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Nikki Bella Shocked by “DWTS” Double Elimination | E! Live from the Red Carpet

E! Live from the Red Carpet collection

The "Total Divas" star and partner Artem Chigvintsev open up about their surprising exit from "Dancing With the Stars."


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Nikki Bella Shocked by "DWTS" Double Elimination | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Jo says

    It sucks bc Jordan has a dancing backround and maybe Lindsay too..I wanted Nikki to win but she is still the amazing one

    1. rosasmith29 says

      I agree I’m a huge jordan fisher fan but I’m def team ViVa bc I like seeing people grow Jordan went out there and killed it on day one….. I don’t think Nikki or Vanessa should’ve been eliminated you could tell they were actually putting in the work bc it doesn’t come natural to them I’m all about seeing the growth in the celebs from start to finish and jordan & Lindsey don’t really show any growth bc they’re already good at it

    2. dan joseph says

      rosasmith29 i couldn’t agree with you more

    3. WWE Jay says

      Jo Jordan and Lindsay are amazing tho

    4. Laura says

      lindsey took ballet and pop i believe

    5. Morgenberry says

      Lindsay has done a dancing competition before. She was on a YouTube one one or two years ago and made it to the finals

  2. Elizabeth Park says

    ??? they both look so disappointed! Hate DWTS for this. They need to fix this mistake and bring them back.

  3. Fasting CanD says

    He’s gorgeous

    1. Loved ByYou says

      Fasting CanD SO HOT!!!

  4. Ana Valendiano says

    My heart breaks for Artem ?? he looks so sad!!!! But Artem saying his biggest takeaway was his friendship with Nikki… my heart ? they’re so underrated ?

    1. Lovely Luna says

      Nikki is with John and Artem needs to understand that.

    2. Ana Valendiano says

      Lovely Luna I’m pretty certain he does. Hence why he said “FRIENDSHIP” 🙂 Just because Nikki & Artem grew close to each other (which is expected), doesn’t automatically equate to her cheating on John ?

  5. Pokémon Girl says

    Nikki will be back to WWE.

    1. Corey Perkins says

      Ik she coming back with Brie im happy

    2. P 1 says

      Pokémon Girl no she need to stay away

    3. Marvin Burks says

      P 1 no she doesn’t stop fucking hating ignorant brat

    4. Sophia Harper says

      I’m not sure if she will because of the neck injuries and stuff. Perhaps she might do a more behind the scenes type work but who knows. Anything can happen in the WWE

  6. Trainer_Mei says

    remember as one said- “the show is rigged”

  7. Ria Maddumba says

    Now there is no point for me to watch dwts?(for me)??????

  8. Shannon Goetz says

    Bullshit!! #bringthemback #dwts

  9. Jess G says

    This sucked so bad and u culd even tell Artem was heartbroken , they shouldn’t have went home.

  10. Torrie Lashae says

    They had so much more to offer…

    1. pamela dobuler says

      they really did. You can see they are heartbroken and in shock.

  11. Brandi Windle says

    You can tell he is so pissed they didn’t deserve this her fan base is huge and they was getting great scores. I don’t get it. New hashtag #STOPWATCHING#DWTS lol

  12. Ham Monika says

    Hate this week elimination.
    Like if you feel like that too.

  13. Maja Gasik says

    I feel so heartbroken for Artem. You can so how bad he is feeling

    1. Ashley Cannon says

      I do feel bad for Nikki, but she’s really not a dancer, and being in the WWE, she tends to give off a more masculine vibe. She’s still an awesome role model for young ladies, and I do wish her the best with her upcoming wedding. ?

  14. Shane Archer says

    OMG i feel so sad for them? They did not deserve to be eleminated.

  15. Paris Flemmings says

    Poor Artem! You can tell that he is really hurt.

  16. Loved ByYou says

    See, even their body language has changed since week one! They have gotten sooo close! I feel like there was SOO much more from them we didn’t get to see!! It makes me question the producers because Nicole has one of the biggest FANBASES on that show, and I don’t think she was GENUINELY in Jeopardy!!! I vented for like an hr. After because I was sooo shocked. I wanted to see them do a Rumba!! ?

    1. Towela says

      Loved ByYou the same thing with normani last season

    2. Deborah Martin says

      I totally agree with you 100% oh girl i wanted to see that rumba too..lol

    3. Lovely Luna says

      Cena and Nikki are getting married

    4. Loved ByYou says

      Lovely Luna I know that. What does that have to do with what I just said???

  17. Calk27 says

    Artem is so done with this show

  18. D Flannery says

    The judges made sure the favorites get booted. They favor the ones with dance experience. sad love Nikki

  19. Shanice Phillips says

    Why did she get eliminated

    1. omar jordan says


    2. WWE Jay says

      Shanice Phillips because she didn’t get enough votes to stay

    3. Cristian Ruiz says

      Because the show is rigged for Jordan to win and they didn’t want to eliminate Drew and Darell even though they got the lowest scores and got less viewers votes

    4. Amanda Hernandez says

      Cristian Ruiz First off, his name is Terrell and second…they had a mishap last week. Don’t blame Jordan… Lindsay telling has been dancing her whole life also.

  20. Deborah Martin says

    I thought artem was about to cry!! I feel so freaking bad. Artem is so underrated, I’ve never known of Nikki until this show, but I’m a fan now..

    1. Mier Garz says

      Deborah Martin yeah he was holding back tears.

    2. Loved ByYou says

      I totally agree with you girl. I also wasn’t really a wrestling fan. I became obsessed with her from the show!!!! I thought they brought out the best side in each other!!! So I’m forever apart of the #BellaArmy!!! ???

    3. ifeelpretty57 says

      Artem needs to get a Nicole Scherzinger or Shawn Johnson type next season so he won’t get an unfair early elimination, like he did with Nancy Kerrigan or Nikki.

    4. Deborah Martin says

      yass!! same

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