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“Mr. Robot” Cast Teases Intense Season 3 | E! Live from the Red Carpet

E! Live from the Red Carpet collection

Rami Malek, Christian Slater and more stars give scoop on season 3's twists and turns–and what fans can expect from the show's "electric" season! Watch.

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"Mr. Robot" Cast Teases Intense Season 3 | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Becca Pags says

    Was season 2 any good?

    1. Cebrail Erdogan says

      It was awesome!

    2. opli gang says

      Why don’t you watch

    3. Neal Caffrey says

      tommy4862 I enjoyed the first half a little more leading to episode 8 I think with that heavy plot twist then the rest 5 are good but expected a little more

    4. kobron1559 says

      I watched season 2 about 3 times and learned more each time. It’s totally worth it ?

  2. Dave P says

    pineapple head kilters his role but in interviews comes off even wierder then elliot

  3. Well Know Person On The internet says


  4. Sal lam says

    can’t wait <3

  5. Kappa says

    hello frined

  6. L Blueful says

    I find it highly ironic that E! published these interviews….

    1. King Peso says

      L Blueful e corp????

  7. opli gang says

    I hope they have much less grace gummer this season

    1. Sebastián Esquivel says

      why? I think it was a great character

    2. opli gang says

      Sebastián Esquivel interesting character but im not a fan of her acting

    3. Brandon Brown says

      I thought she was fantastic.

  8. JWsha Mck says

    When season 3 will be released ???? ??

    1. dusmusmelek_ says

      October 5

    2. Belward Beysolow says

      +dusmusmelek_ you mean October 11

    3. dusmusmelek_ says

      Yeah now it says 11.

  9. Ashly Flores says

    They were just filming near my house on Tuesday lol so I was interested in watching it

    1. Mabel / says

      Ashly Flores whereeee?

    2. Ashly Flores says

      It was in halsey st and central

  10. defialpro says


    maybe that is a message for being snubbed on the emmy’s ?

    1. ddsk16 says

      I was thinking the same

  11. Marvin Slevin says

    oh I didn’t know Evil-corp. had a youtube channel

  12. Steven Song says

    0:58 – 1:07
    It better! Mr. Malik! Don’t hold back on sequel show tho! Could be innovative!

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