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Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo Spill Engagement Deets! | E! Live from the Red Carpet

E! Live from the Red Carpet collection

The "Bachelorette" stars dish on everything from their "secret" dates, the pear-shaped ring, wedding planning and the moment Rachel knew Bryan was the one.

Full Story: http://www.eonline.com/news/872238/the-bachelorette-s-rachel-lindsay-bryan-abasolo-spill-on-the-ring-wedding-planning-life-after-the-show

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Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo Spill Engagement Deets! | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Valencia says

    Very nice!

  2. jewelz v says

    I like this interview no awkward Peter questions keep it moving people & i was team Pachel.

    1. evaleanscared says

      honestly. so tired of hearing about Peter.

    2. jewelz v says

      evaleanscared agree let Rachel & Bryan be happy

    3. erikindly says

      Check out my Bachelorette finale REACTION video on my channel!

  3. elainesmyname says

    this is one of the best interviews today, so much about THEM!! <3

    1. elainesmyname says

      yeah ive seen it, i loved it too!! the build series one is always my favorite hehe

    2. Lulu060986 says

      elainesmyname yes 100% agree,good job Zuri?

    3. TOJO J says

      OMg auessum

  4. Christal Davis says

    She picked a good one❤

  5. Petra Aaron says

    Great interview Zuri!  You have a great demeanor and you moved past the Peter questions and got to their love story.  You really saw them relaxed with you.  Vets of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise know that the show is heavily edited to throw the viewers off as to the final pick.  The passion was real.  The fact that both of their families went in on them both during their respective hometown dates also reveal that each of them were talking about the other substantially to their families.  Goodness…the dude knew what type of ring she wanted.  They clearly spent quite a bit of time talking and sharing…time that was not shown on the show.  I wish them every happiness and pray that these haters…sadly mostly women…get over their disappointment.  Two people found love and that is a miracle every time it happens.

  6. lupita benitez says

    They seem sooo in love!! ❤️?

  7. Madina Noor says

    They are soo adroble

    1. AveolarD says

      they are adorable as well.

  8. erikindly says

    Check out my Bachelorette finale REACTION video on my channel!

  9. Sarah Chace says

    So much judgement and negative feed on social media. Let Rachel and Bryan be happy! She found love and that is so rare and beautiful in this world. You don’t go on the show to find a boyfriend. She needed a man, not a coward. From the very first kiss she was in love with Bryan and as you can tell still is! Bryan is a beautiful soul and truly loves Rachel! Thumbs up to Rachel for staying true to her beliefs!

  10. Truth Seeker says

    Peter is no saint. Just another white guy who wants to string a black woman along for a ride. He wanted to have the first black bachelorette and just date her. He was never planning on marrying her. Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free? It’s odd that he has never dated a black woman before, yet at the age of 29/30 decides the first black bachelorette is the first black woman he wants to date, please. His high school goal was to be on ‘The Bachelor”, look it up. So he figured, he’d have a shot if he sweet talked his way to the final 2 or 3 and started to play games, then America will feel sorry for him and write in to ABC to make him the next Bachelor, boom goal obtained! Rachel found him out a while ago. That’s why she stop letting him manipulate her. I’m happy for #Brachel, you should be too!

    1. Truth Seeker says

      TofuTags Peter told Rachel that he loved her right before Hometowns. Looked as if he did it to save his seat in the competition. Just like he said he’d abandon his beliefs and propose to her if that means she’ll choose him. I totally understand where Rachel was coming from. He should have wanted to propose naturally like Bryan. Peter’s reasoning behind him not wanting to rush things is because he wanted to string her along and just give her enough to keep her “hooked”. Many guys do that to women all the time. If he wanted to marry her, he would’ve been happy to get down on one knee, not dread it. That says he’s really not ready for marriage no matter what his mouth says. They had like over 2 months to get to know each other. You can fall in-love with someone in that amount of time if you’re open to it. There are many people who marry early and still are together today. Not to mention, the end game of the show is an engagement, not an instant marriage. While being engaged, you can still get to know each other and call it off if it is mutually agreed upon because it does not work out. Some people remain engaged for 2 or 3 years before getting married. The fact is, Peter wasn’t ready and she chose Bryan whom she also had a strong connection with. The fact that he said she’d have a “mediocre life” without him is passive-aggressive manipulation. He wanted to put doubt in her head and have her reconsider his weak offer. She didn’t fall for it and I’m glad she didn’t. Bryan and Rachel look very happy together. The fact that she’s an attorney made her see that something was off with Peter. Peter’s die hard fans were deceived by the show’s editing over at ABC. It was really disrespectful to Bryan and Rachel that he tried to reach out to her and tried to get her to reconsider way after the fact on the live finale. He needs to move on and go back to living his “mediocre life” without her.

