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Rachel Lindsay Talks Corinne Olympios Controversy | E! Live from the Red Carpet

E! Live from the Red Carpet collection

"The Bachelorette" star hits the 2017 ESPYS red carpet and reveals whether she's talked with Corinne recently. Listen in.

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Rachel Lindsay Talks Corinne Olympios Controversy | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Cory Shackleford says

    She’s such a beautiful fucking person. Like honestly Bryan is so lucky ??? AND THEY’RE AN AMAZING COUPLE

    1. Maddie Ng says

      Agreed that’s Bryan. Rachel wouldn’t be so confident about her wedding date if it were Peter. Bryan said on day 1 he’s ready for marriage.

    2. EVOO 1 says

      Cory Shackleford I would never believe it’s Bryan. If her family has reservations…she’s not going to choose him. They grilled Nick and he excused himself. lol

    3. Shaun Winfield says

      EVOO 1 Exactly especially from the reports of how her father grilled them and did background checks.

    4. D says

      EVOO1- you don’t even know who her family has reservations about…the previews are SO heavily edited.

    5. Mari Chiu says

      Maddie, not necessary. She says one thing, she meant other things – pay attention.

  2. Moon Sky says

    she look good

  3. Shopping Solutions says

    the way she is beaming it’s Peter

    1. D says

      sorry but no…peter makes her doubt herself and bryan makes her feel like she is the only woman in the world. i am a peter fan all the way and respect his level headedness but rachel was looking for a fairytale and bryan is the one to give her that…HER version of a fairytale.

    2. Steffy Rodriguez says

      D and she talks about how she’s found her too good to be true and she calls bryan that throughout the show lol

    3. Mari Chiu says

      She loves sports, then she can do triathlon with Peter.

    4. Ruth Allen says

      Shopping Solutions I think I’d Peter also.

  4. Moh C!xes says

    Omg i love Rachel. She is so happy that i don’t really care who she picks,,,so so anxious to see pictures and interviews of her with her fiance. Wishing her all the joy

  5. Behave says

    sooooooo prettttttty mA!

  6. Adwoa Mk says

    She so likeable.

  7. Esther beamsforaballad says

    She’s radiating from the inside. I mean she’s basically wearing a sunbeam for a dress. That’s happiness. Her fiance really loves her she said, I think it’s Peter

    1. D says

      it’s not though.

    2. Esther beamsforaballad says

      D I heard ?

  8. ruthalex says

    I love her

  9. Karly Gurule says

    Oh my lordddd I have the biggest girl crush on Rachel she is just perfect in every way!?? the only thing that could be more perfect about her is if she chose Peter because they are absolute magic together❤️❤️❤️ #teamgap

  10. Elilta Zellalem Mengistu says

    She is such a beautiful and loveable person. Hell I love her and want to be her friend. Such good vibes and She radiates Positivity! ??????
    Who is the man making her smile and beam like that? I am so curious but I have my concerns/guesses about who is might be.

  11. Karah D says

    I’m so loving this dress on Rachel!
    I’m so glad she found true love.

  12. Nadia A says

    I think I know exactly who she picked. She has already made it very obvious

    1. Jahaira Calle says

      bryan lol

    2. Alayna Jones says

      Who did she pick? Please tell me its..

    3. Jahaira Calle says


    4. Jahaira Calle says


  13. Jahaira Calle says

    beautiful personality

  14. jane doe says

    I always thought she looked like a model.

  15. stasiaheartxxx says

    I love this interviewer!! She’s so chill and isn’t digging too much

  16. Lady Kat says

    I love Rachel!!! She’s so fun and can carry a conversation.

  17. Shaun Winfield says

    “People coming up from the past” mmm hmm, knew it was gonna happen. Leave them in the past and keep moving forward.

  18. Eastla Smith says

    I like her and Eric, fingers crossed ?

  19. Kendall Marie says

    She is so sweet and amazing! Love her!

  20. angelina edem akakpo says

    Guys I’m sure she picked Eric he is d only 1 wif no drama 4rm his parents

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