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Real Tactics To Make Your Thumbnail Clickable

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  1. Scrap & Pallet Man says

    I have made several changes to my channel from watching your videos the last two days. I have a lot of work to do but I’m seeing an increase from 600 to 700 subscribers in two days Thank you

    1. jivstar gaming says

      Scrap & Pallet Man wow respect congrats

    2. jivstar gaming says

      I will sub here you go bro

    3. Indian Girl Babita's Village says

      Scrap & Pallet Man congratulations

  2. Debbie Brooks Riffel says

    Very informative, well-thought-out presentation. Would it be possible and future videos when the audience is asking questions for them to be handed a mic or for the presenter to repeat the question before presenting the answer? Thank you so much for all you do!

  3. Itza Nails-N-Beauty says

    I’m sorry but this gentlemen giving the talk… seems he is bored out of his mind or that he didnt really prepare for the presentation and was making it up as he went ?

    1. Itza Nails-N-Beauty says

      Mommy Etc i hear that… but when people are paying to go see him… or better yet, if he is being paid to offer advice and tips… i think the speakers should be well prepared and offer more than what we can already get in any general youtube video

    2. Izzie Vlogs & More says

      It’s still valuable info. You want fireworks, go to Vegas.

      Edit: Not referring to the mass shooting. Vegas is an exciting town (for tourists).

    3. Train Tsar Fun says

      Remember – thumbnail makes up for a boring story ?

    4. XxTurtlesAndVideoGamesxX says

      Jfed is not a good public speaker

    5. John Gallo says

      Itza Nails-N-Beauty I agree ?

  4. Pho Your Eyes Only says

    Thank you from Vietnam???I’ve made some changes and already see some spikes in old vlogs on my channel!

    1. Richard's World Traveler says

      Well… that was fast!

  5. Valentin Torma says

    Really good ad useful video! Thanks!

  6. Tube Attack - Youtube Tips & Advice says

    Learnt so much in this video! Awesome stuff!

  7. Big Foot Hunting With Bradley says

    I was waiting for thumbnail video

  8. Travel Trivia says

    Please Derrel check my new video Trivia about USA and give me your opinion!

  9. the mechanic says

    check this one out

  10. Richard's World Traveler says

    I can’t imagine planning your thumbnail 2 weeks in advance. I usually don’t know what I am going to do until I wake up or leave the front door.

  11. Indian Girl Babita's Village says

    I always appreciat your guidance

  12. Praise Worship says

    This is a bit off topic. Since you can fast-forward YouTube videos now, does YouTube measure total view time in terms of real-time or the number of minutes if the video had been watched at the original speed?

  13. Liney Dampz ENT says

    Honesty I Really Thank These Guys From Giving Me Tips On How To Build Up The Channel Rankings..

  14. Matt McKeever says

    Fantastic advice – so many take aways from this video!

  15. AdventureSportFlashlights says

    Great video. Very helpful tips in this.

  16. Monica Moore Smith says

    This had so many good points. I’ll be redoing some of my thumbnails with this info. Question:

    While he says to “get real” and that you don’t want images that look edited or manufactured (around 10:00), he notes that the example image is a superimposed image of himself, totally photoshopped. So, is it just to *look* real, rather than *being* real?

  17. cetriya says

    Good, but to short

  18. Cxcoa Moon says

    Rip the crowd.

  19. Mounir Ps says

    Great video and I have subscribed to you.

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