    2. Paris Nier says

      Truth Seeker Accurate af!

    3. somergasm says

      funny how u turned this all about race when multiple contestants on there have said theyve never dated a black woman and 1 even said hes been exclusively dating white girls yet u single out peter ofc

    4. TofuTags says

      Truth Seeker lol, the guys in the house spent more time with each other than they did with Rachel, so…. NOW WHERE these 2 months that you’re suggesting. (Side note: can you believe that Peter and Bryan probably spent more time with each other than Rachel?!)
      Honestly, I get where you’re coming from and I think that Peter and Rachel were not meant to be…. CAUSE HE DESERVES BETTER!
      Peter will find a REAL classy women that isn’t only looking for ring and a zombie man that will bow down to her, never disagree her, believe every word that comes from her mouth, and who’s sole purpose is to please his master! Peter is WAY better then that!
      If manipulation is equivalent to confusion due to the messed up process that we call this show, then, SURE, Peter is manipulative, Rachel is manipulative, Chris is manipulative, and frankly, I’m manipulative too!
      Rachel is stubborn and that’s why she chose Bryan. Heck! She didn’t even listen to her family! Bryan just cloned her answers all season long, and NEVER told her anything she didn’t want to hear (even if he wanted to), and that, with the ring, is truly what she wanted!
      Rachel came into this process saying, ” I’m looking for a guy who knows what he wants!” And I respected that until she completely contradicted her OWN statement by leaving the guy who stood by his beliefs and ACTUALLY knew what he wanted.
      Now I know that what she truly meant was, “I’m looking for a guy who knows what I WANT, AND WILL SERVE ME FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE! ?
      I used to hate on Bryan, but now I realize he is just a pawn in Rachel’s game. If you ask me, Peter really dodged a bullet here!
      You guys really need to open your eyes and see who the REAL master manipulator is!

    5. Pam S says

      Truth Seeker Amen!!!

  11. Lily G says

    He seems more down to earth and less playerish in this interview haha.

  12. MonIIs Yosef says


    1. Delcina Bean-Burrows says

      RIIGHHT!!! I’m like OK this must be the attorney spin she’s putting on it now so Bryan and the rest of us won’t believe our lying ‘SHE LOVED HER SOME PETER’ eyes, LOL!!

  13. Spanish12AP says

    I LOVE this interview! Centered on their relationship and no more bad editing for Bryan. This is his true self, sweet and tender towards the woman he loves but also very educated. I also love his tone of voice and his confidence when he walks! Rachel is so happy with him! I personally think they will make it! Like she said: “Bryan is such a catch, he such an amazing person” “he makes me feel like I am his queen ” <3

  14. Jesselle Orellana says

    Peter has been doubtful since day 1 because he is human… so I don’t understand how he is manipulative? It is not Peter’s fault that Rachel fell head over heels for him and now looks like “a bad guy” because he didn’t see her on the same level as she did to him. Rachel knew what she was getting herself into but kept him to hopefully change his mind because she did say she loved him as he did to her. Yes Peter loved Rachel… but no he didn’t want to marry her because he didn’t see her as the one, yet. You guys need to cut this guy some slack because he is truly being straight up honest just like many people would be or feel. But overall wish Rachel and Bryan the best and hopefully Peter is the next Bachelor and see who is the lucky woman picked in the end. Im sure America will be watching, even if they weren’t rooting for him.

    1. Roxanne Lewis says

      hes manipulative because he not what he signed on for when he got on the show so for him to be like its too soon is just bs

    2. Jesselle Orellana says

      Roxanne Lewis We all know what the show is about, which is why he gave it a shot at love in a different way… there is nothing wrong with that. She wasn’t the one… which is why he was having a hard time because it’s life. You know when that person is the one when everything feels easy and she was not his person.

  15. Pesi Belau says

    Thank you Zuri Hall, it’s the best interview….

  16. Delcina Bean-Burrows says

    Get started on making those babies. This way you will have the enrgy to chase them down!

  17. somergasm says

    when ur family, friends and the whole world doesnt approve of the guy u want to choose isnt that a red flag

  18. H Snyder says

    I love these two so much !!!!!!

  19. Joan Rain says

    Even a blind person could see that Bryan was her man, and she said so, in Switzerland. Bryan calling her his woman. Buying matching watches. So, all this Rachel love Peter crap, is a Farce. Rachel cried her heart so, for Alex, Adam and all those other guys. I didn’t understand it then, but, I more understand her now.

  20. alicia chung says

    She was so in love with Peter that night, she was begging him not to let her go, you can tell she wanted him so badly to propose to her. But the minute that Peter told her he can’t propose he need more time to learn about each other first she just wont buy it. The next day she told told Bryan he was the one, come on! get real! We all knew that she just wants the ring and have someone to propose to her. This is so fake!

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