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New YouTube Music App Walkthrough and Review

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YouTube Red Subscribers – YouTube Music app is now available on iOS and Android devices. I give you the ins and outs of the YouTube Music app and give you my review.

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  1. CR Family Vlogs says

    That’s pretty sweet to have liked songs in a playlist. Great detailed video Derral.

    1. Derral Eves says

      +ClaytonRoy I liked that too!

    2. KC says

      +Derral Eves why dont i see the app? Im in the Philippines does that matter? im using the nexus 6p

    3. Priya Ranjan Singh says

      Derral Eves hh8

  2. Tobsterr says

    173,768 Subscribes?!?!?!?!!?? WHAT?? You should have 3,173,768 Subscribes!

    Keep it up!

    1. Woman-101 says

      Thanks so much, +Tobsterr ! 

    2. Tobsterr says

      +Woman-101 No Problem 

    3. Jacob van rossum says

      Ahmed Galal i

  3. iHamilt0nPlayz MC says

    How do you save videos on youtube music to offline mix tape

    1. austin feldman says

      ninjaalbert1 exactly

    2. Alberto Morales says

      SweetieSenpaiPlayz idk too

    3. tiggi sun says

      ya I wanna make my own mixtape… I hope they gonna update that… I mean the app is new… so improvements will come….

    4. klayton silvera says

      iHamilt0nPlayz MC you need youtube red the app is useless without youtube red

  4. Vijayl Mastura says

    that nice

  5. Curwood Jacobs says

    they need a shuffle for the offline videos

  6. gabriel_ Velha says

    He is like a white girl saying literally all the time

  7. Alexander Henriguez says

    thank you for the amazing information

  8. Ian Vlan says

    Is there any device that adjusts the volume automatically? Songs are often soft then the ads blow your speakers. I guess I’ll just stick to my computer with bad speakers but with an ad blocker.

  9. Samurai_Hiroshi Nightmare says

    Is the YouTube music free even though you don’t have YouTube red in it?

  10. Wilmer Valencia says

    Hi! Can I create diferente lists dependent on the music style? Like one list for rock, a different for heavy? Etc? Thanks!

  11. Jack Tran says

    Just get a Google Play Music subscription, it also includes YouTube Red and YouTube Music for a grand total of $10….. Better deal trust me

  12. K. Peralta says

    How do you make your playlist on YouTube Music app (on iphone) play in order from top to bottom? Mine is always selecting the tunes randomly.

  13. Royce551 says

    You can’t even listen to music in the background without red, what’s the point? You can do the same thing with the standard youtube

  14. Jeff Stamper says


  15. Nickoy1 Channel says

    I love if it was available in Canada

  16. Aliceia Gibson says

    Make it available in Canada

  17. amaizing world of gumball. / gumball the cat says

    i don’t now how to you this

  18. Austin Joslin says

    How do I remove songs from my offline playlist. Every time I do later it re-download.

  19. BooMat G says

    Where the thumbs up icon is there is a save icon. If you click it you can save it to offline play. But you need to have YouTube red. Once you get red then you can just go to YouTube and find your offline playlist and use that. I didn’t download YouTube music but I can still get my playlist where ever I am. I still haven’t even looked for YouTube music. I should probably do that.

  20. Bishwas Rijal says

    can we download songs?????

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