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“Stranger Things” Creators on Noah Schnapp’s Performance | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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Noah Schnapp totally stole the spotlight in "Stranger Things" season 2! Hear what EP Shawn Levy and creators Matt and Ross Duffer say about his "time to shine."


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"Stranger Things" Creators on Noah Schnapp's Performance | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. AmoviePsycho says

    I hope Noah gets the praise he deserves, he was amazing this season and deserves an Emmy m8.

    1. HujanAir says

      AmoviePsycho him and winona…

    2. Anon Guy says

      Yep. him and bob MVP this season

    3. Elvija Venčiūtė says

      AmoviePsycho He was amazing. His scenes were the hardest to act out out of all the kids, so I think he’s a great actor

    4. ashante says

      Agree as much as I love Millie I believe she gets way too much spotlight in comparison to others who are also very deserving if not more. Noah was the real MVP of season 2

    5. EagleGoneMad says

      ashante completely agree

  2. upondlite says

    I finished binging two days ago and it’s still lingering in my mind.

  3. Syed Faisal Kamran says

    Zombie Boy was amazing in this season.

  4. Guly N says

    He really nailed all his scenes.

    1. EagleGoneMad says

      Guly N he did THAT

  5. Devan Moran says

    He stole the show

  6. thegergaaf14 says

    I didn’t watch Season 2, but I really wanted to see him having more screen time because his acting in season 1 was incredible. Thankfully, it seems this is the season he deserved.

  7. EagleGoneMad says

    He deserves all the praise and credit he gets. His acting was so good! ???

    1. EagleGoneMad says

      Season of the Schnapp bitchessss! He DID THAT! ?

  8. Emmanuel Borjas says

    Noah killed it this season! He deserves it!

  9. Kikirara says


  10. esther boo says

    noah is always and forever going to be my smol beloved child

  11. Aisha Malik says

    His face is so clearrrr

  12. exo Loey says

    Noah deserves a award

  13. Aiyana Yeshurun says

    He did incredible in Stranger Things.

  14. mattbernabe says

    In season 1, Millie Bobby Brown stole the show. In season 2, Noah stole the show. His performance really was amazing! Glad he’s finally getting his time to shine.

  15. mgawsmestevan says

    Zombie Boy killed it this season, his reactions felt so genuine. You felt the terror on screen.

  16. larnizzo91 says

    Dude. Noah brought it. Every moment with Wills character that’s meant to shock or draw in the audience, he more than delivered. I can’t help but trust the casting director for this show now

  17. Anjushree Verma says

    Noah was *incredible* this season! His performance was just too good for a 13/14 year old actor. I hope that he gets all the attention and appreciation Millie (Eleven) got last season. He definitely deserves an award!

  18. Bonnie Lee says

    The scene where will is tied up and his family and friends try to get him to come back to himself is amazing

    1. Michelle Gutierrez says

      Bonnie Lee I cried so much during that scene

    2. fish says

      And the scene where it looks like he was being electrocuted

  19. Samia Islam says

    0:56 This boy must have some crazy willpower to be able to put off the finale for a year. I wouldn’t be able to handle that for a second. And yet another reason Noah deserves an emmy man, kids a gem

  20. dany.uk says

    Omg, he was so awesome this season. His acting, no words.

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