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That’s it…. I’m Starting a New YouTube Channel

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I’ve had a BIG project up my sleeve that I’ve been dying to share with you … And today’s the day! I'm starting a new YouTube Channel.
Check it out – https://www.youtube.com/c/GeekifyGuys?sub_confirmation=1

Watch the Geekify Guys' First Video

GeekifyGuys are grown-ups who got tired of being work-a-holics who forgot what it felt like to make play time a priority. We’re ready to reminisce on the old days of creating our own small-town fun doing whatever geeky, crazy things we could imagine.

So we’re officially bringing back play time … YouTube Style! We’re gathering the Gang and other random YouTubers who are really good at having fun, making everything a competition, and maybe getting into a little trouble once in awhile. Life is too short — Play time is on!

Subscribe if you like funny, geeky competitions and ridiculous reactions.


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  1. The Brotatoes says

    Was that Shounduras? That was Shounduras! Was it Ssshhoundouras?

    1. Derral Eves says

      +The Brotatoes That was Shonduras!

    2. The Brotatoes says

      +Derral Eves yep I subscribed and saw him. So are the people with the geekify guys guests or are you planning on keeping it the same group?

  2. Potato Strong says

    can you talk about your facebook ads, cost, results, etc

    1. TNTBrownies says

      +Potato Strong I believe you can find all his Social Media pages like Facebook Insta.. Etc. if you go to the info/more tab when you’re at the home page for the channel.

    2. TNTBrownies says

      +TNTBrownies About Page I mean..:

    3. Potato Strong says

      +TNTBrownies I mean him talk about using facebook ads to build his new channel

  3. Exotic Creeper7 says

    NO!!!! i need ur information please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Exotic Creeper7 I will be still putting videos up every week

    2. Exotic Creeper7 says

      +Derral Eves oh good thats a relief

  4. MrGrunthunter's Adventures says

    Does this mean you’re going to abandon this channel? Sure sorry to hear that if you are. Don’t know where else to go to get great YouTube How-To usage tutorial support. 🙁

    1. AZUREGAMER521 says

      im his biggest fan too

    2. Everything Cool says

      watch the video he tells you he is still making videos most other youtube would moan at you for asking a question that are in the video

    3. MrGrunthunter's Adventures says

      So two months later you finally figured this out?

    4. Geasten says

      +MrGrunthunter’s Adventures Lol

  5. Evan Carmichael says

    Good luck with the new channel bro 🙂 #BTA61

  6. Martín Bonari says

    Good luck with your new channel. BTW I loved the motorbike joust!!!

  7. Roberto Blake says

    I love this and it is so great to see you doing this Derral! YouTube can be about business but at it’s core it is about sharing part of your life and the things you love with the world!

    1. Ben_Sayer_2005 says

      +Roberto Blake agreed!

    2. Godspeed Redeicieli says

      Hey I saw u on on ur video to get subscribers

    3. AWZER says

      +Roberto Blake
      congrats on 100k:3

    4. Mr Swag Bull 197 says


  8. Liam says

    Derral Eves, Someone Bully At Me is Sascha Man.

    How To Banned Our Channel With My IPad Mini?

  9. FitForceFX says

    Great tips. Concise and helpful. Thanks Derral! ~J

  10. SERGE says

    OMG yours a gamer! sounds awesome!

  11. Sophie Bollywood & Tollywood Trailer Reactions says

    i like this Channel just subscribed

  12. BaconStar says


  13. Yasir Vlogs says

    derrel I’m not getting subscribers in fact I have a uploaded many many videos….

    1. Everything Cool says

      it is hard keep going

  14. Hyped4 says

    Hey Derral, I have been watching your videos for quite a while now, but for some reason never was subscribed which I thought I was since your videos kept on showing up on the suggested videos bar. Great keyword planning I guess lol. I just overheard you saying gaming! I am a gamer myself and I would love to see more videos on how to grow a youtube gaming channel in particular, since this industry seems to be another beast. It might be because it is over saturated, but you gotta stick with what you love. Anyways, keep up the great work and happy gaming 🙂 Overwatch is a good one by they way! Cheers


    AHAHAHAHAH That came with some surprise!

  16. AptypMAX says

    i subbed to other vid thanks it crazy and fun

  17. Gaming Scott says

    I laughed so hard at your “gonna burn all my youtube shirts, check… not really” hahahahaha

  18. The Maxxomi says

    love you sir… salute to your contribution…??

  19. Lazy Miner says


  20. Ylli - Clash Gaming says

    I will sub anyone who will sub me. Just comment done!??

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