry my favorite orphan is Bruce Wayne

    1. Cooper Dolan says

      Francis Tan dang right dude

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