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Rachel Lindsay Talks Secret Dates With Fiance | E! Live from the Red Carpet

E! Live from the Red Carpet collection

"The Bachelorette" shares how often she sees her future husband and the lengths taken to keep him hush-hush until the ABC show wraps! Watch.

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Rachel Lindsay Talks Secret Dates With Fiance | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Joan Rain says

    When I am weak, you be strong, and when you are weak, I’ll be strong = BRYAN

    1. Sheryl Louise says

      Exactly my thoughts that’s what Bryan said to her “whenever I”m weak I want you to be strong for me, whenever your weak I’ll be strong”.

    2. Wendy Pastore says

      Joan Rain But then she and Peter talked about balancing each other out, which her family brought up as a positive about him. So there’s that.

  2. musiklvr28 says

    Yep, it’s Peter…the REAL, ” so strong” MAN.

    1. sandietee says

      musiklvr28 she picks Bryan

    2. Monique Reid says

      Confidence……hmmmm? ?

  3. Harmela Kassa says


  4. Erulastiel says

    If she did pick Peter I cannot see him saying “I want to watch everything.” Peter’s always had insecurities about her relationship with Bryan. The look Peter had at the last rose ceremony when Bryan got the first rose said it all. Bryan said early on he didn’t care about her relationships with the other men.

    1. Elastic Heart says

      Erulastiel I think Bryan meant while on the show because he couldn’t do anything about them, so why focus on that.

    2. Ashley Justice says

      Erulastiel Good point… that’s more of a Bryan attribute. I can semi see Eric doing that but not Peter. ?

    3. Erulastiel says

      Yep. I can see Eric doing that too. But not Peter.

    4. Phebe_11 says

      Keri C he’s 37, I don’t think there’s any need to be insecure.

    5. Elastic Heart says

      You can be insecure at any age and she said he “stalked” her social media while she was out making the rounds.

  5. lupita benitez says

    AWWWWW “when you are weak i’ll be strong and when i’m weak you’ll be strong for me”! Aww Bryan did keep his word!! ❤️❤️

    1. Valencia says

      I also noticed in Rachel’s interview around 0:20, she said: “babe are you sure you want to watch this part.” We’ve only heard Rachel call one person “babe” on the show, and that’s Bryan. Yeah, I know, I’m getting into the weeds here.

    2. greimalkin says

      Valencia lol

    3. Jay Cee says

      lupita benitez I’m so happy that it’s Bryan! He’s the best for her.


    I think it’s Eric because he said he wanted to be a shoulder for her to lean on, and that your so strong speech. I know it meant a lot to her , ultimately I hope it’s not slick rick brian

    1. Soni Rusagara 'student' says

      how do you know eric is in paradise

    2. Larissa Sanchez says

      Soni Rusagara ‘student’ because TMZ caught him when that whole paradise scandal happened and I believe he was talking about how he handled it being there

    3. Nicole Herondale says

      +Larissa Sanchez links pls??

    4. Austin S says

      Eric is not on Paradise…He said he wasn’t there!

  7. Rainy5062002 says

    Its Bryan.

    1. Hiwi Haile says

      Rainy5062002 damn 🙁

    2. Rainy5062002 says

      Lol !!

  8. Thatwouldbeme says

    Oh, for god’s sake, she picked Bryan. There’s the Reality Steve spoiler. There’s the hometown date where she melted when he told her he loved her. There’s the bit to camera where she said “I’m falling in love” with him in the season preview that was edited out of the hometown date. But most of all THERE ARE PHOTOS OF THEIR SECRET SAFE HOUSE WHERE THEY MET OVER THE 4TH JULY WEEKEND THAT MATCH THEIR INDIVIDUAL INSTAGRAM PHOTOS. It’s over folks. It’s Bryan.

    1. Wise Man says

      Andi Dorfman all over again

    2. Wise Man says

      She subconsciously settled, gave into lust, and chose el díablo over the nice guy. Seriously, has anyone noticed how Bryan had always worn red and Peter light grey? And bryans cheek bones and peters eyes?

  9. S P says

    I think it might be Eric. Could sound like him. I don’t think Peter would watch everything. I just hope she doesn’t pick Bryan!!

