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Rent And Sell Your YouTube Videos – Derral’s Brain Dump

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Derral brainstorms in this video and give a lot of possibilities to rent and sell your YouTube videos to make more money on YouTube.

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  1. Primarycobblestone says


    1. Derral Eves says

      +Primarycobblestone How you doing?

    2. Primarycobblestone says

      +Derral Eves

  2. Kevin Doyle says

    A rental video about renting videos? What a concept.

    1. Kevin Doyle says

      Not complaining, just saying.

  3. GabakTech - Cursos de Computación y Tecnología says

    how many ppl paid for this?

    1. Rodolfo Murillo says

      14 likes in guessing 14 people

  4. Chris Hunter says

    No way to rent or purchase on mobile? I’m on my iPad right now and don’t see any option to do so…

    1. Fetish Films says

      +Chris Hunter im not surprised, they have a lot of development to do on this function

  5. Nick Nimmin says

    Got it worked out with the VPN! Excellent info as usual. Around the 11:20 mark is a great idea. Making a ’round table’ kind of event would be pretty awesome too.

    Old school Contra…up up down down left right left right B A start…just sayin’.

    The paid versions would be a good way to separate family friendly content from more explicit language content on a channel as well.

    I agree, lack of having the emails is indeed a downside but shouldn’t stop people from using the feature. Looking forward to more.

  6. jazevox says

    pay per view – cool

  7. TexasTimelapse says

    I gotta pay to watch? Unsubscribed!

    1. Tatiana Walker says

      +FreedomForceUSA Who said that? YT said now YOU CAN SELL VIDEOS. If i have great value in my video, I can sell it . And YT agrees to that. Nothing wrong with that. There is NOTHING FREE in this world.

    2. FreedomForceUSA says

      +Tatiana Walker

      Who said that? It’s my opinion that MANY people have an aversion to PAYING for things on YT. Thye don’t complain because THEY don’t pay for the videos primarily. I have seen multiple channels go from FREE to a paid service, and they take serious complaints. I never said you CAN’T do it, Nor do I care. My comments explained that, you may have misunderstood me.

    3. Edward Short / The Hoosier Craftsman says

      +TexasTimelapse A good education is worth paying for !

    4. WinterCraft says

      +TexasTimelapse dude it’s not all videos.

    5. Ivan B says

      You suck. Money is what makes the world go around. Some people. LOL

  8. Quamon Fowler says

    I tried to enable my “paid content” option but it says, “Your channel does not meet the eligibility requirements to offer paid content.” I clicked learn more but still wasn’t able to get my channel going with “paid content”. Can you help me?

    1. Tamera Weeks says

      You need 1,000 subscribers to enable “paid content”.

    2. Quamon Fowler says

      +Tamera Weeks I got it now, thanks!

    3. Tamera Weeks says

      +Quamon Fowler welcome 🙂

  9. Smeow time says

    Okay, thats just cheap!

    1. Smeow time says

      +FreedomForceUSA -words to live by

    2. Edward Short / The Hoosier Craftsman says

      +Smeow time Yes it was cheap and worth paying for !

    3. Smeow time says

      Okay I admit it that was a good one!

    4. baboom inc says

      +Smeow time why did u subscribe in the first place

    5. Smeow time says

      +Blom grun i never subscribed

  10. New Strength Devotional Channel says

    So, you sell the video and the person buying it gets the actual file or just access on YouTube?

  11. Talk About The Magic says

    How do you pay to watch the video?

  12. Hustler's Kung Fu says

    Good talk!  I got one paid video and sold a few at $4.99 if I sell 10 in a month that kills the Adsense that video- might earn, shoot the $4.99 kills the Adsense.

    1. Fetish Films says

      how do you know for sure it’s 30 percent only? mine seems a lot higher than that

    2. Hustler's Kung Fu says

      +down2marsAngel I sold quite a few it is 30% sounds like you have regular adsense earning which are 45%

    3. Fetish Films says

      we are talking about rental and purchase video here right? I know ads revenue percentage. How else are you getting paid from the rental and purchase video revenue? Mine seems like 60 percent, i sell for 7.99 i only received 3.49 or something like that 

    4. Fetish Films says

      anyways i’ve already decided to sell elsewhere too and make the price lower as incentive 

    5. Fetish Films says

      to not buy from youtube since the commission is exorbitant 

  13. pecktec says

    I think its a cool way to offer more premium content. Especially for trainers. Reading through the comments Im surprised how weirdly short sighted some of these folks are.  I don’t think every video HAS to be free. Maybe most of them but you can break out a few for the people that really care about a specific subject.

  14. Darce Stelly says

    Great vid as always, but the green 1.99?

  15. Fetish Films says

    anyone has an idea where else to sell videos? youtube’s function is really under developed and unintuitive, i’m thinking dailymotion or vimeo, iTunes is too complicated lol

  16. Shaddai Jemmott says

    ha! I’m watching for free!! I mean it!! how did that worked out???

  17. Wings of Beauty and Health says

    People won’t complain about paying $5.00 for a coffee in Starbucks but they complain about paying a whole $2.00 for a video full of great ideas. I think most unlikes on this video are just self entitled people thinking that youtubers owe them everything. pft.

    1. Ivan B says

      Yea, it’s probably the same MORONS who dislike my seeking sponsorship videos.

  18. Wade Magnus says

    How do I purchase your video?

  19. rebecca willis says

    Derral, it is very generous of You to give the public information, so that we might make something out of our projects. Thank you fellow!

  20. Bill Picard comedian says

    Making money on YouTube is nearly impossible. I just found out you can rent and sell your YouTube videos, great idea but you need 10,000 views before you can do this. It is like saying, we are going to fix the healthcare system, but first congress have to work together.

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