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  1. Bush Channel says

    Always great watching you DE! Following your advice has definitely helped us grow our channel ? THANKS!

  2. KillaJ says

    nice cant wait

  3. Tech1Tv says

    Dailymotion have this features for years, YouTube is finally stepping it up in 2015.

    1. Sezze's Stuff says

      +Tech1Tv YouTube has also had this for a long time, but it has been in beta, only a few people has had access to it. (like some feature films)

    2. Tech1Tv says

      +MineCartoons Well that’s the longest BETA, i just heard about it last month.

    3. ExploreList says

      +Tech1Tv must admit, I didn’t realise that Dailymotion was still in operation, been a while since I last visited the website. Will go check it out.

    4. Tech1Tv says

      +ExploreList Yes Dailymotion is still here, it’s just not popular.A lot of people’s don’t know about it

  4. Jarhead6 says

    that is cool!

  5. Jason O'Connell says

    Ahhh. Is that why when you first released the video that a lot of people couldn’t watch it. You failed to tell us it was because we’d have to pay to view :/

  6. cuskit says

    Didn’t you post this a couple of weeks ago or so?

  7. Travis Kraft says

    I thought they had this years ago?

  8. GasserGlass says

    I think its horrible…. Its about making money

  9. rxstrmom says

    On my way there !!! xo patti 🙂

  10. Cast Iron Cooking says

    Hey, buddy! Can’t wait for your next video!

  11. abdulwahad500 says


  12. HOW TO says

    Sir I want to work with you..

  13. HOW TO says

    Sir I like your work on youtube channel and also want to become a successful youtube partner please sir tell me what kind of youtube channel I make and share knowlege or entertainment with worldwide

  14. Tech Science says

    my friend have a YouTube channel it relates about porn he upload sex video up to limit of YouTube guild line then also he got strike from YouTube while other YouTube channel showing more then this why they not get strike

  15. Obies Cookies says

    Great info!

  16. Bob K says

    How do you search for channels that have the videos for rent or sale feature enabled?

  17. Malva Bee says

    Awesome! My head is spinning now!

  18. Sheikh Seerat says

    You have got the best smile derral ?

  19. LiveVisionZ.com ASTROLOGY says

    I added this to one of my video’s but, it does not give them an option to purchase on the iPhone. Why is that when most people use youtube on their smart phone or tablet. Do you know anything about this issue ??

  20. Drrezzin says

    Is there a video that shows you how to set it up? Can’t find it!

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