  10. greimalkin says

    The “being strong when she’s weak” thing actually sounds more like Eric to me.

    1. Jay Cee says

      greimalkin Actually it’s Bryan. He literally told her that on the show.

    2. Bianca says

      Jay Cee but Eric told her that too

    3. Barbara Zuloaga says

      greimalkin Remember when she said to her family when they were going to meet the men, that when he was in his hometown they said they balance each other out, or also forget when they are in Norway, he tells her then Im ur muse… I mean I’ll be devastated if any one other than Peter!!! Come on ABC hope all this wait / spoilers …. if it’s not fan fav #TeamPeter?❤️????

  11. Lendji Cheyenne Marika says

    There’s still a chance it could be Peter because she said her fiancé watches all the episodes but she still has some explanations to give afterwards. I think since he is always in his head, he would want to know exactly what happened with the other guys to get some sort of clarity.

    1. kkibela says

      Lendji Cheyenne Marika he meets up on a regular with Dean so I don’t know how that works?

  12. Kevin Cifuentes says


  13. UniqueDistractions says

    as much as i want it to be peter, i feel like it’s obvious she is talking about bryan

  14. Jenna Love says

    I was a peter fan in the beginning but after seeing how he started losing feelings at the end for rachel and Bryan has been consistently into her, Bryan deserves to be her fiance! And she deserves someone like Bryan who is chasing her and is aware of what he wants. So congratulations Peter! You made it! You’re bachelor 2018! Lol

    1. kkibela says

      Jenna Love gahaha!!! Innit!

  15. Rainbow Sanchez says

    She called him “babe”. She called Bryan “babe” in Miami.

    1. Hiwi Haile says

      Rainbow Sanchez omg she sure did … damn

  16. MrsTruthTeller says

    Rachel cares more about getting a ring than picking the right man. I feel sorry for her.

    1. Erulastiel says

      Or Bryan wants the same thing Rachel wants–marriage. Peter isn’t ready for marriage. Rachel’s 32, she wants children. She doesn’t exactly have time to waste. And if you look at Bryan’s IG, he’s got little cousins (he’s an only child) and he wants a marriage like his parents. Not a stretch that he’s ready to settle down with someone like a lot of his family has.

    2. Erulastiel says

      Rachel would have to take the chance of not ending up with anyone, which doesn’t sound like her. Not after all this. Obviously we know she’s engaged and even though she knew a proposal was coming. Even still she was nervous.

    3. MrsTruthTeller says

      I understand that Rachel wants marriage and Bryan does too, I’m just not a big fan of saying yes to someone ONLY because you want to be married. I would want to say yes because the person is the RIGHT person for me. In my opinion, the divorce rate is so high because people just get married to whoever and they don’t take the time to get to know the person. Marriage isn’t a marathon, its a life long commitment. If Rachel cared so much about marriage, maybe she should’ve been dating more seriously several years ago instead waiting and then rushing and putting pressure on everyone to hurry up and marry without actually dating.

    4. Sam A says

      MrsTruthTeller that’s literally premise of the show?

    5. Erulastiel says

      So if she chooses Bryan it’s only because she couldn’t get a proposal from Peter? BS. She’s into Bryan, always been into Bryan. And plenty of people struggle with dating in your 20s and don’t settle down until Rachel’s age or older.

  17. Jennifer Martinez says

    on tonight’s episode she said her mom told her that peter balances her out nd then he said to het that she balances him… reality Steve has been wrong twice soo look at the interviews for clues

  18. Jade Alexander says

    “My fiance wants to watch everything…He wants to remain well-informed.” Tell me that’s not a Peter thing to do

    1. Jade Alexander says

      Furthermore, “We balance each other out!” How is that not Peter

  19. Aaron Jean says

    “We’re just tryna get to know each other better” aka spoken like a women who is engaged to Peter

  20. MishGaoster says

    its probably bryan….hed only be the insecure one to say “i need to watch everything”

    1. MishGaoster says

      Jozigal M oh gosh I love peter I hope it’s him but I think it’s pretty obvious she’s with bryan

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