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Secret Superpowers of Marvel Superheroes

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What is Peter Quill AKA Star Lord's super power? 10 Secret Superpowers of MCU Superheroes! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

A lot of the superheroes that Marvel fans know and love have powers that get completely overlooked by audiences. Like Daredevil, everyone knows that in the MCU much like the comics he has super senses… but it’s often forgotten that he also has super balance. Hulk has a similar problem, everyone knows about his immense strength and size yet so many people seem to forget about his enhanced agility. That’s how he’s able to move around so easily despite his hulking size.

Captain America boasts heightened senses, similar to but nowhere near on the same level as Daredevil. Which makes a lot of sense given that he’s a soldier and there’s probably no greater power a soldier could have. That being said, neither Captain America, nor Daredevil have senses on the level of the God Heimdall, a man whose offensive powers are so great, that everyone forgets about his wolverine-esque healing factor.

Heimdall’s brother Thor has lightning like speed, which is frequently forgotten about. In the comics he even managed to stop the legendary speedster, Quicksilver. Quicksilver himself has superhuman metabolism which stops him from burning up when he travels at mach speeds. Even young Peter Quillin has hidden powers. In fact he got a whole movie revolving around them. For as long as he stands on the planet, Ego, he is practically a God.

These are only a few of the superheroes that make the list. We even have one example of a famous superhero whose powers were changed from blatant, to secret with the most recent reboot.


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  1. DancingHotDog says

    If I get 20 subs I will jump off my window

    1. Freddyflubbered R says

      HenrytheHotdog no you wont

    2. Pyro Greninja says

      i gave u another sub

    3. DancingHotDog says

      Yea I will thanks guys

  2. A S says

    I’m early so let me tell a joke


    1. Jarrod Rutter says

      A S iiii

    2. Shubair Ahmed says

      Aqua man can swim twice the speed of sound has an invoulnerable skin, stronger than superman but still everyone consider him as a joke because he talks to fish and he does’nt talk he controls them he controls big killer whales and tiger sharks that could swallow ships so he is not a joke

    3. Supersonicstella says

      Jason Momoa

  3. Mad_Max_Gaming says

    Spiderman’s spidey-sense is shown in one of the infinity war trailers i think, his hair on his arm stands up while riding a school bus.

    1. D Dragon says

      His Spidey senses was basically non existent in homecoming which really bothered me

    2. Jeroen wesselingh says

      Very funny ?

    3. Ralph x27 says

      Jeroen wesselingh nope

    4. Dragon Cry says

      Did anyone also notice that, in the airport battle, before Ant-Man unshrunk himself and attacked Spider-Man, he said, ‘Hey guys, something-‘, as if he knew he was in danger. Spidey sense confirmed.

  4. Zempayo ooo says

    Ghost ? rider

    1. Travis Hoppus says

      Cyan rider

  5. LAST UCHIHA says

    Watch infinity war trailer

    1. Red says

      LAST UCHIHA link me pls

    2. omegasynthetic says

      Go search on a random porn site, it’s on quite a few.

    3. Pyt_ Becca says


  6. Golly says

    The Flash (Wally West,Bart Allen) is still the fastest thing literally ever

    1. TGinCharge says

      Barry too

    2. Frederik Massier says

      Nope quicksilver from the mcu

    3. Mahin Don says

      Frederik Massier bro i think you mistakenly write it..Quick silver from XMEN universe is way more faster..

    4. Frederik Massier says

      Mahin Don yeah i know made a mistake he can run much faster

  7. zeyad gabr says

    11:01 isn’t this his spider sense he completely dodged winter solider’s attack

    1. Carlos Cruz says

      zeyad gabr he even caught a punch from Bucky

    2. Lucien Molina says

      zeyad gabr, still what they are referring to is an actual visual sign of his spider sense like in previous movies.. I mean, it’s Spider-Man he definitely has a spider sense they just dint show it visually.. YET

  8. anonymous 1 says

    Hulk/ Bruce banner – he can never get sick and his healing capability can probably rival or is even better than deadpool and wolverine, he also cannot get poisoned.
    Captain America/Steve Rogers – cannot get drunk (kinda handy)
    Peter Quill/ star lord- depends on what origin story you’ve read he is an astronaut so he must be smart.
    Thor- was a woman and a frog(kinda wierd).
    Black Panther/ Tchala- his powers came from a special herb which only grows near vibranium and only the protector of wakanda can eat it.

    1. Joseph Williams says


    2. Christian Schoff says

      I wouldn’t call never getting drunk a useful ability.

  9. ExtractEngineer says

    11:00 Spider-man’s spidey sense IS shown in Civil War. In the scene where he fights Bucky and Falcon, Bucky throws a massive steel sign at Spiderman, and with his back still 100% turned away from him, you see his eyes go wide and he whispers “Oh, God.” THEN he turns just in time to dodge it.

    1. Jakeg722 says

      Thank you for saying this

    2. Qwerty Master says

      ExtractEngineer they literally show that clip at that time.

    3. RicherChigga says

      ExtractEngineer also in the infinity war trailer

  10. Sebastien-Loik Ntsangou-Kanda says

    What about Black Panther’s ability to summon the ghosts of the former Black Panthers to help him fight?

    1. Zameer Hisam says

      Sebastien-Loik Ntsangou-Kanda and his keen sense of smell

  11. Jré Eastbeat says

    Ghost Rider

    1. Jayden Phillips says

      Jré Eastbeat Ghost Rider*

    2. Ralph x27 says

      Jré Eastbeat i say ghost rider to

    3. Luke Top Secret says

      Ghost Rider

  12. Yune Appel says

    Where was James Buchanan Barnes?

    1. Carlos Cruz says

      Yune Appel everything special about him is just a metal arm nothing else -_-

    2. Yune Appel says

      Carlos Cruz what your are saying is exactly my point, almost no one knows that he also had a lesser version of the super soldier serum! Look at how he jumped to that roof in civil war, look how he height he dropped down from when he was on that edge being chased by black panther, and he was running faster than cars


    Ghost Rider pop

  14. yogeshwaran mohan says

    Why aren’t u showing interesting facts about dc universe

    1. IcyHotGaming 65 says

      yogeshwaran mohan Because there are no interesting facts involving the DC universe. DC is garbage.

  15. PiqZhuls says

    Emoji quiz is Ghost Rider

  16. BoS Knight says

    All asgardians have super healing tho,so Heimdalls ability isn’t special. Thor has a healing factor rivaling that of wolverine

    1. BoS Knight says

      Also,Thor has power of the earth,and split a country in Africa once

  17. Tyler Falmer says

    Ghost rider

  18. Apple Dinosaurs says

    Marvel or DC

  19. JandJ says

    the emojis is ghost rider

  20. Ultra_ Ultimatum says

    I guessed it

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