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Shannon Beador Embarassed by “RHOC” Quiet Woman Drama | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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The "Real Housewives of Orange County" star opens up about her behavior on the feud-filled episode. Will Shannon and Kelly Dodd ever make up?

Full Story: http://www.eonline.com/news/870457/will-the-real-housewives-of-orange-county-s-shannon-beador-kelly-dodd-ever-make-up-stranger-things-have-happened

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Shannon Beador Embarassed by "RHOC" Quiet Woman Drama | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Diego says

    She is just annoying af

    1. Margaret Bell says

      Diego no she isn’t she is the most genuine person on the show

    2. Margaret Bell says

      Love ya shannon

  2. Tony J says

    she is on the verge of a breakdown all the time.

  3. Nathan Michael says

    Not a Shannon fan AT ALL, but I have to admit she looks great. She’s definitely lost weight.

  4. Jeffery C says

    She looks great! Losing that weight

  5. Bae Shaphero says

    She is seriously a nutcase. I think she makes good TV and I’m on her side when it comes to Vicki, but just who she is as a person is negative, passive aggressive, neurotic, and always plays the victim. She really treats her husband terribly yet she has so many fans because they pity her for gaining weight and having her husband cheat on her. Her fans never seem to stop and ask WHY he cheated on her in the first place. I’m not condoning cheating but she really is a nightmare, doesn’t take care of herself physically on top of treating him badly emotionally. She doesn’t even have a job! David is a real catch.

  6. Din says

    She is the only housewife that is fully honest about her situation.

  7. Lynn Dels says

    I like Shannon but she needs some serious therapy. TV isn’t the place to let it all hang out when your marriage and family is in jeopardy.

  8. leeooo123 says

    whatever, you all, i love shannon b

  9. country says

    Her kids. Her poor kids. Doesn’t she ever think about them before she acts crazy. Bad mother.

  10. Σάρα Ιωάννης says

    Don’t care what buttons are pressed this is no way to act in a public setting take it outside or even better learn to not give people like Kelly the reaction she is so desperately wanting

  11. Laura Larrabee says

    Yet Shannon didn’t mind pushing Kelly’s buttons in Ireland when Shannon was pushing her drinks.

  12. Laura Larrabee says

    Like Shannon didn’t stir the pot at the 70s party when Shannon didn’t mind her own business nd was gossiping about Kelly’s past. #goodtry.

  13. Not My Show says

    Shannon has brought so many iconic moments to RHOC. Don’t get the hate.

  14. Eileen O'Donnell says

    NUTTER she needs medical attention.Blows up every episode to much get rid.

    1. Carrie Williams says

      Eileen O’Donnell, I agree. She let Kelly play her and it worked. Losing weight it great. But get your mind right.

    2. Eileen O'Donnell says

      Carrie Williams She needs to stop blaming others for her neurotic behaviour.She screams at her husband her daughter , Lydia,Vicki the list goes on .I believe she needs counselling.

  15. aimee_aim says

    Seems that she’s often misunderstood on the show… I love her and how emotionally transparent she is! She looks great!

  16. sofbri says

    Love Shannon! ♥️ so funny and authentic

  17. Martha Love says

    Lydia is a nerd. She over does things and looks goofy

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