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SuperChat Consulting Make-up Session

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Here is the last of the SuperChat Consulting. I want to thank everyone that contributed. I will be changing the format based on the 2 test sessions.

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  1. Fairly Honest Off-Road says

    Love that your back Derral 🙂

  2. TankersleyFX says

    I’m bummed I didn’t get to participate. I really hope some more of us will get a chance.

  3. The Universe Guru says

    These are so helpful! Keep them coming Derral!

  4. BigPapa Smerf says

    ok thank you Derral Eves.

  5. NICO PEREZ says

    Derral you helped me get to 115 thank you

  6. Max Wrist says

    35:22 You are awesome! +Derral Eves – Thanks for the feedback and the subscription! You won’t be disappointed, guaranteed! ?✊?

    1. SLAVIK TELY says

      Max, I work with steel but bro, you got balls of steel. I love driving fast but you take it to the NEXT level, the level I don’t want to be at. Awesome editing.

    2. Max Wrist says

      SLAVIK TELY – I saw your channel showcased on this video. I have to say what you do is truly amazing, even genius. I just have a heavy throttle hand. ? Thanks for the compliment though!

    3. 34yama says

      SLAVIK TELY yep.. your job is awesome.. and Max knows.. I love knife!!!!

    4. SLAVIK TELY says

      +34yama Thanks 34yama

    5. EDC Championship Racing Series says

      Max Wrist well done mate ??

  7. Siim Land says

    You said you get only 3 hours of sleep? Man, that’s rough and that’s coming from me, who’s practising polyphasic sleeping and am able to workout and get stronger. If you were to fix your sleep you’d see drastic improvements in your health and what not.

  8. Nomena Alrina says

    Thank you :)! I do both digital and traditional watercolor drawing/paintings

  9. Fowler's Makery and Mischief says

    awesome learn so much watching you

  10. Still It says

    Thanks Derral!
    These sessions are super helpful!

  11. Positively Brainwashed says

    Thanks for show casing my channel 30:05

  12. Power Fusion Gaming says

    42:00 Two gaming channels in a row got skipped over. Maybe an editing mistake?

    1. EDC Championship Racing Series says

      Power Fusion Gaming cool channel mate, always good to see gaming channels with great content ??

    2. Power Fusion Gaming says

      It takes a lot of work when you try to have high energy commentary. You walk the line between keeping peoples attention and cringe. Haha Thank you for the kind words.

  13. CrystalGlam Beauty says

    Awesome ☺☺☺pls how can I have a shoutout

  14. Vario says

    Hey Derral, I used your latest conference as a subject for my latest video and I think I summarised your points well!! Hope I did it justice and hope these tips actually help me in the future!!

  15. Haser Gamer says

    I need help please reply if u know how to upload videos from youtube videos
    Basically stealing videos
    Who knows how to do it??

  16. Powertuber1000 says

    Make a video on *”what just happened to YouTube notifications in 2017″* It is Orwellian neo-Marxist control of free speech.

  17. Dieter Melhorn Fishing says

    Good stuff….I enjoy your videos and attempt to apply them to my world…

  18. Indian mom vlogs says

    is channel reviewing like this against youtube comunity guidelines? many of my favourite youtubers got community strikes for reviewing channels and recommending them

  19. Vegetable Police says

    Derral did you say it’s bad to embed videos on facebook? I swore I heard you say that, I’ve been embedding my videos on facebook in hopes to drive extra traffic to my channel. Thanks!

  20. Cesare Vesdani says

    So far, I have never tried YouTube super chat. Is it good?

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