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My Laptop Just Died in Europe!! ?

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  1. Amadeyy says

    Europe isnt that bad isnt it ^-^

    1. JordiPower says

      Amadeyy . Hahaha I told him the same ?

    2. Kiwif0x says

      Amadeyy .
      I live in Europe x3

    3. Amadeyy says

      JordiPower hahaha 😀

  2. Woafy says

    Finally, an American that goes to Europe

    1. Anudeep AP says

      they all goes to dubai and dig up show off

    2. Some Protagonist says

      Woafy that happens? wow

    3. Photohack Lovers says

      I love europe im american

    4. CNVideos says

      I’m American and I went in 2013, 2015 and 2016. Also in 1997, and when I was a kid. I love Europe and am planning to go again this year. What’s not to love about Europe?

    5. looknowtv says

      I got to Europe often for long periods of time. I might go one day and not return to the US unless it’s a vacatiion. I love it there!

  3. Fluzy - Gaming says

    Who else lives in EU?

    1. WWE Nation says


    2. EVONick Gaming says


    3. uksuperrascal says

      I do, but not for much longer, the vote to leave the EU here In the UK won. I also like what trump said to the germans that there to soft on illegal immigrants

    4. Objektiv(s) says


    5. Litanah Army says

      I do but I’ was just leaving – UK

  4. Aqua Kop says

    Did you hear him?? He is coming to India!! THATS AWESOME!!! WHOOOO HOOO

    1. Aqua Kop says

      Do come to New Delhi

  5. No Excuse Girl says

    just hit the notification bell. love your videos, love the new format. I most look forward to the youtube tips you provide.

    1. No Excuse Girl says

      I also would love to see tech reviews!

  6. Canal ConTV says

    Derrel, brazilian hackers found out how to use bots again and they’re making random videos to get million of views using popular pirate websites, playing youtube videos in the background while a person is watching a pirated video. They only want the easy adsense money. We already reported but YouTube doesn’t do anything!! Please if you can, open a ticket with US YouTube because here in Brazil they won’t do anything!!

    1. Canal ConTV says

      The trending tab here in Brazil is full of those criminals!

  7. Melanie Joules - Caramel Secrets says

    jap jap…Berlin ist geil! ?

  8. kimhong khu says

    Enjoy watching this video from Taiwan!

  9. Stewart Craig says

    If it’s a Mac, what did you expect

  10. The Trucking Couple says

    My laptop died in Bali last week. I feel your pain!

  11. danielw0007 says

    you should visit Poland that’s why I’m from

    1. Derral Eves says

      +danielw0007 I was there in November

  12. Cesare Vesdani says

    How did your laptop died?

  13. Kespired says

    EU 230-240V electricity vs. US 120V Power Supplies = Dead US tech.

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Kespired yes but I was using inverter

  14. She's a Bottler Gardens and Preserves. says

    So cool, looking forward to the videos.

  15. Shiny Object Reviews says

    At least it died in a cool place 🙂 have fun

  16. Vivek T. says

    Yo laptop is know a Deadly laptop 😛

  17. Titan Top List says

    Does turning on the 30 sec pre-roll ads help rankings (because there is something in it more so for google)?

  18. salman khan says

    are you converting this channel into vlog?????????

  19. BeIndian says

    good morning sir !!!

  20. Mrs Tracey Ní Breitheamh-Nesbitt. says

    Why not just say your laptop died in France? Europe isn’t a country. lol

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