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Samson Go Mic Mobile Wireless Microphone for iPhone & Android Smart Phones

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I'm testing the performance of the Samson Go Mic Mobile Wireless Microphone for iPhone & Android Smart Phones.

Check out my test:

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•••••••• Cameras & Gear Used To Shoot This Video ••••••••

Panasonic AG-DVX200 4K


_Audio & Microphone
Sennheiser EW 112P G3-A

Neewer DVR-160TVC 19 inches Outer

_Edited on a Mac
Apple iMac Retina 5K

•••••••• Other Gear that I Use ••••••••

Canon EOS 70D

GoPro Hero5 Black


_Cameras for Vlogging
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

Tamron SP 24-70mm

Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8

Neewer 12-inch Inner/14-inch Outer LED Ring Light

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  1. TayZonday says

    I need this.

    1. RedBlueTalk says

      I have other Samson equipment (XLR mic + stand kits) and it’s good. 1/ The handheld is separate from the lavalier/receiver kit, so the whole thing combined is probably over $300, which is good mid-range. 2/ I preferred WIRED audio. When I’ve used wireless, I chased interference problems and it was annoying.

    2. Art Johnson says

      I thought much of Derrel’s audio was quite bad. Wind noise from the lavalier? Volume set to high? Is it just a difference in mics?

    3. RedBlueTalk says

      Audio is very complex and unforgiving. A single Sanken lavalier is $380, and it’s not part of a kit. There’s a reason it costs so much. The consumer stuff we’re using on YouTube is toy-like by comparison, but I’m grateful there are consumer options to get us all going. The receiver in that video has a button for “mix” – How good could that possibly be? That’s why Derral sounds over-modulated. Nonetheless, excellent bang for the buck.

    4. Art Johnson says

      RedBlueTalk I understand your point, but this was presented as a solution for “better audio”. It’s simply unacceptable. Instead of bragging about how far the wireless mic worked, why didn’t Derrel recognize the bad audio from his close up lavalier mic. Can that be fixed? Are the levels off? I’m interested in buying this, but I can’t live with this really blown out audio.

    5. RedBlueTalk says

      Q: “why didn’t Derrel recognize the bad audio” A: Because nobody was monitoring it. One BIG weakness of consumer gear – no built in phone jack. There are workarounds, you have to hack it together.

  2. EEL says

    Can you help me get YouTube Verification Badge, Please!

    1. itz karm jr says

      Smiley Boo I need 10k sub plz help me

    2. Smiley Boo says

      itz, everyone needs 10k. But I don’t fake my subs. And I don’t give fake subs either. My channel is true to itself. Honestly, getting subs does NOTHING for you if they don’t watch your content.

    3. pearl lin's says

      +itz karm jr sub to sub pls

    4. itz karm jr says

      pearl lin’s OK here I come

  3. Trenton Marshall says

    Thanks putting up this video, most creators are all about rode microphones, so it’s nice to see an alternative.

  4. towakeup says

    What were you using. Fore you started the product test/demo? That was great audio.

  5. Offgrid.se says

    I think the sound from the handheld mic is good but the sound from the lavalier isn’t that good. Maybe it’s some settings that could be changed? Greetings from Andreas on Off Grid Sweden

    1. iRefresh says

      Agree – over modulated… kind of my luck when using the lapel mics. So tricky to modify. Need to learn more how to do.

    2. BrickTsar says

      Offgrid.se I think it’s in the placement of the lav mic

    3. Offgrid.se says

      BrickTsar Could be.

    4. iRefresh says

      Would be nice if that simple. Maybe Derral can do a follow up to see if audio can be improved.

    5. Mitch Warren htuk says

      Agreed I have recorded most of my footage using audio from my iPhone!!

  6. Vegetable Police says

    Poor Samson, they send you what might be a nice little product to review, but you set the volume too loud and it sounds horrible. People who aren’t aware that it was user error will just think the mic sucks. You should have re shot this video with proper levels.

  7. Raven Selenite says

    That is awsome! When is it available to buy in UK (can’t see it on Samson and no price on link is discription that I saw)

  8. Nadia BeautyO says

    This was so informative x

  9. Thomas Aiello says

    Thanks for the heads up!

  10. Computer Garage - Australia says

    I found the the audio from the lav mic that Derral had was a bit scratchy but the audio coming from the hand held was better.

  11. DigDugPlays says

    That is super cool.

  12. Andy Huang says

    Interesting,nice job. May I translate it into Chinese and upload to website in China? So people in China can watch this.

  13. Smiley Boo says

    Can you do a video on why it makes no sense to have people sub you that will never watch your content because they only did it so you would sub back.. There are a lot of people following you that could use this bit of info, I think.

  14. Kenny Schrader says


  15. myfriendmesha says

    Derral, is there a compromise of a mic that doesn’t cost as much but you can still get good sound? I would love to get a mic that has 2 lavalieres but am hesitant to spend so much!

  16. Meta M says

    Audio is real solid.

  17. Kelli Roberts says

    Thank you! Was just searching for a mic for my mobile device last night so I can start my YouTube journey. 🙂

  18. Goody Tymes says

    Great video and HAPPY HALLOWEEN ? from Goody Tymes


    Anybody subscribe to my channel and comment below then i will subscribe you back

  20. Afotey Annum says


    This is an impressive mic. The distance at which it works is amazing.

    I’d love to see a test done in a more loud, urban environment like a downtown area with lots of vehicle and foot traffic around…

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